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Published: September 9, 2019

Are you a major sports fan? Do you live for the adrenaline that racing events bring? Perhaps you are in love with more elegant sports, like tennis? Whatever it is that you like, Dubai might be the perfect place for you to get it. Or, you know, enjoy seeing it! Not a lot of people can believe that Dubai is a place that hosts some of the best competitions, races, and matches. The top sporting events in Dubai are always filled with spectators and are sometimes broadcasted across many different countries. Trust us – some of these events will make you reflect on your own workout routine. Who knows, you might be the one participating a couple of years from now. Everything is possible when you have the right help and enough motivation!

Top-rated sporting events in Dubai

In case you decide to buy tickets for any of the sporting events we are about to list, remember to do so much ahead of time. These events are popular worldwide, and the tickets are sometimes sold within hours. You wouldn’t want anyone to take up your spot, would you?

A ticket for the top sporting events in Dubai.
Buy your ticket now and make sure you get the front-row seats.

Dubai Muscle Show

Do you have abs of steel? Do you spend countless hours in the gym? Then the Dubai Muscle Show is an event you’ll enjoy, and you’ll enjoy every minute of it. As the only international bodybuilding and fitness show in the city, the Dubai Muscle Show is always jam-packed with fitness enthusiasts. In fact, if you are a highly qualified professional and you are looking for personal trainer jobs in Dubai, with a bit of careful exhibit of your skills, the Dubai Muscle Show is the perfect place for you to land a job. What makes this event so special that it is considered as one of the best sporting events in the city?

  • The show features different types of competition, including the Strongest Man competition and martial artists, boxers, and Muay Thai fighters competing in a cage. Sounds barbaric, but everything is done according to the sport’s regulations.
  • The show welcomes the world’s leading fitness and nutrition companies that are willing to give special discounts and samples to the show’s visitors.
  • Some say that the highlight of the show is the speaking sessions given by famous athletes because it allows them to learn more about the habits of successful athletes. Those habits could become yours if you work hard enough on it. But whether that will be the highlight of the event for you remains to be seen.

Even if you don’t have the muscles to compete in the Dubai Muscle Show, you are certainly bound to enjoy it. Meeting new people while cheering on your favorite athlete always makes for a good day!

Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships

Ever dreamed about seeing the world’s most famous tennis players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer perform their magic on the court? Do you love the excitement that’s also coupled with a dose of elegance? Then tennis is the right sport for you, and the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships are where you need to be. Set up 24 years ago, this championship has become one of the most important ones in the world of tennis. The world’s best players make it their mandatory stop during the season. The winner of this year’s championship was Roger Federer – a person whose graciousness everyone loves to see. Who will win the 2020 tournament which will take place from 17th February until 29th February? That remains for you to see in one of the top sporting events in Dubai!

A female tennis player.
Tennis is one of the most famous sports all over the world.

Besides, attending this championship might be motivation enough for you to take up tennis. With all the health and fitness benefits of playing tennis, you couldn’t be making a better decision. We certainly support you 100%. And we think you’ll soon realize that your decision to take up tennis was the right one!

Dubai Rugby 7s Event is one of the best sporting events in Dubai

Are you looking for some nail-biting action? Do you want to feel the passion of cheering on for your team in which thousands of people will join you? Then you need to make it your task to attend this year’s Dubai Rugby 7s Event. In fact, this event has become one of the most celebrated events in the rugby world, testifying to its greatness. The entire event lasts for three days, and it attracts fans from all around the world. The event in Dubai is the first round of the HSBC World Rugby 7s Series, and it welcomes some of the best rugby players in the world. 

Not only can you enjoy the events on the court, but you also have interesting gatherings out of it. Rugby Village offers a chance for you to meet new people while snacking on great food and drinking refreshing drinks. Besides, there are plenty of entertainment options, concerts, and you can even buy official merchandise. With the people you meet there, you’ll be able to talk about everything – from the career ups and downs of your team to the best ways to enjoy the Dubai lifestyle. There are no limits!

DP World Tour Championship golf tournament

As the climax of the season, the DP World Tour Championship golf tournament welcomes the top 60 players of the previous season. The winner is lucky enough to get a check for millions of dollars, and only some of the past winners include Lee Westwood and Henrik Stenson. If you want to watch some of the world’s best golf players try to tackle the obstacles of this challenging course, you will be in good company. This is the event all golf lovers wait around for all year long, so you wouldn’t want to miss it.

A golf ball on a golf course.
Golf is one of the most gracious sports in the world where the winners get paid incredible amounts of money.

The best sporting events in Dubai are versatile, meaning that every person will be able to find something he or she has an interest in. Our advice? Step out of your comfort zone every once in a while! Even if you are not a huge rugby lover, try to widen your horizons. And even if you’ve never lifted anything heavy in your life, do watch the Strongest Man competition. After all, how else are you supposed to get interested in different things if you keep doing the same old things every day?

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