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I've been working as a personal trainer in Dubai for a few years now, and even though I always had a regular group of clients, I wanted to reach new ones in different areas of the city. Dubai PT has helped me promote my services on Google and put me on the fitness map in Dubai. Definitely worth the effort and time, if you want to succeed as a personal trainer.

Marko Djurkovic

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Dunja Zaric - trainer profile image

Dunja Zaric

  • Customized entry-level training
  • Home, gym & outdoor workout
  • Cardio & Strength training
  • Professional nutrition guidance
  • Dance & Bodyweight courses
View Profile

Voja Budrovac - trainer profile image

Voja Budrovac

  • Nutrition specialist
  • Providing fast results
  • Home, gym & outdoor workouts
  • Internationally certified
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients
View Profile

Aly Mohamed - trainer profile image

Aly Mohamed

  • Fat loss & muscle building expert
  • Over 15 year of experience
  • Level 3 certified personal trainer
  • Speaks English & Arabic
  • Home, gym & outdoor workouts
View Profile

Kate Nadich - trainer profile image

Kate Nadich

  • Strength building expert
  • Certified personal trainer
  • Over 6 years of experience
  • Postnatal recovery programs
  • Weight-loss & nutrition specialist
View Profile

Djordje Brajkovic - trainer profile image

Djordje Brajkovic

  • Weight lifting & cardio training pro
  • Internationally certified
  • Home, gym & outdoor workouts
  • Faculty degree in sports & fitness
  • Kids' & teenagers' training programs
View Profile

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