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By now, every woman who cares about her health and looks knows that eating right and exercising is the right way to get both. However, many of them still believe that the only way to do it is by doing aerobics, yoga, Pilates, Zumba or some other “chick” workout routines. But, fortunately, more and more women are starting to think and act outside of the box. That is why weight lifting for women is becoming more popular each day in Dubai and around the globe. Not only that you are not going to wake up looking like Schwarzenegger, but you are going to have a strong and beautifully shaped body. Just talk to any female bodybuilder personal trainer and you will see what are we talking about. So, get rid of the myths and get yourself some weights, because it’s time for more than useful hard lifting.

Why is weight lifting for women becoming so popular?

To cut the story short, the simple answer is – because it works! Any women who tried lifting weights noticed changes for better in quite a short period of time. And, of course, that kind of news travels fast and far. So, today, weight lifting for women isn’t anymore something that only practices those who want to compete in bodybuilding, but everyone who wants to transform their body and look and feel good. It is similar as it was with women boxing. Once it something only the most extreme women used to practice, but nowadays there are some of the best boxing classes in Dubai for ladies that all kinds of women visit.

Weight lifting for women - woman preparing to lift weight bar
Weight lifting for women is becoming more popular every day because it gives great results

Where to start?

If you are just starting to exercise it is best to start slowly and carefully. We recommend that approach with any kind of training, obviously. However, it is especially advised if we are talking about weight lifting for women. Primarily because there is a high possibility of injuries if you don’t know what are you doing. So, in order to prevent injuries and avoid setbacks, it is best to seek the help of female fitness trainers. Professionals will help you with their knowledge, but especially with their experience. And no one knows the female body better than another woman, right?

These kinds of exercises will help you develop functional and lean muscle tone by doing foundational liftings. The focus is on sculpting your muscles rather than making them huge. So you can stop worrying about not looking lady-like any more. And as a bonus, you will lose the fragile look, because these workouts and the newly obtained strength will give you much-needed confidence and security.

What are the best weight lifting exercises to try?

We are going to give you some ideas here, but don’t forget the crucial thing. Before you start weight lifting, make sure not to skip the warm-up part! This is really important in order to avoid injuries. You can start with full body stretching exercises and continue with any aerobic activity to warm up your muscles. Only after that should you take weights into your hands and proceed with trying some or all of these exercises:

  • Barbell Squat,
  • Barbell Deadlift,
  • Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown.
  • Barbell Bench Press,

Once you try some of these best exercises for a fit body you will see how well your body will react. And that will probably give you the motivation to continue and enrich your workout routine through time.

Barbell Squat is a great weight lifting for women exercise

Stand up straight with the barbell on top of the traps, and start descending slowly by flexing your knees. Try not to move your hips back, and let your knees go forward. But, make sure they are aligned with your feet. The point is to keep your torso as straight and upright as much as possible. Keep the weight on the front of the heel and continue all the way down. Do that by the time your upper legs touch your lower legs and then reverse the motion and push the weight upward. This way weight lifting for women will give you beautiful thighs.

woman doing the barbell squat
Barbell squat will make your thighs strong and beautiful

Barbell Deadlift

This exercise will give you nice and strong back-thighs and help you raise your gluteus up. Place your feet apart as your hips and approach the bar so that they are below it. Grip the bar at shoulder-width with an alternating grip. Take a deep breath, lower your hips and flex the knees up until the moment your shins touch the bar. Make sure your head and chest are straight up and looking forward while you move the weight upward. When the bar passes your knees, pull your hips forward into the bar and afterward lower the bar gently on the floor by bending at the hips.

Barbell Bench Press

This exercise is great for your chest, just make sure you use a spotter if you’re new to it. Also, be careful not to let bar drifting too far forward or hitting you in your chest. So start with lighter weights and slowly increase the weight through time. Lie back on the bench and lift the bar from a rack by using a medium width grip. Hold it straight over you at first and then, as you breathe in, slowly let the bar touch your chest. Afterward, push it back as you breathe out, using your chest muscles. Try to raise the bar twice as fast as you are lowering it. When you finish your number of repeatings, carefully return the bar back on the rack.

woman on press bench
If you are just starting with weights, make sure to use a spotter to avoid injuries

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown

If you want to have a beautiful back for all your backless dresses and crop-tops, you should pair this exercise with the rest of the above. You will use a pull-down machine with a wide bar and knees-holders in order to prevent your body from standing up when the weights pull you. Place your hands in either wide or medium grip and grab the bar with your palms facing forward. Once you take the bar, make sure your torso is back around 30 degrees and your chest is sticking out.

Pull the bar down until it makes contact with your chest while you are breathing out. Only your arms should move and you should do all the work with back muscles, so keep your upper torso stationary. Also, avoid pulling the bar with your forearms. After a second of holding the bar on your chest, gently raise the bar back while your arms are fully stretched and you are inhaling.

Once you try weight lifting for women you will see the results very fast and that will certainly give you the motivation to continue to weight lift. If you talk to some of the women who are practicing this, they will probably tell you that once you go on weights you never go back. So why not try it for yourself and see the beauty of it?

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