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Published: May 6, 2020

It is hard to have workouts from home. Once you get into the habit of doing physical exercise in a particular space, it is often easy to feel demotivated and fall out of discipline once that space is denied. Here we are referring to gyms and parks. Once you are cooped up at home with no ways to prefect your arm workouts for women with help of such tools as weights and dumbells, it can get increasingly discovering to continue your workouts. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. There is a way to achieve no equipment for forearm workouts. Don’t have the slightest idea what you could possibly do to build up that forearm while in isolation? We have the techniques you can sure right here!

No equipment forearm workouts? No problem!

One might think that the home workout is not good for much. After all, what is the point of a gym if you can just do it all at home? Well, obviously, there are plenty of advantages to using a gym or a sports park. First off, there is specialized equipment. Secondly, you are in a different state of mind when you are in a space that you are doing your exercises in. It is literary a space designed for that purpose. In it, you are much more likely to feel fully “at the moment”. Finally, there is company and supervision. The thing that is missed the most when you are working on your own is the lack of any help. Usually, there are people around that are ready to help you. Furthermore, there are professional personal trainers that going to guide your progress.

No equipment forearm workouts - a man in front of chack picture
Ready to put in the work?

However, all of that being said… there are ways to be productive at home workout regiments. Furthermore, no equipment forearm workouts do exist and can be done with little to no training.

The advantages of a home workout are often perceived to be:

  • No other people around – Some people feel pressure when they are having to work out around other people. While there is a lot of comradery in the gym, some simply prefer to have privacy. Especially the beginners who don’t feel like their limited abilities are to be shown. They will greatly benefit from no equipment forearm workouts.
  • You can wear what you want – As the logical continuation of the first one, you can wear whatever you want when there is no one around!
  • Finally – You are so close to anything you need. Shower, couch to rest on… all there! No commuting.


As any fitness trainer Dubai, pull-ups are extremely important to any arm workout, including a no-equipment workout for your forearms. All you ought to do is to put a towel over the half-open door and use that instead of the bar.

It is not ideal, admittedly, but it will work.


Help around the house – chair ups

As anyone who has ever done boxing Dubai will tell you, forearms are important. Therefore, the simple lack of equipment shouldn’t stop you from doing workouts that will help you in this area!

chairs and a sofa
There is a lot of furniture that can be turned into tools for exercising!

All you need is a chair! Keep it in front of you while you lay down with your torso being on the floor. After that, extend your arms with one leg of the chair in each hand. Lift the chair using your wrist and forearms and hold for around a minute. Lower and repeat.

Basics! Push up!

If you are preparing for the Dubai Muscle Show exhibition, you will find that no equipment forearm workouts are a pretty big step towards that goal. However, you should know that the muscles in that part of the body are stiff. They are not easy to activate or exercise.

soldier push-up
Push-ups are old but gold

Therefore, you need to do the exercises at least 3-4 times a week. The altering day is the best method. There has to be a lot of reps. And what better exercise to do so much if not the one we are all familiar with? The humble push-up.

Getting on the ground with legs straight behind you and your arms under your shoulders. You should keep your legs fixed while lowering your body and bending your elbows. Once you are near the ground, push back up.

Keep your back straight and your legs fixed!

Crab walk

It looks weird, admittedly, but it is a very effective method of strengthing forearms. You should sit on the floor with palms next to you pointing sideways. As you slowly push your hips off the floor, bend the needs, and lift your torso ap. Try walking like this for around minute or two, no more. You will soon see why it is so effective

Next level – Fingertips push-ups

Remember when we talked about the humble push-up? Well, this one is a little bit less humble. One of the best no-equipment forearm workouts is the fingertips push up. You are to get on the ground with your palms under your shoulders, legs straight. Position your palms upwards, so the only contact is through fingers. Do the push-up…

Simple yet so hard to do.

To sum it up

As we hopefully demonstrated in the post above, there are plenty of ways one can do no equipment forearm workouts. The most important thing to have in mind, however, is not to lose discipline. That is by far the biggest challenge you will face while doing workouts. And not just forearm or arm workouts, but the discipline of a healthy lifestyle in general. You need to keep your diet, to keep doing the exercises and workouts you did before. Same time, same intensity. Nothing must change. Having good mental health during the time of isolation is heavily connected to having a physical healthy physical state and good habits to bring about that state. Stay motivated, stay focused, and get that big, strong forearm by the time you go back out into the world!


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