Training Hacks: 10 Boxing Tips for Beginners

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Published: November 18, 2019

Boxing is one of the rare, almost universally loved sports around the world. It is just two people in the ring, with clear rules, all light, and attention on them, and only their opponent in front of them. It is almost an essentially human story of strife and effort to defeat the opponent. Boxing is also more a fight against your self. Against the pain and tiredness, the boxer feels. It is for this very reason that the crowd loves watching it and that a lot of people are trying to get into this noble sport. And you must be one of those people, searching for boxing tips for beginners.

You have come to the right place! We compiled some of our best boxing advice for beginners. Keep these in mind and be sure of your success!

Health Benefits of Boxing

Before we move on, we should discuss something. Why do people even practice boxing? Well, of course, like any competitive sport, people are practicing Thai boxing in Dubai or any other kind of this noble sport anywhere else for the thrill of the win. 

But this is far from the only reason to practice boxing. There are a ton of health benefits that come from training boxing. These are:

  • Decreasing stress. Like any sport, boxing is a great way to reduce stress. It increases dopamine in your body, meaning you will feel the famous runners high. It is a great way for your body to signal you to keep going!
  • More total-body strength. As you can see from the pictures in this post, and we are sure that you knew this, boxes look very fit. This is because boxing demands your whole body to be in shape, and that is exactly what you get when you practice it regularly.
  • Better hand-eye coordination. This one is rather obvious. If you train to “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” you will find that you need a lot of practice to train your reflexes. However, the more you train, the faster and more precise you will get!
  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Health. Boxing is great for exercising your cardio capabilities. With all the movement, jumping and punching, your hearth will get stronger and ever-more suited to prolonged physical activity. Therefore, our boxing tips for beginners will not only make you a better boxer but a healthier individual.

Our ten boxing tips for beginners

So, ready to do some boxing? Well, step 0 is, of course, to inform yourself about world boxing federation and the rules. There is no point in going into boxing thinking it will be just wild swinging. Study the rules of the game.

Our ten boxing tips for beginners
Ready to do some boxing?

And remember, the other person is your opponent, not your enemy. Now… let’s go! Our 10 boxing tips for beginners

1. Come prepared

Coming prepared is more than just coming with good gloves and sneakers… though you should definitely do both. It is also coming with the right mindset and physical prowess. You need to know why you are there (hopefully it is a more complex reason than exercises to lose belly fat, since, you know, there are easier ways to achieve that.

2. No giving up, but do take breaks- One of the boxing tips for beginners you need to remember

After finishing up your prep, be sure to go into the exercising hard. There should be no giving up. Things will get though, but you will power through. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t take any breaks. Definitely stop, take a breather, but then get back in there! And also, keep post-workout stretching on your mind after you are done for the day.

3. Keep your strength for the opponents, not the bag

When practicing with the bag, there is no reason to put your whole body into it. No one loves a show-off.

Strike with your whole body
Don’t overdo the bag

Be sure to practice precise, fast and strong punches… you are practicing, not trying to win against an inanimate object…

4. Don’t always aim for the knockout punch – aim for the body as well

Getting that knockout punch to the head is way-satisfying. However, that is not the whole point of the game. While most boxers can shake some pretty strong body punches – those stack up. Keep hitting whenever you can, and round after round, the opponent will suffer more and more!

5. Strike with your whole body

When striking, you should not be striking only with your hand. Use your whole body when punching the opponent.

Keep your strength for the opponents, not the bag
One good punch is all it takes

Put the strength of your whole being into that strike and knock him down with the full might of your body weight, precision and speed.

6. Keep combos short

Combos are a great weapon, but keep them short. Three to five punches should be enough. More you have, more is there to go wrong…

7. Keep him on his toes – Among important tips for beginners in boxing

Don’t stand there, even if you don’t have anything to strike. Move and punch, if only to keep him guessing and on his toes.

8. Always breath

Breath out with every punch. That way you will be at your most effective. And also, do not forget about your breathing when fighting. Keep a calm head and good breath.

9. Have a steady guard and move your head

Hands should always be up, but your head has to move around. Don’t present a stable target for that deaded knockout punch.

10. One of the most important boxing tips for beginners – ask for help

Look, there are plenty of ways to stay fit while working from home, but doing boxing is a communal experience. There will be other people there, and no one is your enemy. Even when sparring, you can ask for advice and learn from what they already know. Nobody made it in boxing on their own, and you will find that boxers have great respect for each other.

In the end…

What it all comes down to in these boxing tips for beginners is that you have to take your time and never give up. Everything else you can learn, but determination you have to have inside yourself.

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