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Published: October 2, 2021

People’s lives have changed significantly in the last few decades. From being workers who would spend all day being physically active, we have become chained to our desks, we are busy all day and people really don’t have a lot of opportunities for physical activity. That way of life has its consequence. People’s health is rapidly decreasing since we switched to office working. Our body wasn’t designed to spend 7 hours sitting. Unfortunately, we can’t change the whole system, but we can change our habits. If you can’t spend too much time working out, let us give you the top 10-Minute workout to fit into your busy day and stay fit and healthy. You will be glad you decided to use 10 minutes of your day just to work out.

An ideal lifestyle isn’t always possible

Hire a personal coach Dubai has to offer and you will stay physically fit no matter what kind of job you do or how much time you have to spend sitting. If you have a real professional by your side, they will make sure every inch of your body is kept well. That’s what coaches are for. To make you enjoy your workout, as well as benefit from it. So, if you can choose between a top 10-Minute workout to fit into your busy day and an actual personal trainer, you should opt for the latter. There are so many benefits for you in there.

A big woman is doing some yoga.
Yoga is really a top 10-Minute workout to fit into your busy day.

Pay attention to your core work and mobility

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have experienced inactivity in a totally different way. Some people used to go to work on foot and it was their way of being active, others used to go for morning jogs. The lockdown changed it all and made us aware that you always need a plan B to stay active, no matter what. A lot of people like to count steps but they all agree that no matter how much they walk, their hip flexors feel tight.

Mobilizing your hips and spine will make you feel better, it will improve your posture and you will really see the difference. If you can find a cheap personal trainer Dubai they will help you with that problem with pleasure.

So if you have no more than 10 minutes to work out, you need a top 10-Minute workout to fit into your busy day. Spend as much time as you can doing mobility movements that include some core work in them. You can include exercises like:

  • weighted dead bugs
  • torso rotation striders
  • downward dog
  • oblique work.

You can use this list to improve your hip and upper-body mobility and success is guaranteed.

Find your favorite top 10-Minute workout to fit into your busy day

Any good and affordable personal trainer Dubai will tell you that short workouts are a normal part of their everyday life. If you are waiting for a customer or somebody is running late to a meeting, you have 10 to 15 minutes you can either spend sitting and waiting for them or you can just try out a top 10-Minute workout to fit into your busy day and enjoy it.

For a 10-minute workout, you should do your best to keep things simple and focus on a single exercise. By doing that, you only need to warm up and eventually cool down based on only one movement pattern you used for the workout, which really saves time.

A woman is helping a man while he is stretching.
It’s always much better to do exercises while supervised by a professional.

For that single exercise you should pick an intense movement that can hit multiple muscle groups at one time Here are some examples:

  • squats
  • deadlifts,
  • pull-ups
  • bench press
  • push-ups

Warm yourself up by practicing the movement using no weight and then just add lighter weight. You can increase your heart rate using jumping jacks. It really makes a good top 10-Minute workout to fit into your busy day.

Then, try doing it in 10 reps and rest 40 seconds or less if you can in between the sets. For every next set, you can add weight to make it more intense. Don’t do it without consulting a professional beforehand.

Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple

Walking, which is really the best exercise to lose weight, is what makes the stuff so simple.  Try starting your top 10-Minute workout to fit into your busy day with a simple three-minute joint-by-joint warm-up to wake your body up and peacefully and slowly stimulate your brain. Here are some moves that kind of exercise includes:

  • ankle circles
  • knee circles
  • hip circles
  • spinal roll-ups
  • pendulum leg swings

Once you’ve done with all of those, you can go for a nice walk around the neighborhood or on a treadmill. Walking really maximizes what your body gets for just ten minutes of activity. Your blood pressure, oxygen level and everything else connected to it really improves.

A woman is wearing grey leggins and standing on a fence.
A casual 10-minute walk can be a really powerful short workout to fit into your busy day.

Sometimes, it can vary from day-to-day

If your back hurts, you will spend the day doing back pain exercises. If you have a weight problem, you will do your best to focus on that. It’s quite simple. So, try not to be strict with your program. If you find one top 10-Minute workout to fit into your busy day, stick to it. It can really make you feel better and developing a valuable habit can even impact your brain to start functioning better. However, if you have a few different problems and you can’t decide which one is the worst, just find a day for each part of your body or a muscle group. That way, you will really stay active and your pain will go away.

It’s hard to find a workout when you are as busy as people are today. You need to find one you can do in an office or in some other small space if your place of work is like that. Embrace all possibilities, experiment, and try new things. However, before doing any of that, visit a physician and ask for his opinion. You don’t want to choose a top 10-Minute workout to fit into your busy day without some help from a professional.

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