Top 5 best neighborhoods for expats in Dubai

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Published: January 29, 2020

With so many amazing opportunities simply up for grabs, Dubai has become THE city you go to if you are searching for a better life. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to go through an adjustment period. In fact, getting used to life in Dubai could be more than you bargained for, especially if you have moved from across the world. We won’t get into the reasons why you decided to move to Dubai. Whether it was for yoga instructor Dubai jobs or simply because you fell in love with the city, we suggest you take a look at some of the best neighborhoods for expats in Dubai. We were very careful in our selection, which is why we know that all of these five places will be just what you need for a happy life in this amazing city.

The Dubai Marina is not only one of the best neighborhoods for expats in Dubai…

…it’s also a place that has become one of Dubai’s main landmarks. That’s why the Dubai Marina had to come as the number one spot on our list. The reason why this is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Dubai is due to its luxurious aesthetic appearance. It is home to the iconic Cayan tower, glitzy nightlife and an array of bars, clubs, and restaurants. So why exactly would this make the perfect neighborhood for expats? Allow us to elaborate.

The Dubai Marina at night - one of the neighborhoods for expats in Dubai.
There are not many places as impressive as the Dubai Marina.

If there is one thing you can consider as a certainty, it’s that the Dubai Marina will attract people of all types. Yes, you will be able to meet many natives, but you will also be able to meet and greet expats. We do have to admit that renting an apartment/house in this place will be a very expensive prospect. So whether you work as a personal trainer Dubai at home or you are a realtor, you will have to be at the top of your game if you want to afford living here.

Jumeirah Golf Estates as the perfect place for nature lovers

The name itself will already reveal the appeal of this place. With golf being one of the most sophisticated sports in the world, you could consider this neighborhood to be the dream one for golf enthusiasts. The community has two golf courses and a tournament. And with its numerous jogging and cycling trails, as well as nature trails, it’s a perfect place for those who love to spend their time outdoors.

Now, there’s another reason why Jumeirah Golf Estates is one of the best neighborhoods for expats in Dubai – its proximity to multiple educational facilities. Once again, life in a neighborhood such as this one does not come cheap. With some of the most luxurious villas in the region, the Jumeirah Golf Estates is not for everyone. But if you are making enough money from personal trainer courses Dubai based and can afford life anywhere, then this area should be on top of your list.

Arabian Ranches is perfect for those who move with a family

If you have relocated with your family to Dubai and want to find a place where every member will feel great, then we suggest you take a look at Arabian Ranches. This neighborhood is secluded from the city and offers peace and tranquillity you might not be able to find in many other places. With many amenities included in the community, you will really find the Arabian Ranches to offer everything your family might need.

Black and white photo of a father and a daughter.
Family life will be great if you decide to move to this neighborhood.

There are a plethora of different housing options that you will be able to adjust to your needs. The community is home to a nursery and a school on top of many restaurants and golf courses. So if you came to Dubai to play golf, here is another great option for you. And it truly seems like your options are numerous in this amazing city.

Take a look at Mirdif and you might see one of the best neighborhoods for expats in Dubai

Like many other previously mentioned neighborhoods, Mirdif also has a cosmopolitan population. As much as 37,000 people reside in this neighborhood. But Mirdif is a special place because people of a wide range of nationalities have found their home in it. No matter which part of the world you are coming from, this neighborhood will probably make you feel right at home.

The neighborhood is comprised mostly of single villas or villa developments. But one thing is for sure – you won’t be lacking anything if you move to Mirdif. From a great choice of healthy restaurants to many bars and cafes, this neighborhood will provide everything you need for a healthy, prosperous life.

Try the residential community of Al Barsha

Known for the Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha is one of the best neighborhoods in Dubai by many standards. This fact alone makes it one of the most alluring residential communities in Dubai. But Al Barsha has much more to offer than elite, affordable, and luxurious shopping. 

A row of buildings in Dubai.
Al Barsha is a beautiful neighborhood that leaves no one indifferent.

Al Barsha Pond Park is one of the most favorite places of the people here. It’s a popular spot for picnics, walking, and go-karting – different options for people with different preferences. Do bear in mind that Al Barsha is also home to the Dubai Miracle Garden – an impressive display of flowers and butterfly domes. Even though it’s only open from October to April, this neighborhood has become one of the best places in Dubai.

What do you think? Have any of our picks for the best neighborhoods for expats in Dubai intrigued you? Then pay them a visit and decide whether they are worthy of your time. Whichever you choose, you can’t make a mistake. That’s for sure.

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