Top low-calorie pre-workout snack options

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Published: February 13, 2020

Working out takes a lot of energy. This is why a lot of people need a snack before they start their routine. This is a great way to fuel up, but you still need to worry about your weight! Although a protein bar can seem attractive, if there are a lot of calories, it can easily nullify all your upcoming efforts! Luckily, the best personal trainers in Dubai are here to help you! We have created a list of amazing low-calorie pre-workout snack options that you can enjoy at any time! They will give you a lot of healthy nutrients that will be very useful, and still keep your weight in check! This is because they consist of mainly carbs and protein while avoiding fat and fiber. Find out what they are in this article!

What you need to remember about your low-calorie pre-workout snack options

We already mentioned exactly what should go into your snacks before a workout. However, we want to reiterate just how important keeping a healthy dose of good nutrients is. Take carbohydrates for example. They are the main batteries you use for energy. This is why you will want a lot of them in your snack. When our body is digesting these molecules, they release a lot of energy which keeps you fresh and feeling energetic. However, it’s important to make sure that these carbs are complex. They take longer to digest, and thus, give you more energy. So, eat things like whole grains, oatmeal or fruit to keep yourself up!

fruits and grains
Fruits and grains!

The second thing that you need is proteins. These are the building blocks of our body – so they are always good! You also use them to heal and repair your muscles. This is why it’s also a smart idea to have them even after you are done working with a kickboxing personal trainer Dubai, as well as adding them into your pre-workout snack options!

Another thing you need to remember is to hydrate! This is a very important thing you should never forget! By drinking liquids, you are helping your body prepare fluids. You will lose them from sweating when working out – so getting them prior is a good idea. Also, dehydration can cause muscle cramps. You can evade it by hydrating pre-workout!

But when should you eat your pre-workout snack options? Should you do it on your way to the gym, or will that mess up with your digestion? Well, experts say that you should eat around an hour before you start working out. This way, you will have the time to digest everything, but you will still keep the energy for the workout!

Yogurts will make you feel good!

One of the best snacks you can have pre-workout is Greek yogurt! There are many reasons for this! First, there are tons of protein in there! Actually, they carry twice as much as what you would find in a regular yogurt serving! Then, they are super filling without being too heavy. This means that you will not feel hungry, but your stomach will also not need to work too much to digest all that food. If you didn’t know, this is always great for any workout!

Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt is godsent!

What’s more, they are pretty convenient! You can have them on the go – while commuting to your gym or during a walk! Finally, a lot of companies offer them with just 100 calories! This means you won’t need those fat burning workouts for men after helping yourself to a serving!

There is the question of the taste, though. Not everyone is a fan of tart! We can solve this for you as well! There are a lot of no-calorie sweeteners that you can use with ease! If you are not a fan of these either, then you can add some berries! Greek yogurt always tastes magically with some raspberries or blueberries on top! And to add some healthy fats into the mix, you can put a couple of almonds there as well!

Go bananas for bananas!

You have probably seen a lot of sports players eat bananas in the breaks off courts. This is because bananas actually rank pretty high amongst the low-calorie pre-workout snack options! And the best of all – they are all-natural! You don’t need to mix and match or play with tastes when you have the regular old banana with you!

Bananas are tasty and healthy!

A medium-sized banana will have a perfect mix of everything you need! With 100 calories and 27g of carbs, you will feel healthy and ready to tackle any fitness exercise we throw your way! Add to that the fact that bananas have no fat in them and you have yourself a perfect little snack! They have just enough ingredients to keep you full and give you the energy to face that workout! And contrary to the popular legends, they do not make you fat!

Smoothies are always one of the top pre-workout snack options!

There is just something about putting everything into a blender and smushing it together to create a nice snack that makes smoothies so special! Maybe their convenience and flexibility have made them one of the popular workout snacks! What we do know, though, is that they are great because you can control how nutritious they are with ease! All you need to do is put the things you want into the blender and turn it on!

A danger with smoothies though is not to overdo it on sugar. It can carry a lot of calories, which in turn will create some bad pre-workout snack options! Instead, for a low-calorie smoothie, use vanilla almond milk or a different type of light milk. Frozen fruits can also give you a lot of sweet taste, and the aforementioned Greek yogurt can easily become a staple in your smoothies!

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