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Published: May 12, 2020

Everybody knows that exercising regularly is vital to a healthy life. A good exercise routine will help you get in shape, get flexible or strong, but most of all – help you feel better. This is why even with limited mobility, you should contact a freelance personal trainer Dubai and develop your own routines. What’s more, exercises for reduced mobility can be essential if you an elder or are facing mobility issues, because they will help you enjoy a healthier life. They also help with self-esteem and fight stress and depression. In this article, we take a look at some of the best exercises that you can use – even from a chair!

1. The seated row is one of the best exercises for reduced mobility

Seated rows are one of those exercises that you can do everywhere – you can even include them in your own home workout routine! They are also essential because they help multiple groups of muscles, from your upper back to your chest. Even better – elders can do them equally well as those with reduced mobility.

a woman sitting
You can do seated rows from the comfort of your own chair!

To do them, you just need to sit on the edge of the chair. This way, your range of motion is improved. Then, bend your elbows while holding your arms forward, with thumbs pointing up. From there, draw your elbows back, trying to squeeze your shoulder blades as much as you can together. Go back and forth up to ten times for the best effect.

2. Seated tummy twists are good for your core

This exercise works best as your core training, but you do need to have a good posture while sitting to do it. You also need a prop – a ball. Hold it with both hands, close to your body. Bend the elbows and slowly rotate your torso to the left and then to the right, with a pause in the middle. Try to go as far as it is comfortable for you, while still maintaining good posture and keeping everything else still. One set contains two twists, and eight sets are perfect for beginners.

3. Overhead arm raises will give you strength

This exercise is designed to strengthen your shoulders and arms. Get an armless and sturdy chair, and take 1-pound hand weights in both hands. Bend your arms with the palms facing forward, while the weights are to the sides of your shoulders. Then, you will want to slowly lift your arms above the head, then lower them down after a pause. Make sure you are keeping your feet flat on the floor, while your back is straight, and repeat this up to 10 times.

4. Our exercises for reduced mobility also include hand squeezes

Hand squeezes are the perfect exercise if you want to work the muscles of your arms and your chest. They help contract them and build strength. Again, use a ball – hold it in front of you. Then, squeeze it like you are trying to deflate it. Release and repeat 10 to 12 times.

You can do all of these exercises from your wheelchair!

You can modulate the exercise to increase the difficulty too. Do this by pushing the ball straight out forward while squeezing it at the same time, and then pull it back to your chest.

5. Get flexibility back into your arms

Joint mobility exercises are also really important! These exercises will help you with it. First, hold them straight out from your body, and start making circles one way for up to a minute. Then, reverse the direction of your circle and repeat the process. Do this a couple of times in the row – but make sure to do it slowly, so you don’t strain your shoulder.

Then, you can also start moving your arms up and down too – or forward and back. Test out all directions, and then add weights or full water bottles) to further increase the challenge.

6. Knee extensions build strength in your legs

Now it’s time to move to some leg exercises. If you want to strengthen various groups of muscles in your legs, then knee extensions are a perfect choice. Again, you will want to sit at the edge of the chair – with your back straight and your knees bent. Then, hold the sides of the chair while extending your right knee out, until you point your toes up. It’s important not to lock the knee – instead, bend it slightly. Then, lower the leg back to where you were, and repeat up to 10 times. After that, switch your leg and do the same.

7. Inner thighs squeeze to activate your thighs

You start this exercise by sitting on the edge of your chair. Again, the back needs to be straight, your knees bent, and a ball between your knees. Similarly to hand squeezes, start squeezing the ball with your knees for a couple of seconds. Release the tension, but make sure the ball doesn’t fall. Proceed for two sets, each with 10 reps. These are also great exercises for runners, too!

8. Work on your stomach by lifting your knees

Knee lifts are great for multiple muscle groups – your stomach muscles, hips, quads – all those muscles you use when standing. You do the exercise by lifting your right knee slowly towards your chest, and then back to the starting position. Repeat the same motion with the left leg, and then alternate 8-10 times.

an elder woman
Elders can do these exercises too – but do practice caution and care!

9. Use rubber bands in exercises for reduced mobility

A rubber band or a resistance band are also amazing tools for these exercises. You start by placing your feet on the floor at a 90-degree angle, hip-width apart. The rubber band goes onto your legs, just below the knees. Hold to the end of the chair and start pulsing your knees slowly, separating them from one another. Do this for a minute, then take a rest. One set consists of four reps.

10. Stretches are also important!

Finally, you should not forget about stretches. Sit in the chair while holding both your hands above your head. Then, start by grabbing your left wrist with the right hand, and stretching your left side by leaning to the right. Hold this for a short time (a couple of breaths) and then go back to the starting position. Mirror one of the best exercises for reduced mobility on the other side as well, and you will be stretching your muscles in the right way.

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