Top 5 football exercises for youth

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Published: September 22, 2020

It was said and emphasized many times that it is important for kids to play sports for various reasons. Over the decades, it was always clear that football is one of the most interesting sports for kids of all ages. This love usually evolves when they are very young. In Dubai football is very common and very popular as it is all around the world. Parents often either want to help their children or are interested in how football can. As it is, we have decided to tell you about some football exercises for youth that are proven to be very beneficial for both the health of children and their football skills.

How can football exercises for youth be beneficial to health?

Football seems like a sport that only involves cardio because of all the running. Yet it involves far too many skills and benefits to be so simplified. First, let us review all the health benefits your kid will have from doing football exercises. You already know that the heart always functions better when a person is sporty and active. We are not talking about too much activity but withing the standards of normal for children. When it comes to deciding how much a child can or cannot do, a personal trainer for kids has the answers for they are equipped with knowledge and information regarding the child.

Next, we have the obesity problem which will not be a problem if your child tends to practice football exercises for youth. Obesity has become one of the most common health issues for children today and sports represent the solution. When active, the entire organism gets used to a healthy rhythm that allows all the muscles and organs to pick up the pace and provide the child with energy, more oxygen in the brain. Therefore, a completely functioning and healthy body that can fully grow without interferences. Yes, football, and sports in general, can do all that.

A child weighing itself to show how football exercises for youth can stop obesity.
Obesity is becoming a bigger problem every day. Football exercises for youth can stop this problem.

Top 5 football exercises for youth that we recommend

There are many types of exercises that have an impact on different things. Some are more useful and some are less useful but all have a purpose. We have chosen 5 different exercises that we thought to be the most beneficial to youth and their development.

  1. Fast feet
  2. Fast feet (step over)
  3. Drag-push
  4. Inside-outside
  5. Juggles

All five of these are very important and are just some of the things trainers use as practice. These are even football training drills for adults in some situations. Therefore, even if they seem simple to you for a moment, be aware that they have their purpose. Especially for children who are yet to develop physically and mentally.

Fast Feet

This exercise is actually very common and widely used. You might even know what we are talking about. The point of it is for the child to place the ball between the feet and knock the ball in between as fast as possible. First of all, there is a certain posture, as with every exercise, that the child must maintain. Second of all, this exercise is fantastic for concentration practice, it works as cardio, and is even more fantastic for the muscles located in the inner parts of the thighs as well as the quadriceps.

Fast feet (step over)

This is more or less a similar exercise but with a very crucial modification that makes a big difference. The beginning is the same, the ball must be knocked between the feet as fast as possible but this time, a step-over must be performed every time the ball has been touched by both feet. It is a small addition that makes a world of difference in the concentration-related factors. Also, it is a bit more complicated which means that the footwork will improve and that, after all, is one of the most important things in this sport.

Two kids playing football.
Good footwork is something that must be practiced every day.


The point of this exercise is also based on improving concentration and foot-work. It is slightly more difficult because the sole of the foot is used but it is made for kids to develop self-esteem when using their feet. The point is to drag the ball back using the sole of the foot, push the ball forward using the laces, stop the ball with the sole of the other foot, pull it back quickly, and then repeat the process over and over again.


This might seem complicated but it is actually not. The starting point is the ball in front of the child. It should be played side-wards with the instep of the foot. With the other foot, it should be played in the same direction but with the outside of the foot. This done all the time can and will result in great coordinating skills that will only get better as the child grows. You can get a confirmation for this statement from our professionals at DubaiPT.


The whole point of this is for the ball to be kept up using the feet and the legs without it bouncing or even getting our of the square. Also, great practice for concentration. With this and all other, previously mentioned, exercises, the child will manage to master handling the ball as if it was born with it. This exercise is, perhaps, the most popular one and for a reason. In the city of Dubai, you can often see kids doing these exercises just to compete amongst themselves to see who is better or who can endure more.

A kid playing football on the street.
You can see children playing and practicing football everywhere, even on the street.

These were our top five football exercises for youth

You should know that these exercises have certain purposes but are not enough to make your child a professional. You need to incorporate other workut into exercise routines. Workouts like strength exercises for kids and other exercises. Nevertheless, when you and the trainer you have chosen give your full attention to your child it will also be inspired and dedicated to achieving success every day. Remember that these exercises must be done properly and under the supervision of an adult. We wish you good luck.

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