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Published: January 6, 2020

A tourist arrival – or relocation – to Dubai is an opportunity to try the specialties of different international cuisine. If you are coming to the United Arab Emirates for the first time, or just need to find healthy restaurants in Dubai, read on. We suggest you choose from some of the restaurants that offer different specialties from our list… So you can remember your stay in Dubai not only with its impressive architecture but also for its superb food!

How to find healthy restaurants in Dubai

Finding a good restaurant here is really easy. And truth be told, almost every place here can be put in a category of healthy restaurants in Dubai. It is a city that offers a fusion of every kitchen in the world! So almost in every restaurant some of the best chefs in the world will prepare food for you. One of the most traditional meals here is shawarma or lamb and chicken served on a slice of bread. Of course, there is a lot of choices when it comes to vegetarian cuisine too. But if you have followed some of our fat burning workouts for men, you may be wondering what is the best place to get some nice meal. Let’s begin with the basics.

Dubai - healthy restaurants in Dubai
Almost every place here can be put in a category of healthy restaurants in Dubai.

A little bit of history

Before we begin, you should know that Dubai is one of the most attractive touristic destinations in the world. From the seven emirates that make the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the most famous and most developed city in the world… and is progressively developed on a daily basis! The first settlement on today’s ground of Dubai dates way back from 1799! Back then its inhabitants were fishermen. Once the black gold (oil) was discovered, Dubai started to grow. Luxurious malls, gigantic buildings, and architectural wonders – along with the tallest building in the world – are just some of the landmarks of Dubai. If you have never been before, you may imagine it as a special mix of New York and spaceship! And you may ask where to find something healthy to eat? Well, let’s begin with our list!

1. Ginger restaurant –  a great healthy restaurant in Dubai

The first place that comes to our mind when talking about healthy restaurants in Dubai is Ginger. Once you finish with your weight loss exercise, this is a place where you can get perfect sushi from noon to 11 PM. Every meal has been carefully created and cooked in the most traditional way with a modern touch.

2. Chin Chin restaurant

If you like Chinese food, you can go to one of the ten Chin Chin restaurants in Dubai. Don’t be fooled, their chiefs make the best Chinese food you will ever try. It’s a great place to stop by if you try to organize your daily routine, as Chi Chin can be found in many places in Dubai.

Some of the best chefs in the world will prepare food for you in Dubai.

3. Ravi restaurant

This Pakistan cuisine restaurant opened in Dubai back in 1978… So it has the best of both worlds: long tradition and excellent cuisine! Plus, it has a really interesting ambience! You can order goat meat and chicken, and there is a vegetarian menu as well. Our recommendation is to try the paratha first with some of the many spreads.

4. Beirut restaurant

If you are up for some fantastic Lebanese food, come to Beirut! From hummus to pies and barbecue, this restaurant has it all. If you love everything grilled, this will be your favorite place to eat in Dubai. At the heart of its modernly designed interface, Beirut promises to deliver a rich history of appetizing foods enriching your taste buds. The restaurant is not open on Fridays, so keep that in mind when planning your visit.

5. Roberto’s restaurant – among the top healthy restaurants in Dubai

If you want to stop by a fancy place and have a fancy meal, choose this great restaurant. Roberto’s team blends an admirably Roman devotion to food with Venetian hospitality and Milanese flair resulting in a unique and homegrown reinterpretation of Italian cuisine. So have lunch at this Italian restaurant, and don’t forget to take photos – your Instagram followers will be delighted;)

6. Zuma restaurant

Shine at your best at this luxury Japanese restaurant in Dubai. You can enjoy their contemporary Japanese cuisine in the vicinity of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. If you are arriving in the evening, just know that there will be a club atmosphere. We won’t tell you much about food, but we heartily recommend that you just go and try some of their specialties.

Choose from some of the restaurants that offer different specialties from our list.

7. Level 43 restaurant

This sleek and stylishly blue lit, open-air terrace sits 43 floors high building. Level 43 offers both indoor dining seating as well as an outdoor lounge and it has a spectacular panoramic view of Dubai’s skyline. You can sip on crafted cocktails along with tasty treats as your mind wanders at the breathtaking views.

8. Pierchic restaurant

When talking about healthy restaurants in Dubai, we have to mention Pierchic. It’s a romantic, luxurious seafood restaurant with a deck and historic feel at end of an upmarket resort’s private pier that looks over Burj al Arab.

9. Eat and Drink restaurant

The most casual restaurant in Dubai was renowned for its Chinese and Lebanese cuisine. They update their menu regularly and maintain the highest standards in hygiene and cleanliness.

10. Bussola restaurant – one of the best healthy restaurants in Dubai

Award-winning Bussola is 3 restaurants in 1 concept, offering a suitable venue for any occasion to everyone who likes great food. Therefore, in simple words – this is a fancy Italian restaurant that overlooks the seaside. Oh, and try their pizza – it’s superb!


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