Top 10 Exercises for Football Strength and Speed

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Published: January 26, 2021

Your career in Dubai football is thriving! But you realized you can do much more. Maybe you are looking to increase your body strength, stamina, endurance, resilience, or shave off a few pounds? Yes, all can be done with proper guidance and a strong will. So, let us help you increase your performance by providing a few exercises for football strength and speed. Let’s get right to it!


Most female and male fitness trainers would agree that there is no sport without lifting weights. Whether your goal is to increase the muscle tone or simply to gain raw strength. The solution is in weight-lifting. Although to increase the explosiveness, gain hip strength, and to endure the colliding moments on the field, deadlifts are the way to go. This kind of exercise will push your body beyond limits and you will increase in endurance tenfold.

a woman flexing her biceps
There is no sport without lifting weights, they say.

But be careful with this one. Deadlifts are a serious business and If you embark on this journey without proper guidance you can end up with a serious injury. Therefore, seek a professional consultant or a personal trainer to introduce you to the subject. We recommend checking DubaiPT and find yourself a knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable personal trainer.

Lifting sandbags is yet another among the exercises for football strength and speed

Similar to deadlifts, lifting sandbags will improve the overall strength and endurance of your body. Again, you should learn how to properly lift any kind of weight before attempting this one. And what is good about this exercise is the fact that anyone can do it at home. But note that lifting is exhausting and requires enough rest and a proper bodybuilding plan for men. Also, you should avoid overdoing it because after a certain threshold you’ll gain muscle and weight but lose speed. Keep your lifting balanced with another exercise. If you persevere, as a result, you’ll win almost any clash against your opponent on the football battlefield.

Are you ready to row?

The vast majority of people hitting the gym daily often lift weights to build their muscles. Nothing wrong there. But focusing mostly on your torso and your arms while neglecting other parts is counterproductive. Remember, your back and your spine are what are supporting and holding everything together. People often neglect this part. So, by doing a couple of row serious you’ll fix this problem easily. Find the best technique for you and get right to it!

person riding a bike
Ideally, you would do this one in the water. But settle for the one you have at your gym and start rowing!

Side lunges are the best exercises for football strength and speed

Lateral movement is boring but highly effective. Not to mention that it is not easy at all. Trust me, give it a go and after 15 minutes you’ll be gone. On the other hand, you’ll gain much more if you implement side lunges into your daily practice. This exercise will boost the performance of all your muscles, but most importantly, your legs, thighs, and hips. And of course, every football player knows how important it is to move sideways on the field. It is a perfect practice to increase agility, speed, and movement. Start doing laterals and you’ll be surefooted in no time.


Another exercise where you’ll gain explosiveness and win each encounter. Colliding on the field is not easy but we all know how important is to win the position and gain an advantage. Hence, consider implementing this one but keep it separate from your lifting days. It won’t hinder your progress and leave you dead tired if you keep them apart. So, pick a day where you’ll lift and another day where you can prowl. Keep in mind that most people use it back and forth. Do not neglect the fact that prowler can be done laterally which is important for each sport involving movement. Follow the footsteps of professional athletes and become one as well.

Ball Walk-Out

Ok, this one is mainly used to improve hamstring muscles on the back of your knees. Football players often have weaker posterior muscles. Most people focus on front muscles thinking it is enough. But as we mentioned already, your back and the back sides of your thighs, knees, and glutes are equally important. They play a vital role in acceleration, moving sideways, jumping, rotating, etc. So, activate your whole body twice a week with this exercise and the results will be astonishing.

There are no exercises for football strength and speed without a Side Plank

One hand on the ground, the other to the sky, and your both feet on the bench lift up from the ground. Sounds simple right? But you won’t believe how hard this one is. The purpose of this exercise is to increase overall body stability. It will build your core and increase your stamina tenfold. And remember to swap hands from time to time to build both sides equally.

…And a Quadruped Plank

Get on your knees and support your whole body with your hands. Swap each hand in 10 seconds intervals and you’ll lose your mind after a couple of minutes. But you’ll achieve great results, as we already mentioned above. You are building your core stability which is incredibly important for a football player. It will reflect on each aspect of the game. Hence, muster the mental strength to endure this one and you’ll see results soon enough.

Box Squats

If you want to work on your flexibility and to achieve monstrous leg strength, Box Squats is the way to go. It is one of the most important exercises for football strength and speed. It will build your leg strength, thighs, and knees. At the same time, because your legs gained enough muscle, flexibility, and overall strength, you will be more resilient to injuries. Taking the pressure off your knees is important for the long run.

woman doing squats
Squats will bring you more strength, better support, and great posture.

Front Box Squats

Almost the same as the regular box squat, apart from the fact that is a great one if you want to work on your posterior chain. Your whole body is engaged by trying to lift the body, weight, and stay balanced throughout the process. This exercise will do wonders for your balance and willpower. Although, be careful with this one and have a friend helping out on both versions of box squats. At least at the beginning until you get used to it.

And now you know a few exercises for football strength and speed. You can take anything from the list and incorporate it into your daily routine. As long as you do it safely and patiently, you will achieve great results. Good luck!

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