Weight training: why is there still a gender gym gap in Dubai

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Published: June 3, 2021

Growing up in a bit conservative places can be tough for upcoming women athletes. And even with casual training in the gym. There were some instances in the past where women couldn’t attend proper training due to the lack of gyms for them. But, over the decades this has changed drastically. With the more and more progressive leadership, the gender gym gap is getting smaller and smaller. Although there is still some work to be done, it is far better than it was before. Nowadays, women can enjoy proper weight training in their own settings. Not to mention that they can find the best personal trainer Dubai to help them. In the following article, we will tackle this issue further.

Weight training and gender roles

It is no secret that throughout the decade’s women were represented in the media with weaker and support roles. They were always n some trouble that only male protagonists can get them out of. The usual gender roles were a standard and there were little to no exemptions. But, under good leadership and understanding of women’s issues, this has changed. Especially with the places that are very open to the world like Dubai. Today women can enjoy good crossfit training sessions in Dubai without having to worry about anything. And that is very important for anyone who wants to keep their health in good condition.

a gilr preparing for ther Weight training
The gender gym gap is changing so women can enjoy their weight training

This has lead to many other revolutionized ideas of strong female role models. And you can notice that trend starting from Hong Kong and new martial arts movies where women are protagonists and masters of kung fu. This type of media representation has changed the traditional role and view of women a lot. And that is a good thing because it opened a lot of doors for women all around the world. It is no different with Dubai as well. More and more women are empowered to take care of themselves and their health. And with obesity being one of the major causes of health issues, there are a lot of good fat loss workout programs people can follow. This allows them to take good care of themselves before heading out to work in other fields.

What are the reasons behind the gender gym gap?

There aren’t many things we can say about this topic, except that it should be probably blamed on the media. The answer can be really complex. One of the major reasons why this happens is that gym spaces are filled with gender-specific issues that deter women from working out. Did you know that women suffer more from weight stigma than men? From a young age, they are thought that a woman should behave like a feminine lady and watch her weight. Always looking good and attractive. Although the message can be good, the way it was presented was very bad. This only leads to the objectification of women instead of empowering them.

a girl lifting weights
Girls are getting more spaces to train

But that is changing. And with the time going by, it is easier for women to enjoy healthy activities and sports just like men. Furthermore, they can choose from a vast array of different workout exercises as well as some traditional power yoga Dubai practices. It does allow women to regain power and health without being objectified.

Health is important for all genders

It is with increased stability and economy in the region that come solutions to issues like this. A progressive society needs to find ways to include everyone in it properly. And fighting gym gaps in Dubai is one of those steps. Throughout the years, Dubai made it their mission to make sure every citizen there has equal rights and opportunities to strive and develop healthy habits. Not only that, but because of this policy, more and more foreigners are looking forward to moving to Dubai soon. There is a place for everyone willing to try and have a better life. Although it can sound unbelievable, it is actually true. Due to the new and improved laws regarding gender equality, they made it their mission to develop and progress.

a girl flexing muscles
It is important to take care of health

These issues can cause a lot of problems to anyone in society. And because of that, people tend to get sick. The thing is, you would want to be able to take good care of your health. And there is not much you can do if society is holding you back. That is why Dubai is one of the best places you can move to right now, and find excellent personal trainers. Not only that, but they can also help you discover amazing detox drink recipes you can use. It will surely benefit your health a lot.

This is what you need to know about the gendered gym gap and weight training in Dubai. There are many other interesting articles and guidelines we would like you to read. You can find them on our website, under the blog section. We compiled all the useful information you can use for your training sessions so you can see the best results as soon as possible. Not only that, but we also provide you with the vast array of services and advices you can get. From preparing athletes to weight loss. What you need, we got it. So make sure to visit our website as soon as you can, and start your new and healthy life right away.


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