Top 10 meal prep tips for weight loss

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Published: November 28, 2019

If you are getting into weight loss, first, let us say – congratulations! It takes a lot of courage to take the first step. And this really is the first step. You informing yourself weight loss exercise and meal prep tips for weight loss is a foot of a hill, but one you will have to go over if you are to reach the summit.

So, the main question is what method will you choose? Well, if you ask any fitness advisor, they will always be quick to point out that any and all exercises should go together with a proper diet. And, seems like you have chosen yours! Since it is very much proven that it works – you have chosen wisely. Now, let’s get on with the details.

Benefits of losing weight

Right of the bat, we want to make clear that following Instagram models is not something you should strive for. A lot of it is done by photoshop and does not represent a realistic or achievable body. However, that does not mean losing weight is in vain. What we are saying, essentially, is that losing weight for the sole purpose of looking ecstatically pleasing is not actually the goal. The goal is for yourself to be healthier.

For that purpose, before moving on to the actual meal prep tips for weight loss, we would like to emphasize the benefits of weight loss.

  • The risk of cardiovascular health, diabetes, and other illnesses is lowered. Obesity is a great factor in many diseases that can strike at our body, many of them chronic and fatal. For this reason, bringing your body weight down to adequate levels can actually save you from serious medical complications down the road.
  • Longevity is increased. In conception to the first one, implementing meal prep tips for weight loss and other roads to weight loss can significantly increase your life span!
  • Finally, you will feel better. In a healthy body lies a healthy spirit, said the ancient greeks. And they were absolutely right! You should strive to have a body in which you will feel healthy and physically able. As Socrates (also an ancient greek) pointed out, nobody should live life without feeling the full potential of his (or hers) own body… and yes, greek philosophers were surprisingly well built. And you can always consider finding a freelance personal trainer Dubai, to help you boost your energy and help you stay healthy and fit.

But, not to wonder too of a topic, we reiterate. Go for losing weight for health, not to look like a model. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you should go for that dancer’s body if you want it – just be aware you don’t need it.

Our 10 chosen meal prep tips for weight loss

Unlike many weight loss scams, meal prepping is a proven technique to a healthier lifestyle and a guaranteed to lead to weight loss

meal prep tips for weight loss waist
A good, tried-and-true way of losing weight!

And, to help you on your journey to your healthier self, we comprised the list of ten tips that will be of use to you. 

1. Meal planning

First and foremost, meal prep tips for weight loss also imply meal prep plans. And that is exactly right. Take the time of your day to make a weekly meal plan . It doesn’t have to be this rocket science. You don’t have to get lost in the number of calories, at least not in the beginning. For now, plan your meals so you practice forward-thinking. It will become second nature after some time.

2. Keep your portions adequate- One of the most important meal prep tips for weight loss

There is no use in having portions if they are not of the right size. A mistake often accruing among beginners in meal prep tips for weight loss is that they have too big of a portion. Not only are they in taking way too many calories in one go, but they are also making sure that the other portions are inadequate.

3. Stay patient

Patience is key. There is no rushing when taking a diet. Your success will become obvious, in time. Have some faith.

4. Don’t prepare too many meals at the same time

You are not a chef (unless you are, in which case – ups) and you should not act as one (unless, again, you should). This means that those meals people prepare for their social media fees are not realistic!

5. Right after the dish is done!

In the same way, you should develop a workout routine a cooking routine is needed as well. Be sure to have a meal poured into the containers as soon as it is done.

sandwache and a meter
Pour it in as soon as it is done!

This way to portions will stay the same, desired size. That way you can avoid the previously mentioned problem

6. Multitask

In time, you will learn to multitask. Have one meal start while you prepare another one! You should not be embarrassed to learn. Experiment a little. After some time you will find that success in the kitchen is much more of a thrill than one would expect.

7. It is not universal

Remember that this is not universal. Make sure that your meal prep tips for weight loss tailor-suit you! Pick up what you need and don’t what you deem unnecessary!

8. Keep the food reasonably diverse

Be sure not to repeat the same dish two weeks in a row. It could lead to a serious lack of protein or vitamins. Diversity is the key!

9. Try out different containers

Why not try out different containers? You should try out several and see which one you find most to your liking.

10. Don’t check your results every second- Among  important meal prep tips for weight loss

Finally, and maybe most useful, here is a tip: don’t focus on your progress too much too early. 

You are a winner no matter what!

Changes take time and you checking too soon is not only bad for morale but also completely unnecessary. Just by doing this you are winning against obesity, the speed does not matter – it is not a sprint, its a marathon.

Meal prep tips for weight loss – To conclude

We will keep the conclusion concise. Just remember why you are doing meal prep tips for weight loss. Feel good about yourself! That is what it is all about. Everything else is a pipe dream.


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