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Voja Budrovac

Premium Personal Trainer

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Top class certified Level 3 personal fitness trainer and nutrition expert with a background in Football and Boxing. Trainer with 10+ years of experience in weight-loss, muscle gain, toning, motivation, focusing on personalized, customized diet plans and training sessions.

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    Committed to Your Success

    • Nutrition specialist
    • Providing fast results
    • Home, gym & outdoor workouts
    • Internationally certified
    • Hundreds of satisfied clients

    Get Healthy. Get In Shape. Get Motivated.

    Nutrition specialist

    Get a fully-customized diet plan that will help you get long-lasting health results through nutrition education and behavioral change.

    Providing fast results

    Get maximum results in a minimal period of time with a workout routine that will push you towards achieving your goals and a personal trainer with over 10+ years of experience.

    Home, gym & outdoor workouts

    Train wherever you feel the most comfortable and achieve an effective workout everywhere with the right professional support, motivation and guidance.

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    Sucess Stories

    "I was looking for the best training program..."

    I was looking for the best training program that would combine muscle gain with weight loss. Voja created an exercise course and nutrition plan tailored to my specific needs. And I started seeing the results after the first couple of weeks. He is definitely the guy to come to when you want to reshape your body.

    Testimonial Image . Waseem Mikhail

    "Voja really fit into my mindset..."

    I must have gone through dozens of coaches and trainers in the past several years, but Voja really fit into my mindset. He immediately understood what my goals were and how best to push me beyond my comfort zone to achieve them. This is a trainer that definitely understands how to get you from staying fit to dominating in and out of the gym.

    Testimonial Image . Angelo Baresi

    "I had a lot of everyday stress and built-up energy..."

    I had a lot of everyday stress and built-up energy that I wanted to let out but just couldn’t seem to find the best way to do it. And then I started working out with Voja, who introduced me to methods of refocusing all that energy into something productive and healthy. With his nutrition guidelines and powerful training sessions, I truly rediscovered myself. He is a great support to have in life.

    Testimonial Image . Monica Owens