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Published: March 10, 2020

If you are moving to or visiting Dubai, you might want to know more than just ways to stay fit here. You also want to know the big events in this city that is renown for its entertainment and beauty. Luckily we made this list of (at least by our standards) top annual events and festivals in Dubai you can find!

Therefore, be sure to read up more and find out which events are for you. Do be aware, however, that we stayed true to the nature of our website, and are not hiding that we prioritized sport and fitness-related events! With that in mind, enjoy!

Basic information before listing our top events and festivals in Dubai

Before we go on and talk about events and festivals in Dubai we recommend for you, we would first like to talk about Dubai itself. If you are planning on visiting in time of some of these events or for a vacation in general, you should know basic information about the city. And while you can find additional information on the official Dubai tourism website, for know, we will run the basics for you!

Burj Khalifa - the top events and festivals in Dubai
Are you ready to experience Dubai?

The City of Dubai (written as “دبي‎” in Arabic) is both the most populous city and the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is located just off the coast of the Persian Gulf.

This city is not young, but it definitely looks so because of its rapid expansion. Driven by the oil revenue of the emirates, the city exploded in growth. All while birthing high skyscrapers and becoming a hub for Western Asia trade.

The economy of Dubai relies on tourism, real estate, trade, and financial services. As a trading hub that it is, it is a place of many cultures and visitors. Its population is around three and a half million residents. With one of the world’s lowest crime rates and economic prosperity, it is definitely a place to be.

Main points you should take away from this are:

  • Very modern. The city is very modern and provides visitors and residents alike with the wonderful scenery of modern architecture.
  • Highlife. There is a reason why we had to choose very hard when compiling our top choice for events and festivals in Dubai. This is due to the fact that there are just so many events and festivals to choose from!
  • City of opportunity. With economic growth plentiful, there are a lot of business chances!

Dubai world cup – One of the most popular events and festivals in Dubai

While on the first look you might assume that we are talking about Dubai football, we are actually starting our events and festivals in Dubai list with a horse racing event. This event is generally considered to be the world’s richest care, with prize money well over 30 million dollars. If you want to see the best breed horses, excellent trainers and world-class jockeys at the Meydan Racecourse. They all compete for a multi-million dollar prize and fame… you have come to the right place!

Dubai tennis championship

If one of your top 5 ways to relax is watching tennis then you should definitely see the Dubai Tennis Championship. ATP and WTA of the Dubai Open attract the great names of tennis like Novak Djokovic, who won the last tournament. It is usually held during February at Aviation Club Tennis Center.

Dubai Fitness Challenge

Staying healthy is important. More than ever we are spending prolonged periods of time in front of screens. And sitting in unfavorable and unhealthy conditions. While this can be offset by finding a good private yoga instructor Dubai or doing sports, not enough people do it. That is exactly why HH. Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai, inaugurated The Dubai Fitness Challenge.

It takes the form of a month-long event. Dubai Fitness Challenge encourages people to participate in 30 minutes long exercises each day with free classes provided.

Dubai marathon – among top events and festivals in Dubai

January might be cold in Europe but with the heat of the Arabian peninsula, it is the perfect time to go on a run!

Marathon holds great tradition among sports today. Legend says that the event started because of Battle of Marathon in which Athens won against the armies of Persia under Darius I. With city trembling to find out if they are going to be attacked, it is said that soldier ran 40-ish kilometers from fields of Marathon to Athens to inform the city that they have one, dropping dead once he arrived.

people running a marathon
Are you up for the challenge?

However, do not let the myth mislead you. Marathons are not deadly and many people (unless with some condition) can do it. So, while missing out sleep is dangerous, and has proven that sleep impacts athletic performance, you might just want to get up early next few months and run a km or two every day. Sooner than later you will be ready to run those 40 km!

Dubai International Film Festival – DIFF

For the lovers of film, this event to be the best selection out of yearly events and festivals in Dubai. Dubai International Film Festival, aka DIFF, is the biggest festival in the Middle-east.

camera with film
Watch good movies at this year’s DIFF!

This glamours event attracts the stars of Hollywood and other prominent people from the world of film. Furthermore, it is not only a big industry. There are a lot of young, independent filmmakers that are making their carries in front of a large audience.

Come and visit!

This is just a tiny slice of what Dubai has to offer. There are hundreds of events and festivals in Dubai that are worth attending. This means that whatever time you are spending there, you will probably have some festival to go to, some event to experience.

That is part of the Dubai charm. Its vitality and growth and ability to attract people from all around the world are what truly make all of those festivals and events possible. Be sure to visit Dubai to find out more. And, of course, to enroll in a local gym and stay in shape!

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