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Trends are always such a fast-paced change that it is nearly impossible to follow. This is something that every fitness instructor Dubai struggles with – how to stay in line with the trends, and how to stay relevant. However, with the increased popularity of the internet, it has become drastically easier to follow up on all these events. So, what is it that they have to do in order to remain relevant in their valued business? They and we all need to keep up with the latest trends, and the top fitness trends 2020 are no exception.

weights and equipment
The industry is changing fast.

With the start of 2020, trends have changed significantly. This is normal and rather expected. It’s just a matter of pointing out what the new trends actually are. Good thing is that this type of exploration is usually very interesting to do. No research is dull when you are actually interested in the topic. This post will cover some initial research as well as the findings of the top fitness trends 2020. 

Top fitness trends 2020 – the list

The list of the trends will be a comprehensive one, showcasing the latest trends and explaining what they actually are. These new trends are very likely to stay for the entire year, and beyond. Some of them might be changing the industry entirely, becoming not only a trend – but a standard. This is why doing research like this will be a very valuable investment for the future career of both male and female fitness trainers.

So, let’s breakdown the list of the top fitness trends 2020.

All in one training and workout

One of the biggest pains of modern times is the fact that nobody has time anymore, for practically anything. This means that doing regular workouts is becoming a much larger challenge when compared to 10 or 20 years ago. Fortunately, trends have picked up on this and have started to adapt. This is why it will hardly be a surprise that the number one spot is held by a trend of reducing

The all in one regime is made in order to save your time. You will find everything you could possibly dream of having in one place. Female and male fitness trainers, doctors, nutritionists, all sorts of workouts and equipment. It is incredible. And you will never again have to waste time going to multiple locations to achieve various results. No, you will have everything you need in one place. It is a very important trend that everyone who wishes to remain relevant in the industry must follow.

Mobile app training

Another relevant moment is to recognize the importance of smart mobile devices. It is a very vast industry that, if left unchecked, will be used by competition to vast extents. This is why everyone needs to hop on the mobile learning train and start delivering content via mobile training apps. It is very simple, and revenues are huge. Basically, what you need to do is to start creating diet plans as well as training plans that people will have available on their mobile devices.

mobile app showing a woman running
Mobile apps are the future of all industries.

This will allow people to have pocket trainers, and having something as potent as this will be the desire of many people wishing to work out. It will be targeted at those who can’t afford to have a personal trainer or those who simply don’t have the time to meet with one. More and more people have started working out at their homes, and having a mobile app to help them do this will be imperative.

Virtual trainers

Which brings us to the next best thing. Globalization has been around for several years now. Why no take advantage of it as a personal trainer? Why limit yourself to the clients that are in your proximity when you can reach out to the global market? Instagram is a free tool that will allow infinite marketing potential. All you need to do is to create a strong follower base and create a very good portfolio using yourself (and your clients) as a model.

Once this is established you can literally deliver training through Skype, another free tool. This will allow you to work from home, more often than not, and target clients across the globe. Trainers who have ventured into these corridors are having more clients than they have time.

Kickbox – one of the top fitness trends 2020

Kickbox has become a viral trend that more and more people are jumping into. Shadowboxing, cardio box or just regular kickboxing has become a sport people prefer when compared to regular going to the gym. It’s a martial art that they can learn, and a fun activity used to burn calories. More and more trainers have started switching to kickboxing, rather than doing the traditional gym workouts.

woman kicking a bag
Martial arts are the new thing!

Given the rise of the UFC and other martial arts industries, the popularity has grown and it will progressively keep growing throughout the year 2020. This will be one of the top fitness trends 2020!

New tech and smart clothing

Looking at this topic from a different perspective, companies that are designing and creating sports equipment will have a lot on their plate. Namely, new tech has been in development fast. From smart leggings that emit vibration feedback to your body, all the way to smartwatches, wrist bands, and smart glasses, where does one start?

All of these will be invaluable tools for those who wish to remain competitive. It would be a shame to miss out on these changes, both as a creator and as a user.

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