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Published: August 8, 2019

Our world is large and full of wonderful things. From great landscapes to the marvels of men. And with all the diversity and different cultures, some very unusual sports have developed around the world. As long as it physically demanding and has rules it can be qualified as a sport. So, get your game on and find out what are the most unique and weird sports around the globe. And you might just find your next passion. 

Unusual sports from around the globe

People have played sports since ancient times. One way or another –  people found ways to have fun. As well as to compete with each other. From Roman gladiators to the mesoamerican ballgame. The need to compete and the satisfaction of victory leaves no one untouched. And every culture has developed its own unique sports. Some of those games survived for centuries and became some of the most popular sports today. But, as time went by new sports have developed. And now, there are many unusual sports that you’ve probably never even heard about. 

Chess boxing is one of the most unusual sports out there

Yes, you read that correctly. Chess boxing. While you might wo  nder what those two things have in common, hundreds of people from around the world are practicing it. And not just for the mental health benefits of exercises. But, also, to actually compete with other people and win tournaments. 

Chess boxing is one of the most unusual sports in the world since it combines two seemingly different skills. Being able to excel in the rings as well as on the board. It was invented by the French artist Enki Bilai for the purposes of his comic book. But has since grown to a full-fledged sport.

people playing chess
Chess boxing can be very challenging!

How does it work?

Chess boxing alternates each round between boxing and chess. One round you would be putting on your gloves and trying to knock out your opponent. While the next you will be sitting at the table playing chess. And trying to score a checkmate. It can last up to eleven rounds. And you can win by scoring either in boxing or chess. If you are interested in practicing this unusual exercise routine, make sure you find a trainer that has some experience in both boxing and chess. You need to excel both physically and mentally to be able to play this sport.

Wife carrying is a sport in Finland

Yes, this is a sport as well. And many people around the world participate in this unusual competition. It’s held every year in the summer. And it requires that a man goes through a 253.5 m course. The course includes many different surfaces. From dry land to water. Doesn’t seem so hard, right? The reason why this is one of the most unusual sports in the world is that the husband has to carry his wife on the back while doing so. Suffice it to say, it’s not a bad idea to hire a female personal trainer Dubai if you are going to compete in this sport. It requires a lot of strength and agility. Stamina also plays a big role. But if you manage to win it, you might win some pretty nice prizes. Mobile phone your wife’s weight in beer

strength equipment
For you to be able to carry your wife, you will need a lot of strength!

Underwater hockey

There are many types of hockey to choose from. From field hockey played on grass. To ice hockey, played on the ice. But, there’s one type of hockey you probably never heard about. And it’s underwater hockey. Better known as Octopush to its fans. 

Octopush is one of those unusual sports that is played worldwide. And it’s just started getting attention from a more widespread audience. It involves two teams trying to push a puck with a stick. The only difference is that it is played underwater. A great idea for your next beach workout. This sport has its very own World Championship. At it first started to be played all the way back in 1980. So, hurry if you want to start competing in this unusual sport. Its popularity is on the rise. 

Cheese-rolling contest in the UK

This is probably one of the tastiest unusual sports in the world. And it comes to us from the United Kingdom. Essentially, the goal of this sport is the catch the rolling wheel of cheese. The only catch is that you are not the only one trying to accomplish this. A group of people would gather on top of a hill, Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire to be exact. A large wheel of cheese is rolled down the hill. And contestants chase after the cheese downhill. Now compare that to the cardio exercises in the gym. It’s not your everyday treadmill The winner of the event is the one who catches the cheese. And as a reward, he gets to keep it. A truly beautiful sport for all cheese lovers out there

cheese rollign Unusual sports around the World
Cheese rolling might be your new passion!

The sport is not without its dangers though. Running downhill at full speed and trying to catch a rolling wheel of cheese is dangerous. There have been many injuries the previous years. 

Fire football is one of the most exciting unusual sports in the world

If the regular World Cup is not interesting enough for you then you might want to take a look at the fireball. It’s actually called Sepak Bola Api. It’s an Indonesian sport and it’s played to celebrate the start of Ramadan. The ball is made out of hard coconut shell. And it’s soaked in flammable liquid and set on fire. Your football trainer Dubai can prepare you for a lot of things. But this takes a lot more. Players who want to participate have to go through extensive preparation. And it involves praying and fasting. 

fireball as one of the Unusual sports around the World
You should definitely try fire football!

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