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Published: May 22, 2020

When an ordinary person thinks about bodybuilding, the first thing to pop into their mind (after a picture of a muscular man or woman on a stage) is all kinds of heavy lifting and insane workouts that bodybuilders have to do in order to have that perfect physique. However, you know better. You know that in order to make your body into a most perfect specimen of pure muscle you need more than just exercise. You need to get better in every single aspect of your body and its rhythm. To improve it in every way possible. To get the perfect amount of sleep, of workouts, for rest. And, finally, in order to achieve bodybuilding a worthy body, you need to control what you eat. What you put inside your body will dictate its look, you will need our top 10 bodybuilding foods.

Why our top 10 bodybuilding foods are so important

There are plenty of reasons as to why all the best bodybuilding tips will point to the food as being important. It is simply common sense. What you are putting into your body will dictate just how much strength and power you will have. In order to build muscle, you need fuel. All those workouts you will be doing requires a lot of power. Therefore, you know exactly what foods will give you the greatest amount of benefit.

top 10 bodybuilding foods - food on a plate
What to eat if you are getting into bodybuilding?

On our list of top 10 bodybuilding foods you are going to find foods that are:

  • Protein full. Protein is a natural way of storing energy. In order to have a lot of power to complete all those workouts, you will need a lot of energy. With that in mind, our top 10 bodybuilding foods are all oriented on foods that provide a lot of punch. They are really storages of a great amount of energy, even though not all of them seem to be big or fancy.
  • Healthy. When you are bodybuilding, it is important to do it right. Bodybuilding is all about proving what a perfect human body can look like. What one can do with determination and hard work? You will not find a lot of praise if you use shortcuts. Furthermore, there is your health that you are protecting. You need to eat healthy in order to stay healthy while bodybuilding.
  • Natural. Finally, all of the bodybuilding foods on our list are natural. They are not some kind of processed creations that will do more as supplements than the main coarse. Bodybuilding is, even though impressive, still completely achievable with natural products, including foods. You should not stray from a healthy, natural, balanced diet.

1. Eggs

This one is most well known as the food of champions. Eggs (chicken eggs, of course) by their very nature are storages for high amounts of energy. They are literary storages for high protein value product that is inside. Eating eggs in their entirety is a highway to high reserves of a powerful source of pure energy.

dozen eggs
Eggs are universally considered essential

Be it that you are eating them hard-boiled or alive, you will still be getting a portion of food that easily earned its first place on our list top 10 bodybuilding foods. We fully recommend that you eat eggs every morning.

2. Soy

Be it that you have a male or a female bodybuilder personal trainer, soy milk always gets top recommendations for bodybuilders. And for good reason! Not only is it good for an energy boost, but also for your long-term health.

3. Red meats

Reder the meat, the more energy it brings. If you want to get raw power before that workout, take read meat!

4. Chicken

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Well, on our top 10 bodybuilding foods it is rather a straightforward affair, but that does not mean that one is more important than the other. We are going to heavily endorse both foods. If you wish to compete at Dubai Muscle Show, you better get ready to eat a lot of chicken.

Thankfully, the chicken meet is affordable and widespread. After all, there are around 20 billion domestic chickens on earth, so it will be a pretty straightforward thing to get on your plate every other day or so. Remember, chickens are not big creatures and are not often affiliated with strength and endurance, but their meat does provide a lot of energy.

5. Cheese

On the topic of farm animals, you should definitely eat cheese. Cheese is a bi-product of many microbial colonies that are inherent to dairy products. It provides a lot of energy while keeping your metabolism in check. Heaving good stomach bacteria is important for long-term exercising.

6. Seafood

There is more to bodybuilding than focusing on arm workouts for women. If you are also focused on eating, try the seafood!

fish tail
Strength from the sea!

Here in Dubai, you will find plentiful sources of seafood right from the Persian Gulf. These create to store a lot of energy in their meat and are recommended all year long!

7. Almonds – Among the top 10 bodybuilding foods

Heard of almond oil? Almonds store a great amount of energy and should be eaten as much as possible.

8. Quinoa

A little bit rare in comparison to some other foods on the list, but you should definitely give it a try. It stores a good amount of energy while also giving you endurance and a healthier body all-round.

9. Mixed Nuts

They are more than just a treat! If you want to be a bodybuilder you should focus on getting every bit of energy you can (and spend it in all the right muscle groups). Mixed nuts are definitely going to help in that!

10. Tofu

Why use bodybuilding supplements Dubai when you can use tofu? A great alternative to many other foods, you should definitely eat it from time to time.

Top 10 bodybuilding foods – Keep it up!

Just remember to keep up the pace! Once you get used to eating our top 10 bodybuilding foods it will get a lot easier to get a good tempo going. The only important thing is not to slow down!


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