Top physical benefits of playing ice hockey

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Published: December 30, 2019

It might feel strange that you would find this on the website for sport and fitness in Dubai. However, we would like to stress that, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there are no real limitations on most of the sports today in terms of location. And yes, you will still not be able to ski off the to ob Burj Khalifa (who knows, maybe one day you will be), but the simple truth is that most of the world sports can now be practiced anywhere. Ice Hockey, in the hot Arabian peninsula – also the case. Therefore, if you are interested, let us introduce you to the physical benefits of playing ice hockey, right here, in Dubai.

Any and all sports have their benefits

Physical benefits of playing ice hockey are one thing, but there are tons of benefits that come from playing any sports at all. Be it professionally or amateur. They are mainly split into two categories. Those who are direct physical benefits, like the one we will be focusing, and those more passive effects, like mental benefits and improvements towards a healthy lifestyle. Both of these are backed by numerous studies and are rather undeniable by this point.

We are very happy to see it be so since we have always advocated that doing sports is one of the best ways of keeping up with a healthy body. While sports usually don’t develop the whole of the body, but only parts of it, unlike fitness programs they are fun. They are competitive! They push you and you can see clear and immediate results. All of these things are sadly lacking in simply visiting the gym.

While going to a gym is important, and valuable, sometimes it just doesn’t feel that way. All the best personal trainers in Dubai will not be able to wave some magic wand and make the results be instantaneous. That is just a fact of life. Exercising is largely not fun.

However, sports are interesting and competitive and have a clear goal in mind. You can see your progress much more visibly. Therefore, sports are sometimes better vessels to physical health than gym training, even if you have a personal trainer.

There are physical benefits of playing ice hockey

Now, as for hockey itself. There are definitely physical benefits of playing ice hockey. But what are they? How does hockey impact one’s body?

physical benefits of playing ice hockey
So, what makes ice hockey so beneficial?

Well, there are a lot of areas of both physical and mental health that hockey addresses. For this reason, we have split these topics into smaller sections, covering each one of them in more detail.

Reduced body fat – Among top physical benefits of playing ice hockey

Before we even begin this segment we would like to emphasize that losing weight should not be your only priority. Often we see people fixate on just trying to lose weight. Sometimes it even comes from people who clearly don’t have to do so, at least not to a drastic degree. This is not the right way of thinking about exercise, and especially about sport. Elite athletes eating habits and training are all about skill and strength, not necessarily about belly size or boy fat ratios.

That being said – one of the physical benefits of playing ice hockey is losing body fat. This is because ice hockey is quite an exhausting affair. It will spend a lot of your energy. Therefore, that energy will not come only from your healthy diet but also from your fat reserves.


There is only one muscle in our whole body that will work, without rest or respite, until the day we day. That is our hearth. And, our health is very much tied to it. Therefore, you should always aim to improve your Cardio-vascular health. Luckily, a sport like a hockey is definitely one way to do this.

heart beat
Building up cardio is really helping the most important muscle in your body!

The thing with hockey is that it is very tiring. However, all of that physical strain will just make sure your cardio is getting better and better. And, with it, your hearth strength will improve evermore!

Builds up muscle strength -One of the most important physical benefits of playing ice hockey

And, of course, many of you enter into sports like ice hockey to increase your muscle definition. IF you ever saw ice hockey, you know that this one is very much true. One of the greatest among physical benefits of playing ice hockey is its effect on muscle definition. You will find your upper body muscles getting more pronounced and stronger within months. Regular practicing of the sport will truly make you much more pronounced in terms of muscle definition. 

Coordination skills

Finally, one of the physical skills you will get is the ability of precision and control. Ice hockey is played with a relatively small object – therefore coordination skills will always be on the test. Not to mention that you are always on ice. Who knows, with little practice you might just join Ice Hockey League!

But also personal benefits as well

But, the physical benefits of playing ice hockey aside, what are the personal benefits you will receive from this noble sport? Well, there are a ton of things that you can rely upon to happen once you start playing hockey. These are the ones we selected to emphasize:

A hockey hug
Teamwork is very useful on the court and in life alike!
  • Team spirit – teamwork is very important in your personal life as well, and you will find that your ability of non-verbal communication and sacrifice for the team has increased just as much as physical benefits of playing ice hockey increased your body mass!
  • Work ethic – practice makes perfect! In this sport you will learn and get used to practicing regularly, making this self discipline something that you will hold dear of the court as well.
  • Simply – it is fun! – and, of course, this too. Having fun definitely is a personal benefit, wouldn’t you agree?

All in all

All in all, we listed the personal and physical benefits of playing ice hockey to the best of our ability. We hope that you choose to train this noble sport. Good luck!

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