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Published: September 29, 2022

Sports are a great way to improve your general health. In modern-day fitness programs and gyms, one might think that your time would be better spent in the gym bench pressing rather than playing a sport. However, there are certain benefits to your body that sports provide, and the gym does not, or at least not at the same level of certainty and efficiency. Therefore, professionals working for DubaiPT Personal Trainers advise that you should aim to find a sport to indulge in. In their experience, one of the most favorite sports is cricket. There are many health benefits of playing cricket, and furthermore, this sport also provides tons of competitive fun. With that said, let us proceed to teach you on 10 benefits of playing cricket!

man playing cricket
The benefits of playing cricket are numerous, and in this article you will find out what the top 10 are.

A brief history of cricket

Before proceeding to the topic at hand and explaining how it serves many great functions, including increased mental capacity and being a good stand-in for fat burning workouts for men and women alike, we should first start with the basics. That is, start with the very sport itself. What is cricket?

If you have ever watched or played baseball, you will notice similarities. Cricket is a bat-and-ball game. Every game is played between two teams, with 11 active players, the same as soccer, for example. Both side score points by striking the ball bowled at the wicket with their bats, while the bowling and fielding sides of the play try to prevent this.

Some interesting facts about cricket

  • Extremely popular in India.  The country took up the game during the British rule and fell in love with it! You will find that they hold all kinds of tournaments with dedicated stadiums, such as the Eden Gardens one.
    22m pitch. You don’t have to worry about the sport being too exhausting. The pitch is only 22 meters across!
  • First played in the 16th century. It is quite an old game. However, it is very popular in  Commonwealth countries to this day. It originated in South-East England, and people pretty much figured out the 10 benefits of playing cricket back then while also recognizing it is very addictively fun!

1. Stamina – One of the most important benefits of playing cricket

As any affordable personal trainer Dubai will tell you – stamina is crucial for any physical activity whatsoever. This is why you need to do as much as possible to increase yours. Cricket, being a sport that is being played outside, is a great way to build up your stamina. It is not too overtaxing but is doing just enough to push you! That is definitely why stamina is first among the top 10 benefits of playing cricket…

man holding a cricket bat
One of the many benefits of playing cricket is that it boosts stamina.

However, you need to ensure that you have proper nutrition when indulging in physical activity. Even if cricket is an excellent booster of your stamina, it alone will not help. Therefore, you need an athlete meal plan Dubai, to help you reap the most benefits from cricket. But keep in mind that a meal plan should be formed by a professional with the necessary knowledge. Their experience will ensure your nutrition, together with cricket, boosts your stamina. This is why you may want to consider working with a fitness trainer. By doing so, you will get the most out of your training and avoid beginner mistakes when it comes to physical activity and nutrition.

2. Cricket helps you with balance

In cricket, there is a lot of emphasis on various stances you have to be in. These are somewhat taxing physically, but more so mentally. There is a great deal of mind-body connection here. You need to be aware of your body in every moment and know how to keep balance while doing other complex physical tasks. Therefore, you will need to practice this. Practice makes perfect, and doing cricket will definitely help.

This is why it would be great to combine playing cricket with working with a yoga instructor Dubai. Yoga is all about feeling your body and controlling its movements in space. By practicing it, you can enhance all the benefits of playing cricket, especially mental and physical balance.

3. Great cardiovascular health is one of the benefits of playing cricket

To live a long and healthy lifestyle, your hardest-working muscle of all has to do its job right. We are, of course, talking about your heart. Like all sports and most physical activity, cricket not only strains but also helps build your cardiovascular health. Just like an excellent aerobic exercise. Doing this sport, especially young, will greatly affect your cardio situation. 

two men enjoying the benefits of playing cricket
Cricket is a sport that greatly benefits your cardiovascular health.

Because by doing exercises that increase your heart rate, you naturally increase your blood flow. What this does is that it boosts the inflow of blood to your heart and small vessels around it. This can dissolve the blockages of fatty deposits that may have been built over time. Therefore, it improves blood circulation, which may even prevent heart attacks.

4. Cricket is excellent for muscle strength

It goes without saying that a lot of muscle strength in some very specific muscles goes into hitting that ball with a bat. And it is crucial to be able to feel and control these muscles at will. Numerous athletes owe their success to the ability to know exactly what amount of strength they have in each muscle. Therefore, playing cricket will help you a lot in this area since it involves the activation of numerous muscles.

However, if you want to improve your muscle strength further and thus improve your performance when playing cricket, it is an excellent idea to combine the benefits of playing cricket with the benefits of Crossfit training, which also improves muscle strength.

5. Social skills are the most enjoyable of benefits of playing cricket

While you can always hire a personal fitness trainer in Dubai to help you with your fitness goals, some things simply cannot be built with exercise. Among the 10 benefits of playing cricket is that it provides you with the opportunity to improve your social skills. Cricket makes you a part of a team. Therefore, you need to know how to communicate efficiently.

Like all skills, it takes practice. You will be working with many people and will have a chance to build your skills by learning how to trust, resolve conflict and play not only for yourself. And furthermore, people experience things differently, and by communicating with others, you may acquire new insights when it comes to playing cricket. There is always more to learn, and learning from others enriches your experience by far.

6. Motor skills can be improved by playing cricket

Rather obvious but cricket will do wonders for your motor skills. If your coordination is a bit off – join a cricket team. It will get better in no time. You don’t have to compete for a national cricket team. It can improve your life a lot even just as a hobby! And don’t worry if you don’t get it right from the beginning. Your coordination will need some time to adjust, and that’s completely fine. The key to success is always consistency. Just show up for yourself, and the results will eventually come.

person playing cricket
Since cricket demands excellent coordination, you can rest assured it will be beneficial to your motor skills.

7. Hand-eye coordination

Furthermore, you need precision, and for that, hand-eye coordination is the key. Luckily, you can also gain this skill by playing cricket. Of course, this is one of the more complex skills, so it will take some time to master it. Just remember that if, at first, you fail, it is not the end of the world. Just keep going!

8. Improved mental state

Playing sports, as well as playing cricket in particular, has been proven to be a positive influence on the emotional and mental state of the one who plays. If you feel lonely or out of touch with yourself, playing cricket or any other sport can help immeasurably. Physical activities make you release endorphins, which are also known as “happy hormones.”

9. Overall healthier lifestyle

It is not only that the benefits of playing cricket are there to boost only one aspect of your life. Playing cricket is more than that. It improves your overall lifestyle and makes it healthier; which will result in a better, happier you. But remember that physical activity should not be the only change in your life. It will only bring benefits if you combine it with healthy meal plans Dubai and incorporate them together into your daily life.

10. Interaction and a sense of belonging are among the top 10 benefits of playing cricket

Finally, this is what it all comes down to. When you play cricket, maybe the most important benefits of the 10 benefits of playing cricket is the one that provides you with a sense of belonging in a team. The sharing of trials and tribulations that are only provided in a team sport.

In conclusion, we truly hope that you will give it a shot and feel your body becoming stronger, your mind sharper, and your love for the game and your team growing with each session.


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