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Published: September 2, 2019

Mens sana in corpore sano! Or, as we would say it in English, a healthy mind in a healthy body. This is a way of life for those who are into sports and a healthy lifestyle! But, have you ever wondered, where to travel if you are into sports tourism? There are a lot of places you can visit and enjoy healthy activities. In our article, we will talk more about top international sporting events you should visit on your next trip!

One of the best international sporting events is Formula 1 racing

Perhaps one of the best sporting event you can attend that happens worldwide is Formula 1 racing. If the engine sound, speed, etc. makes you happy, then this is just it! And we are currently mid-season! If you happen to travel anywhere anytime soon make sure you can visit one of the following races:

  • Formula 1 Gran Premio Heineken D’italia that happens 06 – 08 September
  • Formula 1. Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 20 – 22 September
  • Formula 1 VTB Russian Grand Prix 27 – 28 September
  • Japanese Grand Prix Formula 1 race in 11 – 13 October
  • Gran Premio De Mexico happening 25 – 27 October
  • United States Formula 1 Grand Prix 01 – 03 of November
  • Heineken Formula 1 Grande Premio Do Brasil 15 – 17 November
  • Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix 29 Nov – 1 Dec
Formula 1 car racing in international sporting events
Formula 1 racing is one of the international sporting events you should definitely visit

These are the Formula 1 races that are scheduled until the end of the year. Make sure you visit some of them if you happen to travel to the hosting countries! Here’s an interesting fact, did you know that Formula 1 race drivers go through hard training both physically and mentally? That’s right, the high G force that happens during the race isn’t for everyone. And often they require special training sessions from their training instructors. If you are looking to become a pro or healthy than you too should look for your professional fitness instructor Dubai!

Super Bowl 2020

The next Super Bowl is held in South Florida, Miami, on the February 2th. And there are many reasons why you should attend the next Super Bowl. The magnificent size of the said spectacle is breathtaking. The sheer number of people, half time shows and the stunning game is what makes Super Bowl so exciting!  This is why it is on our list of top international sporting events you should visit! This spectacle is awesome, even if you watch it over TV. Now, imagine how great you would feel if you were attending the game! It is the finale, the culmination of the whole year of NFL games. This several hours of entertainment and sport will leave you with a great impression. So, if you decide to watch this show, you won’t make a mistake!

NFL player
Super Bowl attracts the biggest crowd

Maybe you will notice some of your sports idols! But, have in mind, they didn’t reach their status in an easy way. No, they went in hard and trained like crazy! Here is where you could do the same and get yourself into a good CrossFit training! Trust us, this may be the best way to make better results!


Tour De France -one among top international sporting events

Interesting thing about Tour de France is that it is a very active holiday! And you will have to put all of your time and attention to it. Making a plan to visit France for this race requires patience and careful planning. Why? Because if you are planning to be there and see all the parts of the race, you will have to be one the constant move! Every cycling enthusiasts sees this sporting event as one of the most important things in life. It is not about will they visit the race, but when. We have to admit, you won’t see that much of the cyclist because they will move past you. But it is more about visiting the rural parts of France and enjoying both the country and the sporting event. This is why Tour de France is among the best international sporting events you should visit!

Tour De France -among top international sporting events
It is a cyclists dream to visit Tour de France

What you should also know is that every cyclist here is well prepared for this race. And it is very important to stretch before participating in such an event. And if you are active in sports, you should also know the benefits of stretching before training so you can avoid possible injuries when practicing!

Daytona 500

Another wonderful event for those who love car races in Daytona 500. Motorsport fans simply love this race and are looking for a way to visit it when they can. A huge crowd of fans comes here every time. And there can be over 110,000 people! You can actually buy a ticket a year in advance! If you love NASCAR then this is the right place for you! If you are looking for the best way to spend your time and vacation then Daytona 500 is perfect for you!

You need to get your ticket in advance if you want to watch Daytona 500

If you think you can’t afford any of these international sporting events then you can always opt for other odd sports from around the world. They are cheaper and very unusual! You will probably enjoy them a lot!


International sporting events are hard to get buy because you need to plan them ahead! People usually visit them when they plan their summer vacations or any other trips. We hope we presented you with what we think are the best sporting events you should visit! If you have any experience, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below!

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