Top 10 crossfit workouts you can do on the beach

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Published: November 26, 2019

Crossfit is a great sport that you can do almost anywhere. There are a lot of Crossfit workouts you can do on the beach, and when you are living in Dubai it is normal to spend a lot of time on the beach. Crossfit workouts help you with your whole body, and they can strengthen your muscles, improve your posture and help you lose weight. Crossfit is one of the most common workout routines and a lot of people have at least tried to do full training at least once. Simply, it is a very good way to get your whole body in shape and gain muscles and speed movement. We will give you just simple ideas on how you can actually do Crossfit exercises on the beach, you can always change them and adjust them to suit your physical condition.

Running with burpees as one of the Crossfit workouts you can do on the beach

So, the most basic thing is the first thing that you should do – running. But, to spice things up a little bit you can add burpees. For example, you can do something like this:

  • Run in total for 5 miles, but every 5 miles do 25 burpees. That way you will make your whole bodywork and every muscle will be active. You can record your time, and you can set a goal to improve your time. But before you start this a good thing is to decide will you be pushing a little harder for running or burpees. Simply, you want to avoid muscle cramps, and by doing both of these exercises on your maximum will make you feel uncomfortable. 
running as one of the CrossFit workouts you can do on the beach
Running is part of the Crossfit training

Mix lunges and plank for great results

This can be a fun part of the beach workouts. Our advice on how to combine them is to mark 25 feet with a bottle or seashells. And then you can lunge-walk those 25 feet in one direction. Stop, and do a plank. Make sure to hold a plank for one minute, and of course, if you can do it longer – go for it. But if you are just beginner don’t push yourself too hard. After you have done the plank, walk back to the start point but also lunge-walking. If you are in great shape and condition, you can add push-ups in the end. But, as we mentioned don’t push yourself too hard.

Why is running one of the most popular Crossfit workouts you can do on the beach?

Well, as you probably know when it comes to Crossfit workouts – there are people who like running and there are those who don’t. The beauty of Crossfit is that you can mix and match different exercises, and enjoy them. The training won’t be the same and you will learn something new always. You can even find a personal trainer in Dubai who can teach you new tricks. So, although most of the exercises have running in them – you can switch it for something that you like more.

Mix running and push-ups

This can be a great exercise, but keep in mind that you should take vitamins that will help your muscles, especially when you are working out in hot weather. SImply – if you want to make running fun try this plan:

  • Run for 400 meters, and then do 25 push-ups. You can repeat this mix of exercises up to four times. But if you are not ready, it is okay to do it only once. Your body will be grateful and you will feel much better.

Swimming is one of the Crossfit workouts you can do on the beach

Since you are at the beach – swim! Of course, since Crossfit is interesting and gives you a lot of options we will offer you a different mix-up of exercises to make swimming for fun. So, for starters to warm up swim 8 minutes parallel with the shoreline. Of course, feel free to rest if you need it. After you have  done this you can try some of the following:

girl relaxing in water
Swimming is fun, and you can rest as needed
  • Stand on your hand without assistance for 15 seconds at least
  • If you are good at standing on your hands you can try to walk on your hands at least 10 meters.

These are combinations that seemed interesting to us, but feel free to combine them with burpees or push-ups. But, although you are working out, do not forget that the food is very important. A proper diet can help you a great deal to improve your exercise routines.

If you want intense workout – combine!

As everything in Crossfit, combining is very important. And if you are in great shape and you just want to improve your agility and strength do the following:

  • Do 12 burpees, then do 24 air squats and run to the water and do 50-meter sprint swim
man running to water
Run into the water to cool off and exercise!

This combination will boost your energy and will boost your metabolism. And we are sure that you will enjoy your time in the water since it can relieve you from muscle cramps.

Repeating is important for Crossfit

There are a lot of Crossfit workouts you can do on the beach, and we are sure you can find some that you really like. But a key to a good Crossfit training no matter is it on the beach or in a gym is repeating. So, no matter what exercises you choose to keep in mind that you should repeat them. A great session for your time on the beach:

  • 10 seconds of Burpees, 10 seconds of rest in total for 2 minutes. Use your stopwatch and push yourself. After that do 10 seconds of squat jumps and then rest for 10 seconds in total for 2 minutes.

Although when you look at it, it might seem short – trust us you will feel every muscle in your body after this. But also, you can find yoga instructor Dubai, which can help you to mix up workouts like these with yoga. It is important to be in great physical shape, but also it is important to be connected with your mind and combination of yoga and Crossfit can do just that for you!


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