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Published: February 15, 2020

If there is an exercise that could possibly deserve to be considered iconic, it would definitely be the famous bench press. It is its simplicity that is the greatest asset. On your back you push the weight upward, all of your strength on display. However, those who do bench press workouts know that it is not that simple.

There is a lot of complexity to this particular workout, and, there is also a lot of variety. There are quite a lot of ways that this thing can be pulled off. This is exactly why we compiled our top 5 bench press workouts here for your consideration. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Why do a bench press workout?

First off, we have to ask – why do you do a bench press workout? As we said, this workout is somewhat iconic. There is just something about bench press that captures the eye. In every movie ever, if you want to show a guy in a gym, be it a protagonist or one of the bad guys, they are always bench pressing. It shows all of their muscles in full force while they lift a lot of weight on the bar.

However, it is exactly this kind of picture that could make you want to bench press for the wrong reasons. Hear us out. You absolutely should get in shape. You should always, at any point in your life, work on your body and try to improve it. A bench press is definitely a way to do it. However, there are those of us who are getting into fitness with a lot of enthusiasm but lacking proper knowledge on how to get results they aim for. For example, a number of people who walk into a gym clueless about what to do but afraid to ask are staggering. And, instead of going cardio exercises and good nutrition to lose weight, they try the only workouts they ever sene, but it gets totally different results.

bench press workout result
A bench press workout produces impressive results indeed.

The results of bench press exercises

So, what are the actual results of a bench press? What to keep in mind?

  • Chest, triceps, shoulders. All the bench press workouts are great for your chest, triceps, and shoulders. This is rather obvious. With the bar above you, your triceps are getting a lot of stress, while your chest and shoulders are forming the base.
  • What do you need? Bench presses require some fitness equipment. First of all, well, a bench. Other than that, you can also exercise with barbells, dumbells. If you are having trouble, the Smith machine can be quite helpful with barbells.
  • Benefit? Builds up muscle… restores muscle balance, helps with pulled muscles, etc.

1. Broad bench press workouts

Well, with that covered, let us proceed with our list. First off, broad work. Now, any male fitness trainers would know why we added this to the list, and why it sits in the first place. It is a very useful technique among bench press workouts 

Women lifting
Are you ready for a broad workbench workout?

We find it to be the best implemented as a supplement to other bench workouts. Doing sets of two or three benches will help out a lot in your shoulder development, while also making sure you develop your muscles evenly.

2. Close-grip Bench press workouts

The opposite is also true. The close grip is a tough workout that would be recommended by a fitness instructor Dubai only for the most determined of users, but it gets results. It consists of having your hands inside the rings of the bar. It is not a warmup and is very demanding, but also very rewarding. If you are pushing yourself to the limit, close-grip is the way to go.

3. Pec Flies

Have dumbells for your home workout? Why not try this for your next bench press workouts. It is a great way to stretch and build up your upper pecs.

Stay focused on your goal!

It can also be done with the cable machine (with arguably better results). What it really does is putting the pressure on your arms and chest in a unique way.

4. Lateral Shoulder Raises

If you are looking for exercises to lose belly fat, you are in the wrong place, but if you are searching for the ultimate shoulder builder, this is it. Again, either by using a machine or with dumbells, you can do lateral shoulder raises. This could quite possibly be the best among bench press workouts for shoulder strength. 

5. Non-linear Periodization

Looking for a program? Well, we agree that it is not just the technique, but also the way you implement them that matters. This is why the fifth place among bench press workouts is reserved for periodization. Now, there are many of those, but we would recommend non-linear since it provides alterations in sets, reps, and intensity within a week. Stress is increased and the body is faced with ever more challenges, but it also brings out the very best.

All the techniques we mentioned before could be put in. As for the plan of the workout itself, just be sure to use progression. A number of reps should be the opposite of the weight.

Weight should go up, and reps down during the week, and not necessarily in a proportional matter. 

Some additional advice

Always do bench press workouts with supervision/assistance. There will always be someone at the gym that will be willing to help you out. Furthermore, if you can, hire a coach. It will help you get the most out of your bench presses.

Keep on!

Well, the only thing that we can say about bench press workouts now is: do not stop. Remember, when it gets hard, that means that you are doing something right! Be sure to continue with your regiments and sooner rather than later you will be noticing the results. Just remember to find the regiment or technique that works best for you. If you are having doubts, ask for professional help or advice from a fellow gym-goer!


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