Top 10 push-up variations for beginners

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Published: July 22, 2020

When it comes to exercising, there is one exercise that everyone will recommend. Doing push-ups can be challenging in the beginning. But being persistent and trying different push-up variations for beginners can lead to you to your perfect body. Also, when it comes to arm workouts for women this is the type of exercise that you need to consider. The benefits of this exercise are numerous!

When you are trying different push-up variations for beginners make sure to do them correctly

When it comes to ding push-ups few rules always stay the same. No matter what variation of push-ups you try, you should always make sure that you are doing them correctly. One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they let their hips drop close to the ground. This is especially common when you are tired and it becomes harder to move. Also, when you are doing push-up make sure that your hands are positioned correctly. Of course, if you are unsure or you need additional help, you can always find a personal trainer in Dubai that will help you. It is much better to start everything on the right foot than to do an exercise wrong.

man doing push-ups correctly
It is very important to do the push-up correctly

Wall push-ups are an excellent option for beginners

When you start looking for push-up variations for beginners one of the first ones that you should consider is the wall push-up. They are an excellent choice for beginners since you can start building your strength and learning to do a push-up correctly. To start doing this exercise, you should place your hands on a wall. You should walk your feet back to the position where you are comfortable. Your hands should be under your shoulders and lower toward the wall. Push off from the wall and go back into the starting position. Start doing this slowly and make sure that you relax after your exercising is done. You need to rest your muscles.

Negative push-ups are a good choice for beginners

Although it might sound weird, you are going to only lower yourself to the ground. Start in the plank position with your hands and feet on the ground. Slowly lower your body to the ground. Make sure to keep your core tight and your body in a straight line. Ideally, if you can your chest should touch the floor. Push back onto your knees and repeat the whole exercise. It is a great option for beginners, and you will be able to perform it. If you start with this, eat healthily and exercise regularly, you will get in shape. Also, you will lose some weight and gain more strength.

One of the push-up variations for beginners is to start from the knees

If you want to change your exercise routine and try something different – this is a great option. Doing push-ups from the knees instead of your feet is great for beginners. It reduces the amount of body-weight that you need to support and it is easier on your upper body. To perform this type of push-up you need yo put your hands shoulder-width apart in front of you. And then you can start lowering your chest until you are about an inch above the ground. Push back and repeat it. If you are feeling uncertain and you think you might need there are many professional female and male fitness trainers in Dubai that can help you with your exercise routine. You will be able to do even more complicated variations of push-ups!

person doing push-up
No matter what type of push-up you are doing – the most important thing is to do it right

Try the elevated push-up

If you are still trying to do a full push-up you should try this exercise. You should place your hands on a couch, bed, or any elevated surface. Get into the push-up position and lower your chest until you touch the surface. The goal of this type of push-up for beginners is to lower the height of the object until you are able to do them from the ground.

Feet elevated push-up is harder

If you feel like trying something harder, try the pus-up where your feet are elevated. You can place your feet on a box or a bench. The height is not that important, an object that is 1 foot off the ground is enough. Once you placed your feet – do the regular push-up. This will put more strain on your chest muscles. But do not forget to do some leg exercises. While push-up is activating your muscle, make sure to pay attention to your leg muscles.

One of the easy push-up variations for beginners is to put your hands close

Although this is a simple variation of push-ups it will activate more muscles. Put your hands directly under your chest muscles and do a push-up. More tricep muscle is activated in this type of exercise, and you will see the change fast.

Use dumbbells

It might seem easy at first glance, but it will make the push-up harder. Put the dumbells on the ground and grab them. Do a push-up and lower your body. Make sure to keep your body straight. Also, you can use push-up handles for this.

man doing push-up with dumbbells
Doing push-up with dumbbells can be challenging

You can use medicine ball as well

Medicine ball is also a great variation of a regular push-up. Simply, place your hands on a medicine ball, they should be shoulder-width apart. Lower your chest, touch the ball and go back. it will activate your whole body!

The lateral push-up is good for beginners

This type of push-up is great if you have a little space. It is easy to perform, yet it is challenging. Simply, perform your regular push-up and then walk your hands and your feet one step to the right. Perform another push-up and take a step to the left. It will be fun, we can assure you!

Clap push up

Although this is not a regular push-up variation for beginners it can be fun and it can make you motivated. Basically, perform a regular push-up, and instead of simply pushing back use your upper body strength and clap your hands as you are lifting your chest. It might seem hard, but with proper preparation and with the time you will do this with no trouble!

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