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Published: October 1, 2019

Working out is fun. You get to meet new people and you lead a very healthy and active lifestyle. It is completely up to you do you prefer going to the gym, or you like to workout outside. There are so many different sports, and places to exercise so you can be sure that you will find something that will be interesting for you. If you decide to exercise outside, you will need to adjust to the weather outside. And, you need to be prepared for exercising in hot weather. You need to prepare your body and adjust your training.  If you need someone to help you, you can find freelance personal trainer Dubai that will lead you through the process, and give you some important tips and tricks.

Should you be exercising in hot weather?

Well, the answer to this question is not that simple. It depends on the type of exercises you are doing, intensity and your physical status. The general answer would be that you really should not skip your training sessions, and simply adjust them during hot weather. Exercising in hot weather can be hard, but there are different ways to make it much easier and better. As we mentioned, you can always find a professional trainer to help you with tips to improve your workout routine.

Girl thinking should she be exercising in hot weather
You can exercise in hot weather, but you need to follow some tips

Steps to successful exercising in hot weather

So, there are some general tips and tricks that will help you with the workout during hot weather. Simply by following them, you will save your health and you will be gentle to your body. It is not the same to work out during really hot weather. High temperature only adds additional pressure to your body. It makes everything much harder, and you feel tired much easier. So, to avoid any possible problems while exercising in hot weather follow a few simple tips. And to be prepared in advance, you can check weather forecasts and plan your workout routine accordingly.

Drink enough water – be hydrated

This is something that you probably already know, but it is a good thing to remember and know. To keep your body cool during exercise in hot weather – be very well hydrated. Don’t drink water o9nly during training. Drink it also after the training, during the workout and after. If you feel really tired, and it is really hot outside you should really consider a home workout. On a really hot day, it might be much wiser to stay home and adjust your workout routine. 

water bottle that you should use while exercising in hot weather
You should drink water before, during and after training

Also, an important thing is to not overdo it. You really should not drink too much water, since that can be bad for your body as well. It might sound a little bit unflattering, but the easiest way to determine is your body well hydrated is to check the color of your urine. That way, you will know ho9w your body is responding to the workout and the amount of water.

Adjust your training

The best thing that you can do for yourself and your body is to change your workout routine a little bit. You need to ease it up and adjust it to the hot weather. You should slow down a little, and give your body enough time to rest. Listen to your body and follow the cues. Just keep in mind, that if it is too hot outside, you can work out at home. You would be surprised what household items you can use to exercise and make the workout much more interesting.

Take enough breaks

It is very important not to push yourself too much. If you usually workout in the morning, and you can feel that it already is too hot outside – don’t go out. You should really hit the gym or simply workout at home. Taking breaks is very important because that way you will avoid any problems– heat stroke, cramps and getting too tired. If you are not sure how to decide when you should have a break, talk with some personal trainer. Or find some group activity like power yoga Dubai and follow their program. Yoga is a generally good choice for exercising in hot weather

Girl taking a break during exercise
Make sure to take enough breaks when you are exercising

Eat more green

When you decide to start working out, you will probably choose a specific diet, a plan of what, how and when to eat. But when it comes to exercise in hot weather, you need to adjust your meals. You should add more fruits and vegetables. Make little snacks and eat them throughout the day. Avoid energy bars or dry snacks, and try to eat fruit and vegetables. And do not worry, this won’t disrupt your diet plan. If anything, it can help you to avoid the common yo-yo effect that certain diets can bring.

Wear light clothes

If you decide to exercise outside, in hot weather you should also adjust your clothes. You really should avoid wearing dark clothes, since it will only absorb the heat and make it even worse. You should wear light colors and lightweight clothing. Avoid any clothes that are too tight, since they will only make you sweat more and dehydrate. If you wear a little bit of wider clothes, the air will be able to go around you and you will avoid feeling too much heat.

work out clothes
Make sure to wear light clothes while you are exercising

You need to know when to stop exercising in hot weather and move inside

This is the most important thing that you need to learn to do. You need to know when you really need to go inside and take a break. It is nice to be outside and enjoy the fresh air and endless options – but sometimes you simply need to go inside so you don’t hurt yourself. You need to learn to listen to your body and to follow little hints that your body gives you. Sometimes it is better to have a little bit shorter training but avoid any possible health issues. So, don’t push yourself hard and learn to listen to your body!


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