Top 10 natural supplements for healthy weight loss

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Published: December 16, 2021

Maintaining a healthy weight is a challenge that most individuals have faced at some time in their lives. Do you want to learn more about weight-loss pills made from natural ingredients? Of course, the best way to lose weight naturally is to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. If you have specific physiology, integrative medicine concepts can help you support a variety of various hormones, neurotransmitters, and metabolic processes that work best for you. You’ll be able to burn fat faster this way. We at DubaiPT are here to share with you the top 10 natural supplements for healthy weight loss.

an empty blue plate with
These natural supplements can help you out a lot in your weight loss journey.

Do Dietary Supplements Actually Help You Lose Weight?

There is a good reason why you want to make sure that the supplements you buy are safe. And that they are backed by functional medicine. supplements for weight loss help with fat oxidation (burning), energy levels, and the good use of body fat as fuel by allowing hundreds of reactions and metabolic processes to happen at the same time.

When we choose the best weight loss product, there are a lot of things we can control. One of the things the herb berberine does is stop insulin resistance, which causes fat to build up. To make things even better, a few amino acids make it possible for the body to use fat as a source of energy rather than sugar.

It’s possible to meet your weight-loss goals with the help of the best diet supplements for weight loss. Then integrative medicine can show you how to do it, too. Some of our top 10 natural supplements for healthy weight loss also have other health benefits, like keeping blood sugar levels stable and keeping the liver in check! They do help a lot, but they aren’t enough on their own. With a healthy diet, you also need to work out in a healthy way in order to lose weight. Therefore, you should contact an affordable personnal trainer Dubai for help. 

Top 10 natural supplements for healthy weight loss

1. Berberine

The use of berberine in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine dates back thousands of years. To improve healthy blood sugar levels and insulin responsiveness, two variables that are critical in weight loss, this extract has recently gained great attention. At the same time, oral glucose-lowering medications were no better than berberine in maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels in a meta-analysis. The enzyme AMPK, short for AMP-activate protein kinase, is also activated by berberine. Active this enzyme to reap the same health advantages as regular exercise, and it’s been dubbed the “metabolic master switch” by some.

2. L-Carnosine

An amino acid. It’s usually branded l-carnosine, which the body’s cells prefer. Cardiovascular disease affects almost 1 in 6 Americans and can be treated with carnosine. Insulin, blood sugar, and inflammatory proteins termed advanced glycation end-products dysregulate in metabolic syndrome (AGEs). Carnosine helps regulate AGE formation, promoting both metabolic and aging gracefully. 

When carnosine supplements enter the stomach, they quickly break down into histidine and beta-alanine. As a result, supplementing with beta-alanine increases muscle carnosine concentrations more effectively than carnosine alone, improving muscular performance, especially during high-intensity exercise. A clean pre-workout with beta-alanine is a much better go-to for a tougher exercise. We have a selection of some of the best workout apps that you can go through if you’d like. 

3. Omega-3’s

Can inflammation cause weight gain? Low-omega-3 diets are connected to increased inflammation, which reduces cell insulin sensitivity. The less responsive our cells are to insulin, the more fat they will accumulate. It’s no surprise that fish oil and omega-3s are the number one supplements doctors recommend. Both conventional and functional medicine specialists often recommend it. Given their importance in inflammation, heart, brain, and general cellular function.

a plate of food full with omega 3, one of the best natural supplements for healthy weight loss
Seafood is full of omega 3 and we recommend that you incorporate it into your regular diet.

4. Spirulina

Antioxidants, tocopherols, and phenolic compounds abound in this blue-green alga’s nutrient-dense flesh. Unquestionably one of the most effective superfoods on the market today. Over the course of 12-week research, spirulina was found to reduce hunger, inflammation, and body fat. In addition, research shows that it reduces the oxidative stress caused by fat accumulation in the body. This may be one way it helps to maintain a healthy inflammatory response.

5. Peptides of Collagen

The body’s most plentiful protein is collagen. Collagen is also one of the best natural supplements for healthy weight loss. From joint health and skin suppleness to good appetite and digestive function, it aids in a wide range of processes. It’s possible that its popularity as a weight reduction aid is due to its ability to both repair the stomach and satisfy hunger. The hormone leptin is activated by collagen, as is the case with other proteins. Leptin tells your brain that it’s time to quit eating after you’ve eaten enough.

6. MCTs

MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are a common element in high-fat coffee blends as a ketogenic weight loss supplement. The MCTs are one of the best natural hunger suppressants and cognitive energy boosters. What gives? This particular fat may be worth its weight in gold to dieters. To boost your weight loss you can also try abs training since those are usually the weakest muscles in overweight people. 

MCTs bypass regular digestion and passively travel to the liver, where they are further broken down into free fatty acids. They’re then transported to the brain or muscles, promoting mental clarity and physical vigor. Moreover, once in the liver, MCTs increase the metabolism of other fatty acids, encouraging fullness and decreasing cravings and hunger.

7. Probiotic

One of the numerous metabolic processes that can benefit from a healthy gut microbiome is the ability to lose weight in a healthy way. Studies comparing the intestinal flora of obese and healthy people have indicated a decrease in the quantity and type of these friendly bacteria. For a healthy metabolism, physical activity is also very important. Cardio and crossfit training, in particular. 

8. Vitamin B

The body and the mind benefit greatly from B vitamins. In order to maintain a strong and healthy metabolism, they play an essential role. When taken in the correct proportions, the eight distinct B vitamins work synergistically to provide the best possible health benefits.

9. Greens

We frequently neglect the hardest working organ in our body that helps maintain a healthy weight. And remove harmful chemicals from our bodies. The liver has a lot more to do with good health AND weight than most people know.

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, leeks, and other cruciferous vegetables can boost natural detox processes that aid metabolism. You may get the same advantages from any dark green veggie. To help you lose weight, a high-quality greens supplement can help you maintain good insulin function, blood sugar levels, and detox routes.

a plate full of greens
Greens are amongst the top 10 natural supplements for healthy weight loss for a good reason. Try to implement them more in your diet.

10. Sleep 

Sleep Hormones influence every function in your body, including hunger.  What does sleep have to do with hunger hormones? Well, sleep is one of the best natural supplements for healthy weight loss. Sleep deprivation causes an increase in leptin and a reduction in ghrelin, the fullness hormone. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll be hungry and seek carbohydrate-dense, sugary meals that quickly add to your weight.



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