Top 7 exercises to relieve back pain

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Published: October 15, 2021

Pain in your back can be both unpleasant and persistent. It’s sometimes challenging to get rid of it but once you learn how to do it, you will never feel it again. Still, not many people get time or energy to exercise. We will show you excellent exercises to relieve your back pain wherever you are. Whether you’re at the gym or at work, DubaiPT will help you handle it. You will start loving your office job again thanks to our experts.

Why does back pain occur and how to prevent it?

There are many reasons why back pain occurs. Luckily, it’s easy to determine the cause nowadays. However, many people take back pain for granted which is very wrong. If you ever feel back pain, be sure to know the cause and work on its healing. You should focus on back pain exercises to relieve the pain. Depending on the cause of the pain, we can further determine the type of exercises you can do.

Pills and medication on the table
You should tackle your back pain before it turns into a serious injury.

People face different symptoms when feeling back pain. They vary from aching to burning and stabbing sensation. In some severe cases, pain can spread to your leg which could cause ischialgia. That is a condition that occurs due to lifting heavy weights (regardless of whether the person is well stretched) or if someone makes a sudden move while practicing. It’s a radiating pain that spreads from the lower back to the leg. However, we are going to talk about the pain in your back that can be treated and prevented before such conditions occur.

You should know when to visit a doctor. Most of the time, that’s the case if the pain’s persistent for a few weeks (but you better visit a doctor if it doesn’t stop after the first week), if the pain is excruciating, feels like it could be ischialgia (sciatica), or causes sudden weight loss. In certain cases, back pain could cause bladder issues as well as a fever or instability while walking.

Let’s name a few risk factors that indicate why you might have back problems:

  • Aging
  • Poor nutrition and smoking
  • Not exercising at all
  • Improper way of using equipment
  • Chronic diseases
  • Additional weight

How can you relieve back pain without using gym equipment?

Did you know which muscles in your body are responsible for keeping your spine stable? If you say your back muscles, you’re wrong. The answer is – abdominal muscles. Even though it sounds counterintuitive or impossible, it’s the truth. If you want to avoid developing scoliosis, cifosis, and other spinal conditions, working on your abs is a must. Actually, your deep abdominal muscles along with your back muscles are the ones responsible for keeping your spine intact. The more you work on your core (the above-mentioned) muscles, the more protected your spine will be. A perfect workout for your core muscles is the one and only – plank.

Alright, so we are aware that it’s practically impossible to sit up straight at work without leaning forward. However, you will never stop seeing people forcing you to do so. Well, if we can’t work on the well-known prevention of back pain, we can tell you how to relieve back pain through exercises. There are some arm workouts for women but they are hardly enough if you want to do some quality work.

Exercises to relieve back pain while you’re at work

If you are reading our blog right now on exercises to relieve back pain, make sure you sit up straight (at least while reading). Afterward, you can click save blog on your laptop/mobile phone and concentrate on our workout session. Tackling back pain that happens at work is the only thing you should do if you feel it. Don’t ignore it because it is persistent and will come back tomorrow once you sit back in your chair. Moreover, not working on pain relief could complicate your state even more.

Girl stretching her back
Stretching is a great way to relieve back pressure as well.

We will name a set of exercises to practice while on an office break. It would be enough to do one or two sessions during your working hours, 10-15 times each to relieve back pain. Moreover, you will definitely make your back looser and less painful. Here are the exercises:

  • Cat cow
  • Piriformis stretch
  • Stretching in the forward bend
  • Thorakal rotation
  • Pull apart

Tackling problems in your lower back

On the other hand, if you’re facing lower back pain, we will help you get rid of it just as easily as any other. As we said, abs workouts have plenty of benefits, and keeping your back healthy is one of them. However, we should get into how you can exercise to relieve back pain if it’s persistent and intense. Before we list these exercises, you should know that regular stretching helps prevent the pain as well. Don’t be lazy – set aside 10 minutes a day while watching your favorite TV show and stretch. Here are our top 7 exercises that tackle pain in the lower back:

  1. Open books
  2. Lower trunk rotation
  3. Cobra stretch
  4. Cat cow
  5. Plank
  6. Little bear
  7. Deadbug

We can’t say that these exercises will get rid of your pain forever because they won’t. However, you should know that these sessions will help you relieve the pressure you feel. There are many exercises to relieve back pain but don’t panic if you don’t feel the relief. It takes time and consistency.

Man getting a back massage
There are less severe ways of handling back pain than interventions.

To sum things up – excellent exercises to relieve back pain

For instance, World Health Organization has done multiple types of research on back pain and how to prevent it. You should know that neglecting back pain could lead to serious injuries a few years from now. Don’t neglect it, but tackle it. We named just some of the exercises to relieve back pain that we know are efficient. If you know some more, be sure to share with us! All in all, good luck with your back pain and we hope you will get rid of it with our help.


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