Top 15 Biceps Exercises For Women

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Published: January 2, 2021

As a woman, starting strength training can be scary. Back in the day, we were constantly fed this idea that if we lift weights or do anything in the gym aside from running endlessly on a treadmill, we’ll look like men. Luckily, with the boom of fitness in the last couple of years, strong female bodies are being more and more accepted. However, the scary rumors were never true, to begin with!  Still, strong and toned bodies were never as popular as today. Defined arms are a dead giveaway if someone works out or not. For that reason, it’s no wonder why many women wish to shape their arms. However, flailing arms around cluelessly won’t do any good. To have toned arms you have to start doing appropriate triceps and biceps exercises for women, or better yet hire a professional DubaiPT trainer to overlook your form and progress. But if finding a trainer is not an option, here are the top 15 biceps exercises you can do to get strong toned arms.

A woman doing biceps exercises for women.
Strength training isn’t going to make you look manly!

Before you start biceps exercises for women

A smart thing to do before starting any new exercises or adding them to your routine is to do a bit of preparation. This includes:

  • evaluating the state at which your body currently is
  • educating yourself about the exercises
  • acquiring the proper gear

If you have any arm, back, or chest injuries, it’s best to consult your doctor first before adding biceps exercises into your routine. Aside from making sure your body is ready, make sure that your mind is ready, too. Hiring one of the inspirational female fitness trainers in Dubai might be the motivation and boost you need to get your arms in shape. Not only would a female trainer be a great example, but no man can understand a woman like a woman can. You could greatly benefit from a trainer that understands your struggles, especially if you’re just starting your fitness journey.

Required gear to do biceps exercises for women

Weights, a resistance band, and a place to sit are what you usually need for a well-rounded arm workout. That said, if you’re on a tight budget you can DIY your small home gym by filling up two water bottles. However, whether you’re at a gym or at home, choosing the right weights for your fitness level is important! Don’t overwork your muscles because that can lead to ineffective exercising, or worse, injury.

If you’re already injured, or your fitness level is really low, there are also arm exercises without weights that you can do. By doing bodyweight exercises you can work up to using extra weights. However, when doing weightless exercises, make sure to feel the tension in your muscles. As mentioned before, waving your arms in the air won’t do much in terms of getting your arms in shape.

A word of warning for when including biceps exercises for women into your routine

You should establish a pre and post-workout routine. That’s important for the health and longevity of your muscles. Biceps exercises for women and men both should follow a warmup and dynamic stretching and should be followed by an after workout muscle recovery routine consisting of static stretching.

A woman stretching her arms.
Stretching before and after a workout is important for muscle health!

Best biceps exercises for women to get your arms in shape in no time

Arm workouts for women are largely no different than exercises for men, however, there are some modifications and differences regarding suggested weights. Here are the exercises you should do to obtain sculpted toned arms:

1. Bicep curls with dumbbells

To do bicep curls hold dumbbells in the palms of your hands firmly with straight arms, with the insides of your arms facing forward. From the starting position bend your arms tightly bringing palms close to your shoulders. Bring your hands back down and repeat. Whenever a bicep curl variation is mentioned always have this position and movement in mind.

2. Hammer curls with dumbbells

Hammer curls are similar to bicep curls. However, with this variation, your thumb should be facing forward and not your whole palm. Repeat the same movement as in the first exercise. Only this time you’ll bring your thumbs close to your shoulders. Bring your hands back down and repeat.

3. Supinated bicep curls with dumbbells

For this modification start off in the same position as for the regular bicep curl. However, this time your palm should be facing backward. Repeat the same movement of bringing your hands to your shoulders. But this time twist your arms on the way up so your palms are close to your shoulders. Bring your hands back down and repeat.

4. Zottman curls

For Zottman curls, you start in the same position as for the supinated biceps curls. However, this time you’ll bring your bent arms straight up and only then twist your arms once you’ve already reached the final position. Bring your hands back down and repeat.

5. Incline dumbbell curls

To do the incline dumbbell curls you’ll repeat exactly the same motion as for regular dumbbell curls. However, when performing this modification, you’re going to lean back on a gym bench and then raise your hands to your shoulders. Bring your hands back down and repeat.

6. Dumbbell side raises

To do dumbbell raises keep your arms straight next to the sides of your body with your palms touching the outside of your thighs. When performing the exercise keep your arms completely straight and raise them to 90 degrees, hold, and repeat.

7. Dumbbell front raises

Front raises are almost an identical movement to side raises. To perform this exercise you’ll start from the same position, however, instead of bringing the arms to the side, bring the arms to 90 degrees in front of your body, hold, and repeat.

A woman doing front raises.
Front raises are an easy but effective way to tone arms!

8. Upright rows with dumbbells

Hold straight arms close to your body, but in front of it with your palms facing the front of your thighs. As you start to pull upward, bend your elbows and lead the movement with your elbows so the dumbbells reach your chin. Bring your hands back down and repeat.

9. Bicep curls with a resistance band

To do bicep curls with a resistance band you’re going to perform the same motion as curls with dumbbells. However, instead of dumbbells, you’ll be using a resistance band. Stand in the middle of the resistance band and grip the ends with your hands. If the band is too loose, wrap some of the excess band around your hands until it’s comfortably tight. Execute the same motion as with dumbbell curls, and repeat.

10. Hammer curls with a resistance band

To do this exercise you will stand in the middle of the band and grip it the same as in the previous exercise. However, this time you will do the hammer curl motion.

11. Resistance band chest presses

To do resistance band chest presses you will stand with you one foot forward and one foot backward. You will step with your back foot onto the band. You will then grip the ends of the band with your hands. Then alternate between lunging your arms forward and straightening them with the bottom of your fists facing the floor, and bending your elbows backward so your hands are touching your shoulders.

12. Resistance band pull apart

To do this exercise hold your arms in front of your body, with your arms creating a 90-degree angle with your body. Hold a resistance band in your hands with the bottoms of your palms facing the floor. From that position spread your arms outward and bring them back in. However, make sure that when your arms reach their outmost position that the band is tight and you can feel resistance.

13. Sitting concentration bicep curls

For this exercise, you will need a chair, or a bench if you’re at a gym. Once you’re comfortably seated place your tricep on the inside of your thing. Once in that position slowly bend your arm with a dumbbell and straighten it back down and repeat. It’s important to mention that you should do only one arm at a time.

14. Standing concentration bicep curls

Standing concentration bicep curls are almost the same as sitting ones. However, in this variation, you’ll want to stand up and bend your body forward. Once in that position, you’ll straighten and bend your arm slowly same as in the previous exercise.

15. Squat concentration curls

This variation is not for the faint of heart. If you’ve conquered the rest of the exercises and are looking for a bit of a challenge get ready for more curls, but with a twist. Start with your arms beside your body same as for the regular curl. Then bend your arms to the same position to which you would bend a curl. However, once you’re in that position squat and hold. After exiting the squat straighten your arms once more. Repeat.

A group of women doing squats.
Combing squats and biceps workouts for women is a great way to create a whole-body workout!

Perfect arms by the summer

Winter is the perfect time to get in shape for summer. By doing these simple biceps exercises for women, you too can have sculpted arms in time for the halter top season. However, consistency is the key and without it, there can’t be an improvement. If you’re struggling scale your weights back a few notches or go easier on the number of repetitions. Keep in mind that it’s better to cut back than give up!

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