Top outdoor activities in Dubai for kids

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Living in Dubai offers plenty of entertainment opportunities. If you live in Dubai with your family and want your kids to enjoy outdoor activities, you are in luck. This city has plenty of sports activities for kids – from personalized training,  martial art sports to outdoor activities. Considering how children perceive sports as fun and entertaining, spending time outdoors is often the best workout routine for them. If you don’t want to spend too much money but still spend quality time with your children, keep reading. Here is our list of the most entertaining outdoor activities in Dubai for kids.

Top outdoors activities in Dubai for kids

Hot Dubai weather makes it difficult to find outdoor activities for both children and adults. However, there are many places in this city where kids have the best time of their day. More importantly, you can visit many of these places in Dubai for free. If you are a parent and want your family to stay active, consider choosing one of many outdoor activities in Dubai for kids. While parents can enjoy one of many courses of power yoga Dubai has to offer, their kids can enjoy outside activities. Here is our pick of the most entertaining options.

Dubai coast
Dubai has many outdoor activities to offer. If you are a parent in this city, all you have to do is choose the one you like.

Zabeel Park

Dubai is home to many beautiful green areas. Family-friendly parks and walking trails are just some of these places. Zabeel Park is a public park, and it is popular for its great location. The best thing about Zabeel Park is that it’s suitable for children of all ages. Since it has many green areas to walk and run around, it’s great for parents with toddlers. If you want to enjoy a laid-back time with your kids, this is the place to be. Zabeel Park is a place where your children can play freely, stay active and have fun!

Al Qudra Lake

In case your family prefers spending time by the water, you shouldn’t miss visiting Al Quadra Lake. As one of the top outdoor activities in Dubai for kids, this location offers great views of the dessert. If you are looking for an adventurous place for the entire family, this is the place to be. Spend a few hours at Al Quadra Lake and you can enjoy a picnic with barbeque or rest in one of may camping spots.

two swans
Al Quadra Lake is a great place if you are a fan of nature, camping and enjoying a picnic with your kids.

This place is one of the best ones to visit during colder months. Since you’ll probably spend a few hours in the open space, it’s recommendable to avoid sun rays during the summer months. 

Beachside boulevards

Speaking of top outdoor activities in Dubai for kids, isn’t there a better place for kids to play than the beach? If you love watersports, visiting beachside boulevards will be the best thing for you. Moreover, this place looks like it’s made for full-day family fun. Beachside boulevards are great for kitesurfing, different ball sports, and swimming. If you want to spend a day in this place, you’ll have great shopping and fine dining options nearby. When it comes to the beaches, this is one of the best places in Dubai for coming with kids.

How does your child benefit from sports?

Most kids are naturally interested in physical activities. If they are active for a few hours during the day, some kids might not need additional sports activity. However, if you are a parent of a hyperactive child, or you just want your kid to blow off some steam, you should consider enrolling them into sports class. If you ask any personal trainer Dubai has to offer, they will tell you that children can only benefit from sports activities. Whether indoors or outdoors, physical activity has plenty of physical and psychological benefits for kids. Sports help children socialize, keep a good posture, and stay healthy.

Dubai indoor sports for kids

It’s important for kids to stay active, without a doubt. However, not all children are the biggest fans of outdoor activities. During the hot summer months, some indoor sports might be better for them. If you are considering some indoor sports activities for kids, consider some of the following:

karate is one of outdoor activities in Dubai for kids
Besides outdoor activities in Dubai for kids, you could choose one of individual or group sports classes.
  • Team sports. If your child is an extrovert, team sports will be the best option for them. These sports will help your child socialize and learn about team spirit.
  • Individual sports are perfect for kids who prefer training on their own. Individual sports like gymnastics, or martial arts are great for learning patience and building a strong spirit.
  • Swimming. If you want your kid to improve posture and gain strength, swimming might be the best option.
  • Yoga or personal training for kids. Hiring a personal trainer for kids is an appealing option for many parents in Dubai. Whether it’s a health issue to correct or just a personalized approach, having a trainer is a good solution for some children.

Whether you are still getting the know the city of Dubai or you already live there for a while, it’s always a good time to spend time outdoors. For families with children, there are plenty of different options for outdoor activities in Dubai for kids. All you have to do is to choose one that your kids will enjoy. Dubai is a kid-friendly city, and it’s known as a place with plenty of entertainment, which is why you won’t have a tough time making a choice. A few clicks on the internet and some free time are all you need. Let your kids choose the place they like and spend a fun family day outdoors!

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