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Published: July 11, 2022

Many doctors recommend that women should start exercising six weeks after birth. But how are you supposed to work out if you don’t have a babysitter? Can you exercise while holding your baby in a carrier? Is it too difficult or do you have to hit the gym? Of course, you can do it! One of the best personal trainers in Dubai is here to show you the top 15 babywearing exercises for all moms and dads. Babywearing exercises are amazing for burning some calories at home without needing help. Moreover, it is a great choice in winter when you cannot get out for a stroll. Stay with us and allow us to give you the best advice that will help you get back on track. Give yourself some time and get your body in a shape you always dreamed of.

Women should start exercising six to eight weeks postpartum

Every woman wants to get their body back after giving birth and get in shape. However, not all of them have the possibility or time to hire an affordable personal trainer Dubai. Depending on your health and condition, six to eight weeks after giving birth is normal to start working out. It is very important to start slowly and take your time. Gradually increase the strength and length of the workouts and don’t push too hard. It is always best to consult with your doctor before you start to work out. You don’t have to hit the gym or leave your home, you can do it in the comfort of your own house. If you have a yoga ball, yoga mat, or dumbbells, you can make it even more challenging.

A man and woman with a baby in the park
New parents often do not have time to commit to working out and getting back in shape.

There are many benefits of exercising at home with your baby

Exercising with your baby is fantastic when you don’t have time to go to the gym or hire a babysitter. You can hire a female physical trainer that will give you all the instructions you need for exercising. You can do them whenever you want with your baby in a carrier or a baby-wearing shirt. This kind of working out will give your more time with your baby, and you will bond even more. Babies love movement, so you can play some music and both of you can enjoy it. Moreover, exercising with a baby helps them to develop their motor skills and muscular strength. It will create a healthy habit at home and teaching your children the benefits of working out is amazing. If you haven’t tried already, this is your opportunity.

Workout safely while babywearing at all times

If you are striving towards a fat loss workout, then any type of exercise that burns calories will help. When performing babywearing exercises, it is important that your baby is safe in a carrier. Every carrier is different, so make sure to follow their specific safety guidelines. Moreover, we recommend that you position your baby so you can see their face at all times. The carrier should be tight enough to support the baby, but not too much. Don’t engage in a full workout just yet. Try a few exercises and monitor how your baby reacts. Also, make sure you are feeling well and you are not experiencing any pain. We don’t want you to get hurt. These babywearing exercises are suitable for both women and men, and will help you engage all of your muscles.

A woman carrying a baby and taking a walk in the forest
Whenever you have a chance, go outside and take a walk with your baby in nature.

Relieve your back pain with yoga floor and yoga ball exercises

This great yoga practice includes stretching and strengthening, as well as controlled breathing. This is an easy exercise that lasts 20 minutes, and all you need is a yoga mat, a yoga ball, and a baby carrier. This workout will strengthen your shoulders, arms, hamstrings, and obliques. Moreover, it will aid with back pain exercises that you are experiencing. All you have to do is sit on the mat with your legs stretched out. Start moving your arms and stretch out. This will give your balance and you can perform different yoga movements. You can do another exercise with a yoga ball. If you have a yoga ball, try sitting on one and stretching out while carrying your baby. Both of you will love this and it will reduce your lower back pain.

Activate your core muscles with different wall squats

This exercise is fantastic to help you provide stability and support while carrying your baby. Any great cheap personal trainer Dubai can show you how properly to do squats without injuring your knees. Start with your knees bent next to a wall in a half squat position. Your head and shoulders should be straight against the wall. Try lowering down as much as you can and you feel comfortable. Make sure to exhale while relaxing your belly. As you progress and advance in working out, you may want to try to stan deeper against the wall. You should be able to perform 10 repetitions. Additionally, try a different wall squat exercise. If you have dumbbells, add a little bit of weight for more challenges. Go slowly and take a break if you need to between repetitions.

Women doing squats in the gym
Increase your strength and mobility with daily squats even at home.

Babywearing raise tricep extension with dumbbells for your core

Gaining muscles is tough work and requires consistency and strength. However, combined with a great 7-day meal plan for muscle gain, you can see results in no time.  If you wish to engage your core as well as your arms, this exercise is fabulous. You can even do it outside in your backyard. What you should do is hold your dumbbell with your hands and move all the weight in your hips. Stretch your arms and slowly lift the weight. Once you have all the weight above your head, pause a little and bend your elbows to the back of your head. You should be able to perform this exercise for 30-45 seconds and repeat it 10-12 times. It’s one of the best babywearing exercises for your arms, especially your triceps. You can do this while waiting for your lunch to be ready or for your baby to fall asleep.

