Top 5 fitness benefits of playing field hockey

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Published: October 2, 2020

Almost everyone already knows that sport has a positive effect on health. Therefore, anyone who gives great importance and cares about his or her own health should practice sport to a certain extent. This does not necessarily have to be every day, but a few workouts per week should be built into everyone’s life. There are many physical benefits of playing ice hockey. Therefore, as almost the same activity field hockey also offers many different health benefits. That is why you should not think twice before including this sport in your daily life. For many people starting to train is a big game-changer that is why is surprising and alarming that many people do not do any sports at all. We will present to you the top 5 fitness benefits of playing field hockey.

1. Building muscles

Muscles are essential so that our bodies can function properly. Lack of muscles can bring our body a lot of stress. Athletes have a larger muscle mass, which is not only healthy but also leads to a constantly increased energy consumption. The larger muscle mass also leads to better posture and body control. By building muscle through field hockey, you increase your body’s energy requirements. And in that way, you will increase your metabolic rate, which causes your body to burn more fat. It is obvious that building muscles will make you stronger, but many people don’t realize what a huge benefit increased strength can be. By having more muscles, you are also making your bones and tendons stronger, which can help to prevent many injuries such as broken bones and tendon sprains. 

man after an exercise
You can do many daily tasks with less effort if you have a bigger percentage of muscle mass.

2. Reduces stress and depression

We live in a time where we have stress on an almost daily basis. When you are physically active, your mind is distracted by the daily stress factors. This can help prevent negative thoughts from clogging you up. Sport reduces the level of stress hormones in your body and at the same time stimulates the production of endorphins. These are natural mood brighteners that can keep stress and depression in check. Endorphins can even make you feel more relaxed and optimistic after a strenuous workout.

The fitness benefits of playing field hockey are not just physical but mental as well. In the short term, exercise helps to lower your stress level and eliminate negative thoughts. When all these good happiness hormones are released, we feel instantly better. These help to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and increase our well-being. Problems often seem smaller and easier to solve after sport and new ways of solving them can be seen.

3. Has cardiovascular benefits

The bloodstream consists of the heart and blood vessels. Its task is to supply every cell of the body with oxygen and nutrients. With regular exercise, you are training your heart muscle and you stimulate blood circulation, which increases the body’s supply of nutrients. The fitness benefits of playing field hockey are also improving your cardiovascular system. During field hockey training your movements cause your breathing and heart rate to increase, resulting in calorie burn, fat loss, and improved cardiorespiratory health. This type of exercise also helps you maintain a healthy weight and keeps illness and disease away. Because of the start-stop nature of this sport, you will get even greater cardiovascular benefits. This kind of training can also in a way be classified as a high-intensity interval training that is well known for its benefits of boosting metabolism.

fitness benefits of playing field hockey
Field hockey is a form of cardiovascular exercise that your body benefits from.

4. Boost self-confidence

Self-confidence is an important characteristic that can bring you many advantages of going through life. Almost everyone knows the positive effects that sport has on the body and mind. Even if there are many people that don’t do any sports at all.  However, hardly anyone thinks and talks about the positive effect of sport on self-confidence. It is mostly just about getting slimmer or fitter, improving your health, or just having a little fun. The strengthening of self-confidence is completely neglected as a motivation for sporting activities. Self-confidence is enormously important. Very many people suffer from not living the life they want to. They do not feel comfortable in their job, in their relationships, in their body, in their life. And in most cases, this is because their self-confidence is not strong enough. One of the good side effects of practicing filed hockey is increasing your self-confidence, therefore, improving your life in general.

 5. Improve agility and balance

People are often not aware of it, but balance control and mobility are just as important as good muscles. In some intensive physical activities such as field hockey, they are an important prerequisite. You can always consult fitness trainer Dubai on what additional excesses, next to field hockey, you can do to improve your agility and balance. Athletes with good balance can train more effectively and prevent injury risks. A good balance can also prevent falls and sprains in everyday life and improve body stability. Exercises to promote balance also help to strengthen and tighten muscles and improve reactions. In addition, you will feel safer and better. Benefits of good agility and balance are many such as high muscular activity, improve your overall body and joint stability, sense of balance is a prerequisite for your sports motor development, etc.

woman jumping
If you want to do something for your stability, suppleness, and balance, there is nothing better than regular physical activity.

Doing sports can only bring you good so as you can see there are many fitness benefits of playing field hockey. It can improve your life in so many different ways that you didn’t even expect. That is why there is no need to procrastinate and leave signing into a new gym or start training “next Monday”. Do it now hire a personal trainer dubai and you will not regret it.

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