Top 5 powerlifting exercises that anyone can implement

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Published: June 3, 2019

With so many different workout routines out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Each one promises great results and big improvements. And if you would ask your female bodybuilder personal trainer, she would tell you that at least most of them have merit. And will provide you with good exercise But, how to choose which ones to do? Especially if you are just starting. Which ones are easy to learn and bring the most results? You should definitely talk with your trainer to come up with the best workout routine for you. But, implementing these 5 powerlifting exercises will yield great results. And what’s more, anyone can do them.

Choose powerlifting exercises that are easy to learn yet powerful

When you are looking for a good exercise routine, you are probably looking for workouts that yield the most benefit with the least amount of effort and time invested. You are looking for exercises that target areas that you want to work on. And there are always hundreds of routines that you hear or read about. But, the one that you choose needs to fit you and your needs and abilities. It can be a set of powerlifting exercises, an outdoor routine or even a kettlebell workout. But, when you are just starting, you should focus on techniques that are easy to learn. And yet powerful enough that they produce good results.

kettle bell as part of powerlifting exercises
The kettlebell can be a great part of your workout routine

Powerlifting exercises require hard work

Before we start talking about powerlifting exercises, you need to understand one thing. There are no shortcuts when it comes to a good workout. If you don’t put your muscles to work you can’t expect any results. Any routine that promises a lot of gain with no sweat is a pipe dream. But, there are ways in which you can optimize each workout to fit your strength, ability, and availability. So, work with your fitness instructor Dubai to find the right set of exercises for your specific situation. And to make the most out of the time that you invest. That way you won’t minimize the effort. And you won’t compromise on the quality of the workout. But you will make sure that you gain the most out of every workout.

1. Squats are one of the most effective powerlifting exercises

Squats are a great exercise, no matter how you do them. You can do them without any accessories, with light weights or during powerlifting exercises. They are one of the most effective and easy to learn exercises. And should be a part of every good workout routine. But, even though they are easy to learn, they require hard work. But with that hard work come great results.

women doing Squats as part of powerlifting exercises
Squats can be the best option for your powerlifting exercises routine!

To start this exercise position the bar on your trapezius muscles. Make sure you keep your head up and your hips and shoulders back. Your knees should be in the same line as your feet. Squat down to the level you are comfortable with. Most people prefer a 90-degree angle, while others like to go all the way down. While doing this, make sure that your knees don’t go beyond your toe line. Otherwise, you can cause damage to your ligaments. Then simply push up through your heels and raise the while keeping your back straight.

2. Deadlifts are also a great powerlifting exercise

Deadlifts are by far the most effective powerlifting exercises for building strength. And one of the best exercises for a fit body out there. The help you work on a wide variety of muscles including lower and upper back, spinal muscles, obliques, biceps, forearms, and many more others.

To do them correctly you should stand above the bar and put it over your feet. Put your feet apart so that they are a little less apart than the width of your shoulders. Then bend your knees and grab the bar. Now simply pull the bar up by lifting your chest and pulling your shoulders back. Make sure to keep the bar close to your body. You should keep your back straight throughout the exercise. As the bar goes past your knees put your hips a little bit forward while straightening your legs. And form a straight line with your body.

3. Bench press exercise

One of the favorite exercise for men around the world, this is also one a very effective powerlifting exercise. While the bench press is not as effective as the previous two, it still produces great results in the upper body. It mostly targets pecs, shoulder muscles, triceps and trapezius muscles.

Bench press
Bench press routine can give you great results with upper body

To do this exercise grab the bar a little bit wider than your shoulder width. Your hips should be positioned firmly on the bench while your back is in a slight arch towards the top. Make sure that your feet are flat on the ground. Then lower the bar while keeping your elbows at a 45-degree angle. Then simply push the bar up.

4. Pull-ups are a great powerlifting exercise that doesn’t involve weights

While pull-ups don’t involve the use of weights, they are still one of the best powerlifting exercises that you can do. You will be using your entire body as a weight. Pull-ups are a great exercise that you can do at home, without assistance. They are great for building strength and endurance.

women doing pull up
Pull-ups can be a great exercise to get your powerlifting routine even better!

There are many different ways in which you can do pull-ups. You can have your palms facing either backward or forward. You can grip the bar wide or narrow. Most traditional pull-ups involve a wide grip with your palms facing forward. Simply hang from the bar and pull your body straight up.

5. Military or overhead press

The military or overhead press is one of the most powerful full body powerlifting exercises that you can do. It works wonders for many different regions of the body. Starting with the upper body to your stabilizing muscles and many other regions. Shoulders, legs, chest and so on.

To this exercise correctly position your body under a barbell that is at about chest heigh. Grab it with your palms facing forward. Your grip should be a little bit wider than your shoulders. Your feet should be at the width of your shoulders. And the bar should be resting on your collarbone. Then, slightly bend the knees and push up. Lift the bar over your head and straighten your arms.

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