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Published: September 8, 2020

Are you ready to lose your belly? Do you want to start exercising your core more often with some of the finest abs workout routines? Then you are in the right place. Here are DubaiPT, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring you get only the best advice and tips in the world of exercise and fitness. Today, we take a look at the top 5 benefits of abs workout, and why your weekly routine should not be without them.

1. Better sport performance

There are many benefits to working on your abs. These aren’t the only exercises to lose belly – but they can significantly improve your sports performance as well. For most of the sports, you are using your limbs. To do this, you need to produce the necessary force for them. In order to get the most out of this force, you need your spine in a neutral position and your core stable.

a woman running
Abs exercises can make you much better at sports.

How do you achieve this? Through abs exercises, of course. When you are doing sports, you put your body in an unstable environment. This is why exercises that stabilize it can be more beneficial than any number of crunches or situps you can do. Instead, you want to engage both upper and lower abs at the same time – just like they are in sports.

This can be anything from platforms like suspension trainers, balance boards, or Bosu Balls. However, you can also use bilateral and unilateral free weight movements to achieve great impact. All you need to do is to combine them with exercises that target your core. Through these, jumping, swinging, or throwing become easy – and these are essential movements in most sports.

2. Preventing back pain is one of the biggest benefits of abs workout

Back pain is a modern predicament for many people. As our workforce and lifestyles switch to more sedentary ones, we develop issues with our back and our postures. These are not easy to fix – but abs workout can help you go a long way. This is because by doing these workouts, you improve your mobility and strength. Your hips, thighs, glutes, and back – everything activates during the workouts and helps with back pain and aches.

Some of the exercises for this are quite easy. The best personal trainers in Dubai recommend you start on your back with your feet in the wheel, which you roll up to your behind, then lift your hips up. This and similar exercises 3-4 times each week will help with the pain. What’s more, they might even lead to you completely losing back pain.

a woman with back pain
Back pain can cause a lot of problems – so work on fixing the cause.

Furthermore, building your core strength will make you more in tune with all your movements. So, when you are performing tasks like lifting boxes, gardening – and yes, sitting at a desk – you will build a spinal reflex that will keep it straight over longer periods of time.

3. They help with your posture

As we already mentioned, another huge advantage of doing abs exercises is that they will fix your posture as well. You might not realize this, but the way you sit has a huge impact on your day-to-day activities and feelings. So, to correct your posture, you will want the least amount of compression on your back. This is how you do not damage your spine in the long run. If your pelvis tilts forward, then your spine curves and damages occur.

You can already imagine that abs exercises can help with this. They help you divide the weight evenly among all your muscles. All you need is to focus on your abdominal wall. Try to open up your hip flexors and give your lower back more strength. Once your spine is not under stress, you will also feel much better – which helps in your day-to-day activities by a huge margin.

4. Better breathing is one of the surprising benefits of abs workout

Abs exercises aren’t only good for your spine, though. A thing you might not have thought possible is that they can also help you breathe much better. Core training can help you build and develop stronger breathing muscles. These include diaphragm and intercostals, which help your ribs expand and your lungs fill with more air. If you work on these, then you are also working on better core strength. Similarly, a stronger core will help you breathe more easily.

a woman breathing freely
Abs exercises can help you with your breathing.

We already talked about how a strong core will keep your spine in the right position. Another thing it does is that it keeps your organs and your diaphragm in their proper places as well. This way, your whole body works like a well-oiled machine, letting you breathe and function normally. Not only that but easier – and proper – breathing leads to you breathing correctly during exercises, thus being able to exercise for longer periods of time. This way, you are building a good “exercise circle,” with your workouts boosting the systems that help you keep working out.

5. Finally, you will burn fat faster

Of course, many people take up working on their abs in order to burn their fat and belly. After all, a smaller waist is one of the most well-known benefits of abs workout. So, only by working out a couple of times every week, you will be able to get a smaller waist, and esthetically pleasing “six-pack abs.” This is why figuring out the ways to burn fat is an essential part of all abs exercises. However, we do encourage you not to focus only on this. As you have read in this article, these exercises are quite beneficial for your whole body. They will help improve your posture, help strengthen the muscles around your spine, and alleviate back pain – and are just altogether a great routine to add to your exercise schedule. So talk with your personal trainer about what to incorporate today.

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