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Published: March 30, 2020

There is one thing that we all know. Exercising is hard. The whole point of it is to be hard, right? The argument goes like this – you need to strain your body in order to make it stronger. It makes sense, and in most cases, it is absolutely true. You need to put a lot of effort into achieving that perfect body you desire… however. That does not mean that there are no shortcuts. If you hear about the benefits of EMS training, you will find out why it is the exception from the norm.

How does EMS work in the first place?

Ok, so you might be a little bit confused… What is EMS even? So, let us begin with the basics (and if you already know this stuff, why not give yourself a refresher)? Ok, so EMS training, short for Electrical Muscle Stimulation / Electromyostimulation is a new trend in the world of fitness.

When you first see it (like in the pictures) it looks almost out of this world. And, to be honest, the concept really is weirdly futuristic. The idea is that a person that is doing the exercise is exposed to low-frequency electrical impulses via electrodes all over the suit they are wearing.

You might be thinking that this sounds painful or something, but this is not even remotely uncomfortable. It even isn’t that new! There have been treatments with low-frequency electric stimulation in physiotherapy for years! The idea is that with these kinds of impulses you are stimulating the muscles that are missed by regular training. So no, you are not just standing in place and waiting for the suit to do its thing. EMS training is still training, per se, but it lasts a lot shorter. How short? Just 20 minutes!

Yup, you could theoretically do the whole exercise in a duration of someone’s smoke break. Now, we know what you are thinking. There is no way that 20 minutes of exercise does anything of note for your body.

We understand that thought. It is easy to question the benefits of EMS training, but they have been scientifically proven in physiotherapeutic practice and scientific research like NCBI one. All of it is online for you to see and check. It has been found that EMS can, amazingly, be as effective as several hours of traditional training.

1. Back strength benefits of EMS training

To all of those who have to spend their day sitting, back pain is the bane of their existence. We sure know how it feels. A modern economy demands a lot of office jobs, meaning a lot of people spend their days sitting in all kinds of healthy (and less healthy) postures. However, whatever the posture, after some time, the pain will get you. It is only a matter of prolonging its arrival. There is only one way to truly get rid of it, and that is to increase the strength of muscles that are responsible for holding you upright.

Benefits of EMS training - strength benefits
Back pain? EMS can help!

Great, let’s just do that, you might say, but there is a problem. Even the best personal trainers in Dubai will tell you that exercising these muscles is particularly hard. There are not many exercises that will help. However, luckily for you, one of the benefits of EMS training is increasing back strength.

The main problem with those muscle groups is that they are rather deep. However, EMS is created to help exercise hard to reach muscle groups. With EMS training you can expect an improvement in back pain situation.

2. Muscle definition – Among the top benefits of EMS training

Ok, but now that we covered the deep muscles, how about we talk about the benefits of EMS training regarding the muscles that are on display! How will your EMS training supplement your abs workout? One word, hypertrophy.

EMS is so effective that it has been found numerous times that it does extraordinary things to muscle development. It has been noted to increase the number of new cells in muscle tissue (hypertrophy), which is exactly what you want.

A strong man
Chasing that muscle definition? EMS training can help you out!

EMS training has the effectiveness of a few hours of traditional training. This means that you can rapidly increase the progression of your muscle-mass build-up. And it is not all just for show. Muscle strength also goes up a lot faster than via conventional means.

This is because what you are really doing when training is muscle contractions, which is exactly what EMS is focusing on, increasing endurance and strength.

Finally, one of the great benefits of EMS training is that it will increase all of your muscles at the same time. This is a rather perfect solution to muscular imbalance and needs to build up your core strength. In other words, EMS is thorough.

3. Joint relief to be had

The good thing about weight-free training is that your bone structure is a lot less challenged than when faced with burdens of weights. With EMS you can train for anything, even competitive fitness events in Dubai, without risking over-working.

Old lady
Are you having a problem with bones? This might help!

However, do be sure not to train if you are sick or having a pacemaker, as the EMS could be harmful in these particular situations.

4. Cellulite reduction you can achieve

Not everyone is trying to find out the answer to the question of how to prepare for a triathlon in Dubai. Sometimes it is just about the looks. Here too EMS offers benefits. Cellulite reduction is one of the very noticeable benefits of EMS, as muscle tightness.

5. Your own tempo

Finally, the greatest benefit is that it is giving you time! Lets put it this way:

  • 20 minutes! To experience the benefits of EMS training you just need 20 minutes at the gym.
  • 4-second intervals! In those 20 minutes, your body will experience stimulation to major muscle groups ever 4 seconds.
  • 150 times more effective than traditional training! This leaves us to conclude that this is almost 150 times more effective than conventional gym practice.

To sum it all up

What it all comes down to? The benefits of EMS training are numerous and scientifically proven. We truly hope that it is the best option for you!

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