Top 10 Yoga Poses To Practice After Sitting All Day

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Published: May 10, 2022

A lot of us often find ourselves spending all day in front of the computer sitting. When we remain seated for a number of hours, our knees and hips are in constant flexion. Additionally, we constantly lean over a screen which causes bad posture and aches over time. Prolonged sitting, protraction of the shoulder blades, and spine flexion cause serious problems. This is why many yoga instructors often hear their students complain of back and neck pain. Although yoga poses to practice after sitting all day are designed to remedy the physical issues, they also transform our minds and spirit. Furthermore, we at DubaiPT are here to bring you ease and steadiness after a long busy day. Check out our guide and connect your body and mind with these effective exercises.

Strengthen your entire body after a long day at work

The most important exercise that you should do after a long day at work is a full-body stretching exercise. You need to strengthen all the muscles in your body in order to reduce the tension in the shoulders. That way, you will allow more blood flow to get to your brain. After sitting all day, all you want do to is stretch your legs as they were inactive for a certain amount of time. The pose that you should incorporate into your routine is the inverted “V” pose. Outstretch your hands in front of you, lift your hips, and ground your feet into the floor. Focus on your breath and enjoy the stretch for at least 60 seconds. While doing this pose, you will stretch your wrists and hands, which may become sore after hours of typing on the computer.

A woman doing one of the yoga poses to practice after sitting all day
There are numerous yoga poses to practice after sitting all day to reduce back pain.

Defeat neck discomfort from staring down at a keyboard

Leaning your head down to stare at your phone or keyboard may be the worst thing. Our yoga instructors in Dubai will help you quit this bad habit and take care of your posture and body. In order to get rid of the neck discomfort, try doing these simple yoga neck stretches. Sit in a cross-legged pose and lean your head to the right. Extend your left arm and hand towards the ground until you experience a good stretch on the left side. Make sure to breathe deeply and repeat with small breaks if needed. Additionally, for your neck, you may try another pose: the mountain pose. Stretch your neck to one side, and pull it gently with the same hand. You can do these poses everywhere even at work while waiting for that e-mail to arrive. They will definitely ease the neck strain and tension.

A perfect remedy for a long stressful includes the cooling breath

A lot of people decide to release the tension in their body and mind with a boxing session. It can definitely aid in relieving stress and anger and help us to return to a more balanced state of mind. However, many prefer rhythmic breathing exercises for tranquility and peace. Make sure to try the cooling breath exercise that will counter all that inside heat that you’ve been carrying around and connect your body and mind. In order to perform this pose, you may sit on the floor in a cross-legged position with your eyes closed. Form the letter “O” with your mouth and inhale. Let the air pass inside over your tongue and exhale through your nose. You can continue this breathing exercise for three minutes after you will be completely refreshed. Dubai is filled with amazing places, so you can spend a nice day in nature while relaxing with this pose.

A woman meditating at the beach
After a long and stressful day, make sure to engage in a breathing session to relax.

Chair poses for a quick stretch at work

If you don’t have time for fitness training, you can quickly do some of the yoga poses to practice after sitting all day at home without any equipment. Doing exercises with only a chair will improve your muscle tone, reduce stress, improve sleep quality, etc. All you have to do is remain on your chair (preferably without wheels) and begin with the following:

  • A cat-cow stretch: while sitting on a chair, place your hands on your knees or things. While inhaling arch your spine and roll your shoulders up and down. When exhaling, drop your chin to your chest, round your spine, and let go of the shoulders.
  • A chair pigeon pose: Rest your right ankle on your left thigh and hold into this position as much as you can.
  • A chair warrior pose: Keep the right leg over the side of the chair while you swing the left one behind. Keep your torso facing the right leg and raise your arms when inhaling.

Power poses for losing weight and rejuvenating your body

Yoga exercises will tone your body and help you lose extra weight combined with a proper weight loss diet. Power yoga is quite famous today as it helps with weight loss and also maintains a healthy body and mind. It will make you feel flexible and strong. We want to recommend two poses for burning the extra fat from the stomach. While doing a wind-relieving pose, you should lie on your back and bring your legs up to 90 degrees. Bring your arms around your legs closer to your chest, and hold this pose for about 20 seconds. Combine with a happy-baby pose where you will use your hands to pull your legs down as if you want to bring your knees close to the floor.

A woman doing exercises with an instructor
Certain yoga poses will allow you to relax and tone your body.

Combine squats with yoga for better results

If you sit for a longer period of time, then yoga squats are perfect for you. This combination will stretch your hip muscles and help you build strength in your feet and ankles after a long day at the computer. All you have to do is start in a standing position with your feet apart. Then, slowly come into a deep squat and bring your hands together in the center. Use your elbows to gently push your thighs and try to endure as much as you can.  It will additionally alleviate your lower back pain. This is one of many yoga poses to practice after sitting all day, so start right now and change your body and mind.


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