Top 10 benefits of beach volleyball

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Published: December 11, 2019

To put one thing into perspective – any and all outdoor activities will have incredible benefits for you. Given the day and age we live in, people are locked behind their desks, spending a lot of time staring at a computer screen. Computers, tablets, smartphones – they are all-consuming incredible amounts of our time. And I get it, you simply can’t avoid it. This is why people are spending far less time outside than ever. So, if you are into any type of sport, and you do it regularly (at least once a week), there are incredible benefits. Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of beach volleyball!

one of the biggest benefits of beach volleyball is playing with friends
No better thing to spend an afternoon on!

If you are looking to start spending more time outside, but you have no idea which sport could be for you – beach volleyball could be one of them! It’s incredibly fun and engaging, and you can do it with a very small group of friends or with a bunch of them. It’s a group sport, but it can also be a 1 on 1 sport. And most importantly, it is an amazing cardio workout! The value it brings is amazing, and its ever so fun! We are going to share our vision of the top 10 benefits of beach volleyball, and why you should consider doing it.

The most important benefits of beach volleyball

There are countless large and small benefits of doing this sport. The most important one is shared amongst any outdoors sport – it’s good to have some physical activity. This is a universal one, and it doesn’t set beach volleyball apart from the rest. There are elements about this particular sport that make it stand out when compared to the other options lurking about. There are, also, some downsides to it. We are going to try to focus on the positives with a few words of warning about the negatives.

First, of many benefits of beach volleyball – you don’t need many friends for it

The best part about beach volleyball is the fact that you can do it with only one friend. That’s it. The most common problem with group sports is that it is difficult to organize a time and place that suits everyone. If it’s some recreational soccer, for example, you need to coordinate at least 6 people. This is very problematic. With beach volleyball, you could end up organizing 10 people, or just one more person plus yourself. Therefore, there is no excuse not to do it.

The biggest impediment in all sports activities that require multiple people is organization. This sport eliminates this impediment instantly!

Sand is brilliant for your feet

If you are having feet or back problems sand will do wonders for you! Walking bare feet on the sand is said to have a very good impact on your feet as well as your back. This is probably one of the biggest health benefits of beach volleyball, considering that the sport is played on sand. The more of it you do – the better!

You’ll absorb a lot of sun!

Being outside is one thing, but grabbing that most welcomed vitamin D is even better! Beach volleyball is usually followed by the sun. Not only will your skin get some gorgeous bronze tone, but it will also be good for you considering how much time we spend indoors, hidden away from the sun.

You can potentially take a break from the game and go for a swim!

One of the brilliant parts of playing beach volleyball is the fact that it is usually close to a body of water. There is no better refreshing break than jumping into the water and going for a swim! In addition to everything, swimming is the next best sport you could do after volleyball.

playing volleyball in the water
You can just continue the game in the water.

The best part of this game is that it allows you to do both, as often as you’d like!

You can play one game or 50

Basically, you’re going to be on the beach. You could only play a few games and then take the rest of the time to relax and rest with a cocktail. Or, if this is not your mix, you could stay and play for as much as you can! Both of the mentioned approaches are going to be very good for you.

You’ll burn a lot of calories

Beach volleyball is an excellent way to burn calories. Some of the best personal trainers in Dubai will recommend this is a fun and very effective cardio activity.

It will improve your hand-eye coordination

One of the better benefits of beach volleyball is the fact that it will do wonders for your hand-eye coordination. The sport is such that it will require you to develop a lot of agility in this segment.

Your agility will go through the roof!

Basically, playing beach volleyball on sand is like being a little ninja. You will be jumping around, flipping about and hitting the ball. After you get the hang of it, you’ll realize just how creative you can get in your games. The best part is that you can infinitely jump around (and fall down) without getting hurt. The surface you fall on each time is soft and warm!

Benefits of beach volleyball and the downsides

If you ask any fitness instructor Dubai about beach volleyball – you’ll hear the same answer. If you can do it – do it! This means that if you have anyone around you that can play with you, and if you have where to play you should. Which brings us to the downsides – what if there are no beaches around? What if the weather won’t allow it?

sun setting on a beach
So if you have where to play – go ahead and do it!

Beach volleyball is an amazing sport if you have where to play it. So, we hope you have a field to play on!

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