Babywearing pull-ups for dads that want to continue working out

As you already know, pull-ups are a common part of every CrossFit training. Having a baby at home doesn’t have to be an obstacle to continue working out. If you can perform pull-ups at home, this is a perfect exercise for you. You will engage your entire core, back, and shoulders. Pay attention that you are not in a passive position and simply hanging there. You can do two different exercises. With the first one, make sure your palms are facing toward you for better stability. Try first doing them without your baby, because adding more weight will be even more challenging. In the next one, place your palms inwards and switch in between repetitions.

A man and woman doing pull-ups
Pull-ups are effective in cardio and high-intensity training so make sure you try them out.

Include lunges and their variations in your new workout routine

The lunge is a fantastic and effective exercise and part of all the pilates classes in Dubai. You can perform several different lunges and all of them while carrying your baby. Here, we will recommend three exercises for you. Firstly, start with a regular forward one by taking a big step forward and then bending your knee to touch the ground. Make sure you are on a flat and firm surface for balance. For the second one, you may use a wooden stick or a pipe, to help you support while doing lunges. This will allow you softer bending for your knees. Last but not least, grab a heavy weight and hold it behind the baby’s head. Lift it overhead and try to do around 12 repetitions. These lunges are perfect for your overall fitness experience.

Crab walks on the beach are perfect for toning all of your muscles

There are numerous amazing coaches and it is time you find the best yoga instructor Dubai has. You can use these sunny days in Dubai and spend a wonderful beach day with your baby. While your baby is enjoying in its carrier, you can do some great exercises. Crab walks are amazing for toning your entire body. You should sit and place your hands under your shoulders. Start by lifting your hips off the ground and try crab walking. Crab walking consists of bringing your right foot towards your body as your right arm will go towards your back. If you could hold it for 30 seconds, that would be perfect. Spend a wonderful day with your family at the beach while engaging all of your muscles.

A man practicing boxing at the beach
Make sure to use these hot summer days in Dubai and work out outside on the beach.

Your baby will love standing oblique crunches with your favorite music

Your abs will love this effective exercise combined with fitness meal plans Dubai nutritionists prepared for you. Oblique or side crunches are perfect for activating oblique and abdominal muscles. They will increase your core strength and your baby will love these movements. Stand with your feet wider than your shoulders and extend your left arm overhead. Lean slightly to the right while extending your left leg and toe to the ground. Return to the original position and try to repeat around 12 repetitions. Switch sides in between and make sure to maintain balance. You will see great results very quickly and you will be grateful.

Tone your legs and reduce body fat with thigh burners

Let’s burn those quadriceps and reduce thigh fat this summer. Thigh burners will reduce fat mass, burn calories and strengthen your thighs as well. This is an easy but effective exercise while carrying your baby. Stand with your feet wide apart and lower your body into a squat position. Next, place your left foot behind you until you are sitting on your knees. After that, bring your left foot into a lunge position. Try to raise up to the top of the lunge, and place your right foot back to front while meeting the right ending in a squat position. Switch your legs and try to do 20 repetitions.

A woman trying to workout before doing babywearing exercises
Before doing babywearing exercises, try doing them on your own to make sure you can do it.

Fast walking and matching around the house is an amazing cardio

An amazing cardio boast is fast walking or simply walking whenever you can. We cannot even manage to list all the benefits of walking, so why don’t use this and move around the house. Pumping the arms and bringing your knees high will get your entire body moving. Adding a little bit of extra weight will make you really see benefits very soon. Don’t stay seated for a long period of time and go around the house every 20 minutes. Put your favorite music on, and this can be a perfect exercise while trying to put your baby to sleep. You will be surprised how many calories you will be able to burn.

The torso twist will engage all of your stomach muscles

The torso twist will improve your abdominal muscles, and help you burn fat. It will increase your mobility and flexion, and you will be grateful after a few sessions. Put your feet wide apart and place your hands on your shoulders. Make sure that your elbows are even with your shoulders. Start twisting from right to left while engaging all of your stomach muscles. Keep doing it as long as you can or even until your baby starts sleeping. If you can, speed it up a bit, and increase it gradually. If you feel like you can do more, you can even add a little bounce while exercising. This is one of the most fun and effective babywearing exercises.

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