Training or Diet – What’s More Important?

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Published: April 30, 2021

For most people losing weight is hard. For some, it’s even seemingly impossible. But how do fit people stay fit? What is their secret – training or diet? Finding a personal trainer Dubai residents recommend is surely a start, but is it enough to drop all the unwanted weight? For some people, possibly, but most people also need to watch what they eat to lose weight. Keep in mind that losing weight is a science and isn’t always as simple as it seems. And even though the base premise is simple – calories in, calories out, there’s so much more to weight loss than just that. And we are here to explain it to you so you, too, can have the body you’ve always dreamed of!

There’s rarely weight loss without dietary adjustments

Unless you live off of chicken breast and broccoli there’s probably some room for adjustment in your diet if you’re trying to lose weight. Most people can’t really lose weight without dieting. But dieting is such an ugly word. It sounds like a quick fix that most people get a headache even thinking about. There are plenty of weight loss diets out there. Some are good, some bad, and some absolutely horrendous. However, to make a permanent change you have to view your dietary change as the change to your lifestyle. It’s pretty much impossible to keep the weight off unless you keep your new habits. So in order to change your body, you should change your diet. Just make sure to do it mindfully.

Healthy food on a table.
Adjusting a diet is very important for weight loss!

Get moving

Training is also very important if you wish to lose weight. By training the right way and at the right time you’ll burn a lot more calories than you would by just watching Netflix all day. That said, there are many more benefits to training than just losing weight. Only training can help your body become toned. No amount of dieting will make your legs shapely or your bum perky. You can only do that with some serious physical activity. That’s why it’s really hard to answer what’s more beneficial for weight loss exercise or dieting. So even though dieting is a must, training is also unavoidable if you want a perfectly toned body that will look mesmerizing in any swimsuit.

Training or diet, what’s more important?

To conclude, there’s no weight loss without dieting, but weight loss can be helped by training. That might make it sound like dieting is more important and in a way it is. You can exercise as much as you’d like but you probably won’t lose any weight unless you eat less than you burn. Even the most vigorous fat loss workout won’t make you lose weight if you stuff your face with endless donuts. However, exercising is just as important as dieting is to make the body shapely. If you just diet you’ll get thinner but you’ll be quite flabby and saggy. Because of that, it’ best to simply do both.

A young woman eating healthiy food since she knows both training and diet are important for weight loss!
Diet or training? Why not both?!

The best way to utilize both diet and training to make your body as nice as it can be

The question shouldn’t be diet or exercise, but how to incorporate both! Since both are extremely important, you should do your best to adjust your diet but also eat enough so you can be active. Unfortunately, changing the way you eat and becoming active all at once can be very frightening. That’s why you should be smart about it and make small changes. Don’t start immediately with keto and CrossFit training unless you’re already in shape and have a clean diet. That will certainly throw you off and make you binge on Pop-Tarts while watching Office at 3 am. So to avoid that make sure to start slow.

Any change is meaningful change when it comes to dieting

Most people think that they have to give up all the food they love cold turkey and just eat lettuce until they’re thin. But luckily, that’s not how things work. If you do that, you’ll be at risk of failing. It’s best to make small changes you can stick to. For example, you can start by giving up soda and drinking sparkling water instead. That way you’ll cut down your calories significantly. Once you’re used to that make another change. These small changes will add up and you’ll start losing weight.

A little exercise is better than no exercise

Many people get discouraged from working out because it looks scary. However, not all workouts are that intense and hard. For example, starting power yoga Dubai classes is a great way to begin exercising without overworking yourself. To some these types of workouts might seem too easy and silly. Don’t we lose weight by running for hours on end and lifting very heavy things? Let me assure you that you’ll be sweating through your workout gear in no time with power yoga. Don’t punch above your weight when you’re just starting your workout program. Start easy and work up from there.

A woman doing yoga.
A quick yoga session or a brisk walk is better than no training at all!

Training vs Diet – it’s a tie

Getting a body you’ll be proud of isn’t the easiest job. It takes a lot of effort to lose weight and get in shape. Luckily, you don’t have to starve yourself or exhaust yourself with endless training to get the body you want. As long as you don’t view the “training or diet” question as an “or” thing, but an “and” thing you’ll lose weight and get toned a lot easier. Be smart and don’t discard small diet changes and easy training as useless. There are many health benefits of yoga or giving up refined sugar, as well as weight loss ones. Work out, eat well, be mindful, and you’ll have your desired body in no time!



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