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Published: April 27, 2021

..In anticipation of any sports season to begin after the pandemic, people can even forget how to have fun. What is relaxation, leisure, sightseeing, beautiful beaches, and crystal clear sea? To help you remember the best associations on hot summer days, today DubaiPT present top Dubai water sports. Let’s start!

What are top Dubai Water Sports?

When you think about the top Dubai water sports, the first things that come to mind might be snorkeling, kayaking, water skiing or kiting. Many people want to try extreme water sports or just enjoy the depths of the sea, with a bottle of oxygen on their back. In other words, water sports become widespread as the warmer weather approaches.

Dubai Water Sports
DubaiPT instructors present top Dubai water sports.

Water sports are different from land sports as they are easier to learn. For example, if you look into personal trainer courses Dubai you probably won’t find any water sports instructor. So, you can learn them easily.

Diving – feel the depth

This is one of the water sports whose popularity is growing every year. And you don’t really need a fitness instructor Dubai to learn how to do it. Diving is an activity that accompanied man’s desire to descend below the surface of the sea, lake, or river. Today there are several types of diving, so these water sports are divided into:

  • Snorkeling (scuba diving);
  • Free diving (competitive discipline);

Snorkeling includes diving equipment, using a diving mask and fin, as well as air hoses. Breath diving can be practiced without any equipment. Another, very popular type of diving, involves the use of a diving bottle, or oxygen canisters. The diving technique depends on the equipment needed and the depth you want to dive into. When it comes to diving at sea with a bottle of oxygen, there is sometimes short training.

You can possibly ride a kayak with your family.

Kayaking – a relaxing water sport

If you’re not into Dubai football, maybe you can try kayaking. What sets this kayaking apart is that it is that you can possibly ride a kayak with your family. A two-seater, calm saltwater rowing, and a beautiful view of the open sea make kayaking your new favorite water activity. Hence, it is not surprising that kayaking on vacation is fun for all generations and an unforgettable experience that you can retell for a long time. With professional instructors and the advice of experienced kayakers, you will quickly fall in love with this water sport.

Water skiing – adrenaline sports

Water skiing is a sport that combines skiing as a winter sport and the water surface. It’s a frequent summer activity at sea, during which the skier holds on to a special, solid cable that is connected to a speedboat in motion. At an enviable speed, thanks to the skis on his feet, a person slides on the surface of the sea and cuts the waves of saltwater.

Water skiing is an exciting experience for everyone because the adrenaline reaction occurs due to the speed of the ride and the incredible feeling during skiing. The water ski board must be very durable, but it is still advisable to inquire about what the whole process looks like before embarking on water skiing.

Wakeboarding – snowboarding at sea

If you want to get into adventure water sports try wakeboarding. Water skiing has its own special type – wakeboarding. What snowboarding is for skiing, this is wakeboarding for water skiing. The skier is attached to only one board, so this sport is even more demanding and requires high concentration and stability from you. Water skiing is one of those sea sports after which you will want to go on vacation during the winter months.

Summer sailing – an idyllic water sport

Sailing on vacation is a water sport filled with idyllic nature sightseeing, enjoying the seawater and the living world that takes place on the water surface. Of course, this idyll depends on weather conditions, wind, and sea waves that can affect the course of navigation. Many local boat and sailboat owners provide the opportunity to take a ride and enjoy sailing. The open sea, good company, and wind in the sails are all you need to enjoy the waves and the idyllic seascape.

The open sea, good company, and wind in the sails… All you need to enjoy the waves and the idyllic seascape.

Surfing and kiting – extreme water sports

Surfing is a surface water sport for all lovers of adrenaline and sea waves. Summer surfing is a sport that depends on the tides, wind and requires ideal weather conditions in order for “riding on the waves” to be at an enviable level. Still, water surfing is one of those activities that many want to try, precisely because of the excitement it causes in surfers. Waving on the waves, with the intersection of water and an incredible feeling once you “climb” to the very top of the waves, is one of the sea activities that are gaining in popularity every year. There is also training that facilitates the act of surfing… as well as equipment that includes a surfboard and an inflatable vest, just in case.

In addition to surfing, adrenaline addicts can try out another surface water sport. Kiting is a combination of several water sports, primarily wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, and surfing, as well as elements of skateboarding and gymnastics. Sea kiting is one of the sea activities that you will not be able to resist in Dubai! The combination of these extreme water sports is a great challenge for all those who want to try kiting during the summer, but the experience is unforgettable. If you are adventurous, want to try something new, or just looking for a dose of adrenaline during your vacation, then these water sports will definitely spice up your life.

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