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Published: May 17, 2019

Do you love water? Are you looking to switch up your workout routine or you don’t like the gym? The best change you could make is to explore water aerobics Dubai. This kind of workout includes all the aerobic exercise you want from membership in a studio. But water adds many benefits that we will elaborate on. What exercising in water does, is it increases resistance which leads to strengthening the effectiveness of your workout. The water gives you low-impact support that makes aqua aerobics a perfect activity for anyone. No matter what ages or level of ability they are.

What benefits can I expect from water aerobics Dubai?

Water aerobics is a workout routine that takes place in a relatively shallow body of water, most commonly a swimming pool. Usually popular among older communities, or with people who are recovering from injuries. But it is for everyone. While running or weightlifting can be difficult for most people, water aerobics offers a low-impact yet effective workout. 

Female torso in green water exercising water aerobics Dubai
If you have problems with joints it’s very useful as a gentle aerobic exercise that will provide perfect resistance to your muscles.

The water creates support for your body and leaves almost no possibility to strain limbs and joints. But water also adds gentle resistance, thus making the activity more effective. Water aerobics Dubai improves cardiovascular health and strengthens your tone. The water will help you feel cooler during the workout, helping you exercise for longer with less stress.

What to wear?

You can enjoy water aerobics Dubai regularly, up to three times a week. Equipment used during class like floats, for example, is usually found by the pool. You don’t need any workout clothes beside a comfortable swimming costume and towel. Of course, always carry a bottle of water to rehydrate yourself afterward. Aqua aerobics is suitable for anyone older than eleven. Those under 14 must be great swimmers but also in the company of an adult.

How do water aerobics Dubai classes look like?

This type of resistance training boosts circulation and strength with water working against your movements. The amazing thing about it is you are burning calories losing weight while having fun. If you try to incorporate this low-impact workout into your regime, you’ll build muscle strength in no time. Since it can be as challenging as you decide, you can really increase your endurance. The class usually lasts an hour with our female fitness trainers lead you through the movements. You’ll be listening to upbeat music to keep you motivated. There is no swimming, just exercises like water walking, bicep curls, leg lifts, and kickboard moves. While it’s low-impact, you can create a harder workout. If you want to, you can do more repetitions or workout faster. An advanced class might provide underwater interval training lessons and there you’ll get a higher impact.

A water aerobics Dubai class
A typical water aerobics class consists of a warm-up, cardio, and strength-training, followed by a cool down.

The intensity of water resistance exercises

Its medium level intensity will work up your heart rate, but the water won’t affect your joints in a harmful way. Water aerobics Dubai targets the core with lunges, side leg lifts, and other exercises that engage abs. It’s one of the best exercises to lose belly fat. Moves like underwater bicep curls will target the arms. Pool noodles and kickboards are great for added resistance. Walking, jogging, jumping jacks, and underwater kicks will tone your leg muscles. Squats, lunges, and high knee kick also work the gluteus. Water workouts strengthen back muscles for all of you out there with back pain. You’ll improve your flexibility during these exercises. Note that this is a fitness activity, not a sport, hence the low-impact aspect of it.

Water aerobics may be the perfect workout

Even though your first association with the pool might be that you’ll attend a very relaxing fitness class, note that your heart and muscles will really feel this workout in water. Water exercise is extremely beneficial to body, mind, and spirit. It’s great if you don’t like to sweat but still want a functional workout. There are classes for every fitness level. Water aerobics is not for you if you prefer a high-paced, heart-pounding gym session. Even though your underwater moves will spend more energy and burn more calories, they are slow. And that might not be your sensibility and preference.

Is it safe if I have a health condition?

  • It’s always safest to check in with your doctor before starting a new workout. But it is for sure that water aerobics Dubai will do great things for your heart’s health. It lowers blood pressure and “bad” LDL cholesterol simultaneously raising your “good” HDL cholesterol.
  • If you have diabetes, aqua based exercises can help you shed extra pounds without you overheating. You will stay cool in the pool. Actually, all aerobic exercises help keep your blood sugars under control. This is vital because diabetes can cause problems with the nerves and blood flow to your feet. Because diabetes makes you more likely to get injured, water aerobics will keep you safe.
Woman in a pool with a big stripped summer hat
Water exercising is easier on the hamstrings, joints, and feet than most other workouts.

Notify your instructor or the lifeguard that you have diabetes, and carry your medical alert jewelry at all times in the pool.

  • Aqua exercising is beneficial if you have arthritis or back or knees problems. It lessens pressure on aching joints, so you get the chance to invest more time working out. This can help your joints move better and ease the pain in problematic areas. But it will also help you lose extra weight.
  • There are many water exercise programs for people with disabilities. You can check if there are specialized aqua aerobics in your area. Water aerobics are amazing for disabled people for the same reasons as for everyone. It increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure, fights bad cholesterol and helps lose weight. The water is more gentle than weights and it offers better support with the resistance.
  • When pregnant, water exercises help your back, legs, and feet do not carry all the weight. You will feel as light as before pregnancy. If you were active before getting pregnant, this workout will help you stay healthy, and you are more likely to be able to continue exercising at the same fitness level.
Your doctor will make changes in your treatment plan if necessary.

Types of movements you can expect with water aerobics Dubai

  1. Water Walk: It’s used for warm-up. You’ll be doing a few strides across the length of the pool. This will get your body warmed up and comfortable with the resistance of water.
  2. K-treads: Make small circles with your arms, holding your legs pointed down. You’ll need the deep end of the pool for this. Then, raise one leg up and hold for five seconds, then switch legs.
  3. Kick and Punch: Punch and kick water, alternating legs and arms. Do this very energetically, for a very effective cardiovascular exercise to elevate your heart rate.
  4. Wavemakers: Hold onto the side of the pool, press your legs and feet together and move your legs like a mermaid or a dolphin. This is great for the core, back, and buttocks.

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