Top 7 Reasons You Can’t Keep The Weight Off

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Published: September 9, 2022

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you pay attention to what you eat, and exercise daily, but still do not lose a single pound? Wonder whether you are doing something wrong? Many different factors affect our health and body weight. Most of them are related to genetics but the vast majority of factors are due to our lifestyle. Nowadays, we live in a fast-world society and it’s not easy to stay fit and healthy. If you are struggling to lose weight and don’t know the reasons why you can’t keep the weight off, you are in the right place at the right time. DubaiPT Personal Trainers is here to help you find the source for not losing weight and help resolve your problems. Stay with us and become fit soon.

Reasons why you can’t keep the weight off

Apart from medical conditions, there are several reasons why you can’t lose weight, and the most important one is the quality of your lifestyle. Eating unhealthy food is the first reason you can’t keep your weight off. Besides, if you tend to skip breakfast, it’s not going to help you – quite the opposite. Most people underestimate calories. However, excessive calorie intake is reason enough not to lose a gram. Next, metabolic issues may also prevent you from losing pounds. Lack of proteins may also be the reason. Last but not least, you may not exercise enough or correctly. All these reasons prevent you from keeping your weight off without even realizing it. Now let’s discuss seven major things that are keeping you from the wanted weight, and let’s find the solutions together.

A woman measuring wasteline
There are several reasons why you can’t keep the weight off

1 Health and metabolic issues

The key to a healthy body is to make a regular health check at the doctor. No exercise and diet will help you lose weight if you have some health issues such as insulin resistance, metabolic issues, hypothyroidism, or something else. So, the key is to find the core of the problem so you can have a special diet and exercise. Besides, sleep disorders may also affect your weight. Apart from these issues, state of mind is crucial when trying to lose weight. Too much thinking and worrying can prevent you from having the weight you want.

Solution: Make a doctor’s appointment and check the condition of the body.

2 Imbalanced food

Food habits are often the ones that sabotage your weight loss. Consistency is the key factor in everything, especially in losing weight. So, having three meals is essential in order to stay healthy and fit. However, if you eat unhealthy or imbalanced food, you won’t experience any food benefits. Too many or too low calories can prevent you from being fit. To eat healthy and balanced food, we recommend you get useful meal plans Dubai.

More solutions: If you have both health and food issues, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try fasting. However, since fasting can be exhausting an,d overwhelming, we suggest you get vegan meal plan Dubai which will help you stay full-fed and, most importantly, hydrated. Besides, try not to eat industrial sugar.

Food as one of the main reason why you can't keep the weight off
Food may affect your weight in both positive and negative ways

3 Calorie intake may be the reason why you can’t keep the weight off

When it comes to food, the emphasis is almost always on what we eat. However, we tend to forget that portions play a huge role in our diet. You cannot overeat healthy food since all types of food have calories, some less and some more. Calorie intake whether low or high may prevent you from losing the ponds you want.

Solution: Count the calories and make an efficient meal plan. You can use a calculator, or better kcal meal plan Dubai.

4 You skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal, and skipping it will do you more harm than good. So, make sure you have breakfast full of proteins to help you stay full-fed and gain energy for the day.

5 Sleep deprivation is one of the main reasons why you can’t keep the weight off

Sleep is what gives us energy and helps our metabolic system. Lack of sleep affects the whole body and may be a trigger for not losing kilograms, especially for women.

Solution: Try to go to bed at a similar time every evening and have at least 6 hours of sleep. Light walking or light exercises before bed may help you fall asleep. If you don’t know which exercises to do, contact female fitness trainers in Dubai to recommend you the ones that will benefit you. Besides, try to meditate before bed.

6 Not exercising enough or doing the exercises in the wrong way

Eating healthy food and having balanced meals sometimes aren’t enough factors to keep the weight off. You need to add some exercises. And if you do some, check whether you are doing them correctly. Besides, you are maybe not treating the right body part. For example, if you want to lessen your belly, the best way is to do exercises to lose belly fat. However, consistency in working out will give the best results.

Solution for men: Men’s workouts for losing weightdiffer from women’s exercises. The best way to reduce weight is to do fat burning workouts for men. These will help you lose weight and gain muscles.

7 Exercises and food plans are not in accordance

Counting the calories, making food plans, and doing exercises may not bring you weight loss unless everything is in accordance. So, speak to your personal trainers in Dubai and ask them for help. They’ll know exactly what you need. Also, you can try out the 7-day meal plan for muscle gain. Remember, planning is the key to success.

A woman doing exercises in a gym
Make sure to do exercises correctly by finding a personal trainer Dubai

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