Top 6 exercise routines for a full-body workout

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If you want to have a perfect summer-ready body long and exhausting diets will have only short term results. You should most definitely include a full-body workout routine in your daily life. Working out can be hard but with the right motivation, nothing is unachievable. Moreover, if you desire that summer-ready body you already have a good motivation.  You can always start at home workout. However, we recommend visiting the gym and hiring one of the best personal fitness trainers in Dubai. We have prepared only for you our top 6 exercise routines for a full-body workout. Without any furder ado, let’s get started.

Top exercise routines for a full-body workout for starters

For all of you who never had a workout day in your life, this is a perfect article. Working out does not have to be that hard and intense. If you are trying to lose some weight or tone your figure that does not necessarily mean you have to only do weightlifting.  You can start with something easy like speed walking or easy running for a few blocks or in the nearest park. Also you should get fitness band. We also recommend you to:

  • Find yourself a good fitness trainer. Personal trainers are important because they can help you find the best full-body workout routine. We all have different body types and they will know just the perfect routine for your body. For all you ladies we recommend female fitness trainers, they will better understand your needs and focus on problematic areas. The benefits you can get from them are almost endless.  After all, you have so much to learn from them about nutrition, healthy lifestyle, post-workout supplements, etc. The fitness trainer will be your best friend in the gym.
  • Dance your weight off. Have you ever tried Zumba? If the answer is no then you have to try it. It is the most amazing workout.  You will dance to great music, have fun and you will lose stubborn body fat. The mixture of Latino beat and easy learning dance moves will help you to burn calories without even recognizing that. You should check out Zumba classes in Dubai and start dancing your weight off. Who knows you might incorporate Zumba moves to your dancing and continue to burn calories even at your night out with friends.
Two girls working out
If you work out regularly, you will be fit and happy

Also there are some amazing Zumba dance for kids classes you should try. It would be amazing if you can bound with your kids over workout routine.

Make sure to do this as well

  • Take a deep breath and start doing some Yoga. Power Yoga will especially help you slim down your body. It incorporates athleticism and a series of poses. There are no strict rules what comes first in a full-body routine so that means you will have different workout routine every time. Also, you will relax and learn the correct way of breathing. If you are eager to start power yoga Dubai has a lot to offer. Moreover, that is the perfect way to finish a stressful day. You can do it form your home, gym and there are some yoga exercises you can do at your office. There are so many benefits for yoga but first of all, it can reduce your stress level, increase your flexibility, and reduce back or limbs pain.
A girl doing yoga
Yoga will help you with your breath control and your overall fitness

Some tips for a great intensive workout

For all of you who are interested in a more intensive full-body workout, we have something prepared for you as well. You should try HIIT training. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, it features heart-rate raising moves such as jumping jacks, planks, burpees, etc. Your personal trainer will help you make a perfect full-body workout routine that you can do from home with minimal equipment. We advise you to also try:

  • Play football with your friends and exercise at the same time. Football is not reserved only for kids. It does not matter if you are not playing professionally for some of Dubai football teams or not. You should enjoy it always. Football is a great activity you can do with your friends on man’s night out. It can help you with building strength and toning your muscles while having fun. Like every high intensive workout, football helps you improve your cardiovascular health. Who can know maybe you are a natural talent for football and you can start playing it professionally not only for fun.
  • Punch your stress out and lose some weight. Boxing is a perfect high intensive workout and it can also help you to reduce your stress level. Punching a boxing bag will help you activate almost every muscle group and that is what makes it a perfect full-body workout routine. Boxing is not only a good workout it can bee therapeutical. At the same time, you will build your muscles, lose weight, and sweat of stress from the hard day.  Moreover, you will learn how to stay calm and how to defend yourself.  You should most definitely research boxing Dubai has to offer.

Yet another interesting option

  • Get in shape with material arts. Karate is one of the most well-known material art. Material arts will help you increase mobility, stability, and coordination. Moreover, if you are eager to master this material art you should find the best karate trainer Dubai has to offer. Karate demands a lot of self-control and patients, which can help you in everyday activities and dealing with stress. Therefore you can lose weight, tone your muscles, learn self-control, and how to defend yourself.
A boxer punching a boxing bag
Boxing is a sport that offers a full body workout as well!

However, you should always ask your trainer how to avoid exercise burnout. They can be uncomfortable and you should try to avoid them as much as possible.

Top 6 exercise routines for a full-body workout – conclusion

We sincerely hope that this blog helped you find a full-body workout routine you like.  Moreover,  Dubai is the place with a lot of opportunities and you can easily find the perfect fitness program based on your needs. In the end, the most important thing is to have fun while you workout. A positive mind will help you achieve your goals easier. Good luck and stay fit.

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