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Published: April 5, 2020

We are living through some unusual and hard times. With the pandemic spreading across the globe, people from all around the planet are now forced to take precious. One of those is social distancing. Everybody who loves sport and fitness is now deprived of many outdoor activities they would like to enjoy during this nice weather. However, there are alternatives to going outside. And no, we are not talking about weights or pull-up bars. We are talking about something a little bit more exotic. We are going to be talking about the exercise ball workouts you can do from the comfort of your home!

Why home workout is so important

But, before we can move on to exercise ball workouts, we first want to talk a little bit about the home workout is so important.

Getting a good workout from home is always an option. Many people do it as an alternative to going to a gym or running outside. Why? There are certain benefits to be sure. First and foremost, there is no fear (unfounded as it is) that someone will judge you for your form or failure to perform certain exercises. Plus, you are close to your shower, can exercise in whatever clothes you want to, and can easily go to work without commuting after a good workout… However, that is not to say that there are no downsides as opposed to the gym or otherwise public training. First, of, there is no supervision. No one to correct you when you are doing something wrong. And secondly, there is no one to push you and motivate you when you hit that breaking point.

Sport equmpent
Why exercising at home is so important?

However, while once you could’ve looked at both options, assessed which one is better and than go with that one, at this time of quarantine and social distancing measures, the home workout is temporarily the only option you got.

If you are accustomed to the gym and don’t want to exercise alone, we would still suggest that you try. Exercise brings a myriad of health benefits to one’s life, but maybe equally crucial in this trialing times, it brings psychological balance and strength into your life. This is why you absolutely should do all home exercises you can, and especially exercise ball workouts we are going to present to you. But first, the equipment you will need.

Our top 3 picks for exercise ball workouts…but first

Before we can move on with exercise ball workouts we recommend, you will have to see what kind of exercise ball you will need. The same way you would select weights for arm workouts for women, you need to pick the right equipment for these workouts as well.

women picks for exercise ball workouts
What kind of exercise ball do you need

If you are wondering what types there are, let us show you. There are three main types. They come in a variety of colors and different texture/material compositions, but the main differentiation between all of them is their size. You can choose between these three:

  • 55 cm – If you are between 1.5 and 1.7 meters in height, you should pick the exercise ball that is 55 centimeters in diameter for your exercise ball workouts.
  • 65 cm – If you are between 1.7 and 1.8 meters in height, the diameter of 65 will best suit your needs for exercise ball workouts.
  • 75 cm – Finally, if you are 1.8 or above, you will need the biggest one – 75 cm exercise ball. 

While exercise ball workouts are safe, we recommend that you stick to these instructions. We are, of course, talking more about your personal comfort rather than any potential for an injury that may arise in responsible use.

1. Overhead ball squat to improve lower body

Were you searching for a female personal trainer Dubai for the sole purpose of improving your lower body strength and working for those muscle groups? We have the best among all exercise ball workouts for the particular results you seek.

We are talking about a conventional squat. However, you should be holding the stability ball in your hands. Both hands should be extended overhead. This will engage a lot more of your bodies, and you will feel the burn after around 10 to 15 reps.

2. Planks and push up for upper body

Looking to improve your upper body strength and reach those bodybuilder’s muscles? Well, with circumstances as they are, all you will need is to be eating healthy while working from home and complete some exercise ball workouts

First off, you can do planks. Trying to balance while also holding your body is quite hard! Furthermore, you can also put your feet on the ball and do some declining push-ups. Those should be very good for your biceps.

3. Core strength – V sit and Knee tuck exercises

The effects of stability ball training on spinal stability in sedentary individuals have been found to be positive by studies completed on the subject this is because exercise ball workouts have the potential of strengthing our back strength and activating most of the muscle groups we have.

A women on a ball
Ready to increase core strength?

And talking about muscle groups that are activated, let us talk about your core. There are two exercise ball workouts we will discuss. Knee tuck and V sit.

Firstly, the V sit. It is amazing what 6 to 10 reps can do for you and your abs. The idea is to lie faceup on the floor with your ankles being on top of the exercise ball. Arms should be pointing towards your feet. Then, you should roll your torso upwards. That way, legs, and torso form a V (giving this exercise its name).

To sum it all up

So, we hope we made a pretty clear case as to why exercise ball workouts should be your home workouts of choice. They are useful, safe, and best of all, fun! They offer a wide array of possibilities and difficulties, which will suit both beginners and enthusiasts of the world of fitness. Order your ball online and star your workouts as soon as possible. Stay home and stay safe!

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