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Published: November 8, 2019

What are the best back pain exercises for you? We hope you don’t mind us assuming that you have back pain, but that is usually the reason why people search for back strengthening exercises is that they are already having problems with their back. And if you are among them, you are in an increasingly dominant group in modern society. Back problems are literary everywhere and people are trying to find a way to mitigate them. Well, the remedy is here. For most, not-so-complicated back pain, our exercises will do the job. All you need to do is to follow our list and you will find that your back will be stronger and you will feel a lot better, day by day. So hop on and see what we have to offer!

Back problems are increasing trend

As we mentioned, a huge amount of today’s population has back pain. This is not only a piece of common knowledge but also something that the research has found to be true. So why is that happening? Well, there are many different factors, but they all usually boil down to a lot of office and computer work and not enough exercise. With having to face the screen all day every day, it is easy to forget how damaging it is o sit for 8 hours, let alone sit in the wrong way.

Back problems are an increasing trend
Why is this an ever-greater trend?

As every fitness instructor Dubai will testify, the problem gets even worse if one does not pay enough attention to his own physical prowess. Not exercising regularly just cements the damage made. All of this becomes even more appalling when you think about just how much children are getting back pain issues. It is an ever-increasing problem. And there is not much point in fighting the source of it. The digital age is here, and with it, the back pain came and is here to stay. No longer are only the elderly and the injured those who suffer. With youth being on the impact, we have to do something.

That something is proper back strengthening exercises. You can’t (and really, really shouldn’t) get rid of all the things that make us sit in front of the computer for extended periods of time, but we can mitigate the pain and the damage with proper and frequent fitness.

Our 5 recommended back strengthening exercises

So, what are the 5 back strengthening exercises that all the best personal trainers in Dubai would gladly recommend?

Our 5 recommended back strengthening exercises
What do we recommend in the fight against back pain and deterioration?

Let us go through them one-by-one!

1. Bridge – One of the top back strengthening exercises

The bridge is a really obvious start. it stretches your spine in a quite comprehensive way, and it is a common gym-class requirement, meaning a lot of people know how to do it.

The bridge will really stretch your back the greatest possible amount

Basically, it consists of lying down on a mattress. Your feet are to be planted on the ground as hips and legs rise. Hold this position for a short period of time before coming down. Do not overdo it!

2. Superman

Want to feel like a superhero? This is the only exercise where you lie on your stomach. From that position, raise your hands and your legs at the same time. Be sure not to separate your legs. Hold that position and feel it stretch your spine! It is an amazing feeling!

3. Knee to Chest Raises

Not only a great post-workout stretching but also back strengthening exercise is the knee to the chest raises. You do the exercise lying down on the mattress on your back. You slowly lift one let (even if you are doing the double legged version, raise one leg at the time) and hold it close to your chest with your hands. Hold it like that for a few seconds, aware of your breading, and then let it go. Do the same with the other leg. You will feel how your spine gets stretched and strengthened every time!

4. Lunges

Lunges are used widely by yoga and strength exercises alike, making the perfect combination between muscle strength contribution and flexibility development. The exercise consists of a position in which your one leg is position forwards while bending the knee of said leg. The other leg should be positioned behind at a 90-degree angle. You should propel your body upwards for a few seconds, then switch. Repeat for ten times, then relax. 

5. Straight Leg Raises – among the most important back strengthening exercises

This exercise you also do lying down on your back. Your hips should be square on the grounds with your legs on the floor. Your first step should be to then bend the knee to a 90- degree angle, and then lift the straight leg of the ground while minding your breathing. Hold three seconds, then put them straight leg down. Relax and repeat!

Bonus – sit properly

While not technically an exercise, we also included some tips on how to have proper posture why typing for hours on end on your keyboard. So, what are they? Well, proper desk chair posture includes:

  • Siting up straight and keeping hips far back in the chair. This way your stature will be in the best possible position, making a lot of our previously mentioned back strengthening exercises easier, though not any less necessary.
  • Making sure the keyboard is close, but not too close. Having it too close will steadily push you to an unnatural position. The same can be said for it being too far away. The key if finding the perfect balance.
  • Be relaxed! Shoulders should not be tight, but they also should not be rounding forward or up.

Do these and you will find that you have a greater chance to avoid back pain at any point in your life than the extreme majority of your peers. And just remember, Prevention is the best solution. You want to beat the back pain before it ever arrives!

In conclusion

We are in a war! It is a war against the increasingly prevalent spine and back damage that occurs now more than ever. And the only tool we have in our hands, the only thing that can help us, is proper physical activity, or in the other words, best back strengthening exercises we know! That is the reason we made this list. It raises awareness and arms in this fight. We all have to bit it individually, but united in the cause. Stand up soldier, and win your health back!


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