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Published: July 1, 2020

Being stuck at home should not and cannot suppress your ability to work out and increase your strength. There are numerous methods and ways in which you can continue exercising and training while being home. And, while losing a gym can be a little bit of a challenge, simple disturbance in your habits should not in any way impede your workout goals. Is one of your workout goals to raise your arm strength to new levels? Should that be true, you will be glad to hear that there are 10 tricep exercises at home right now!

The DubaiPT selection of tricep exercises at home

First off, we need to tell you an important truth. No matter how you currently feel due to distribution in your regular exercises and inability to continue a personalized program with your fitness instructor Dubai, you must not lose discipline. More you lose dicisib+pline and grow complicit in simply laying down and relaxing, the harder it will be to get back into track once the whole pandemic is passed. And, once you find that you are having trouble reaching your previously mastered workouts, you will also see the diminishing effects on your triceps. Therefore, tricep exercises at home, as well as simply keeping exercise in mind and on the planner while at home, is essential. This goes for any kind of exercise really.

Tricep exercises at home - two bowls of fruit
Eating healthy is key to being healthy

Furthermore, be aware that you should also not forget about what you eat. If you don’t keep up a healthy, an athlete’s diet, you will see diminishing results in your practice, even if it goes on at full pace. Therefore, the message is simple – keep on track.

Speaking of workouts at home, here are some benefits to working out from home!

  • No company. First and foremost, when you are doing tricep exercises at home, there will be nobody to bother you. You need to concentrate, and it is only you in that room. When having a workout from home, you can rely on peace and silence and focus on what you are doing without any distractions.
  • Any time. Start at any time. Don’t need to avoid the heat of the sun or miss a run because the rain has spoiled the weather. Be master of your own time!
  • Always the same place. The good thing about having workouts from home is that you are always, well, home. You are always available and there are is no commuting.

1. Dumbell Overhead Triceps Extension

First, among great arm workouts for women and men alike, you can try is the bar overhead triceps extension. All in all, in this whole list of top 10 tricep exercises at home, dumbells and barbells will be the only equipment mentioned.

To do a dumbell overhead triceps extension, you should sit on a bench with dumbells behind your head. You are to lower them behind your back as much as possible and then slowly return to the starting position.

2. Dumbbell Overhead Shoulder Press

This time, dumbbells are to go on the sides. You should push them up and down while keeping your arms open and bent at the elbow.

Barbell chest presses are an extremely good tricep home workout. To do it successfully you are to lie on a bench with a barbell at wrist height with arms straight up. When you take the weight of the barbell, steadily raise it as far as possible before slowly pulling it towards your chest.

Be sure to have somewhere to rest the barbell and to have help if you are doing it for the first time.

4. Triceps dips

Not much equipment needed here. A simple chair will do. Dips are a great way for training the triceps, as in this exercise it is the muscle that will take all the weight of your body.

The main thing is to do it slowly. When doing tricep exercises at home your aim is to make the muscles strain as much as possible, not to make it easy. More strain – more strength you will gain.

5. Good old push up

Be it that you are doing workouts for your own health or so you can do boxing Dubai, there is no denying the effectiveness that the basic push up can have on your arm strength.

girl and a women doing a push up
Why not do a push up with some company?

Just remember to keep your legs and back strength and, as with all else, to do it slowly, without rushing.

6. Plank

Furthermore, there also one more  “basic” exercise that does a lot. Plank is definitely one of those workouts that is harder than it looks. From first glance, there is no much muscle development there, but you are being deceived.

a man doing a plank
Ready for a plank?

Cumulative pressure can exert great stress on your triceps, but that is exactly what you want to happen. Therefore, we encourage you to do spend as much time in a plank position as possible.

7. Decline pushup

All you need is a chair with your legs on it. If you are preparing for a Dubai Muscle Show, this is the way to go.


Finally, there are three more complex versions of previously mentioned exercises that you should definitely look into as part of your tricep exercises at home

  • Close Grip Dumbell Chest Press – having your arms close will put a lot of strength on triceps.
  • Diamond Push-ups – same logic, but this time applied to push-ups.
  • Plank up-down – we know that planks are hard as they are, but with this technique, you are making sure that you are getting the most out of the exercise.

Why are home exercises so important for staying in shape?

As you hopefully learned from this post, tricep exercises at home are not only doable but also very good for your overall health in these times of isolation. With our 10 exercises, you will be able to increase your arm strength and tricep definition more than ever. Just be confident and keep up discipline! You will have the muscular hand you want in no time!

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