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Published: June 21, 2022

Maybe you went all-in on your beach summer party or went to the gym too much. Perhaps you’re spending all day long in front of your computer. Whatever the reason might be, overuse or poor form can cause back pain. If your back pain lasts three months or longer, it’s considered chronic. When you know what is causing it, you will then know how to properly eliminate those obstacles and relieve the pain. There are many different ways to get rid of back pain and not simply through medicine. Different exercises, stretching and various sports will allow your body to engage like never before. If you haven’t done any kind of physical activity recently, this is your chance to change it! DubaiPT is here to show you the best workout plans for back pain that you can start even today. So, let’s get started!

Start with warm-up exercises every day to prepare your body

Some back pain exercises can be done on a regular basis because they don’t require rest. Warm-up exercises can be done on a daily basis. You may do them every time you wake up, before work, or even after a long day at work. Lying down on a yoga mat is recommended especially in the morning. You will prepare your back and core for the day that is ahead of you. Focus on your breathing and slowly perform exercises. During the easier phase of the workout inhale, and exhale during the difficult part. Try to do sets of back pain exercises. For example, you can perform them two or three times a day. Since you will do a lot of stretching, you should feel your body improving and wanting more until you feel comfortable.

A man waking up in the morning with back pain
A lot of people nowadays suffer from back pain and ignore doing anything about it until late.

Strengthen your back with different stretching exercises

Just as you stretch before every Zumba class, this is something you need to continue regularly. Let us show you an example of a great stretching exercise for back pain after warming up. The first one is called knee-to-chest stretch. Firstly, lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor to perform this stretch. Bring one knee up to your chest and while flattening your back draw it closer with your hands. You will feel immense relief in your lower back. Repeat the same exercise with your other leg. The second one is the hamstring exercise. From the same starting position, straighten your lower leg after holding one leg with both hands behind your knee. Try to hold each stretch for 20 seconds before letting go. You should repeat it five times at least for great results.

Water sports and activities are amazing for lower back pain

A lot of people who incorporate a fat loss workout into their routine, try out water sports, especially in summer. Any aerobic exercises that will engage your body and muscles are amazing for back pain as well. Swimming is the best sport that you should incorporate into your workout plans for back pain. Almost any workout in the after is safe and effective. The water and the weightless surrounding will allow your joints to relax. Any water exercise can help people that suffer from chronic back pain in their workout journey. If you want to spice things up, even walking with a floatation device in water is a miracle worker for straightening your back. Make the best of these hot summer days in Dubai and enjoy them while helping your body recover.

A woman swimming in the swimming pool
Any aquatic exercise and water sport allow your body to relax and relieve back pain.

Back pain sufferers should try jogging for great results

Jogging has become an inevitable part of every fitness routine. This is mostly because jogging can aid with chronic low back pain, flexibility, and weight loss. While jogging, you are engaging a combination of muscles, skeletal system, and ligaments for a full-body workout. The exact duration of jogging will be different for everyone. However, around 150 minutes of jogging per week should be enough to start seeing results. Every week, try adding 10 more minutes into your routine. Not just that it will reduce overall back pain, but it will improve your state of mind. Just like jogging, running has amazing benefits for our body and back. Be aware, that before any kind of high-impact activity, you should warm up and stretch. You may even mix it up and start with easy jogging, then high-intensity running and slow down a bit more.

Yoga is an essential part of every workout plan for back pain

Yoga sessions and exercises with an exercise ball are amazing for back pain and discomfort. Everyone can adapt it safely to their needs and even try to practice at home without any limitations. While doing yoga exercises, you will improve both your flexibility and strength. If you are suffering from lower back pain, yoga can be quite helpful for the muscles that support your spine and back. Moreover, the para-spinal muscles that you are using to bend your spine will feel relief. Additionally, an exercise ball will be amazing for stretching out before every yoga session. There are hundreds of amazing variations on how to use this ball and it definitely comes in handy to have one.

A woman stretching and following workout plans for back pain
A lot of workout plans for back pain include stretching and preparing your body for any sort of activity.

Low-impact workout is beneficial for recovery

After a back injury, aerobic exercises can help with recovery. Low-impact exercises raise the heart rate without upsetting the body. Thus, they make it a suitable choice for working out while avoiding back pain. A stationary bike can help you build muscle strength and flexibility in your back, hips, and legs without the risk of injury from riding on uneven ground outside. Running on an elliptical machine provides a workout without the impact of the foot striking the ground. Elliptical machines give cardiovascular training while also strengthening the legs, core, and low back muscle, making it a great part of the workout plans for back pain.


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