What is diaphragmatic breathing? Benefits and how to do it?

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Published: April 6, 2023

A quick lesson in anatomy: The diaphragm is a large, dome-shaped muscle located beneath the lungs. And Diaphragmatic breathing is intended to assist you in properly using your diaphragm while breathing. This breathing technique has several health benefits, including lower blood pressure and heart rate, as well as improved relaxation. Many people don’t realize the importance of this technique and how to use it properly. However, your personal trainers in Dubai are there to develop a unique plan for exercising and introducing diaphragmatic breathing into your everyday routine. Once you learn to breathe properly, you will feel more relaxed and start cherishing your body and overall health.

What is diaphragmatic breathing?

Breathing is a natural process that occurs without conscious effort most of the time. The average breath, on the other hand, is shallow and does not engage the diaphragm very much. Diaphragmatic breathing is when a person consciously engages their diaphragm to take deeper breaths. A person will feel their stomach rise and fall. They will also experience an expanding or stretching sensation in their stomach as opposed to just their chest and shoulder.

A man trying to do diaphragmatic breathing
You don’t need much to have a healthier life. One deep breathing exercise, five minutes a day, is more than enough to make you feel satisfied

What are some of the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing?

Diaphragmatic breathing allows a person to fully engage the diaphragm while breathing. As a result, the process provides a number of health benefits for the entire body, some of which include:

  • Diaphragm strengthening
  • Increasing core muscle stability
  • Reducing heart rate and blood pressure by breathing slowly
  • Lowering oxygen demand
  • Encouraging relaxation

Furthermore, it can help with a range of conditions. First of all, it lowers blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol. As a result, it may aid in the relief of stress and anxiety symptoms. Moreover, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma tend to weaken the diaphragm, which is another reason to include diaphragmatic breathing in your daily routine.

Who can benefit from this type of exercise?

There is a misconception that only athletes can benefit from certain types of exercises. However, anyone willing to improve their health and lifestyle can spend five minutes daily working on their breathing. This exercise is recommended for people who suffer from stress and anxiety, spend a long, busy day at work, or have a pulmonary disease, such as asthma and obstructions.

We are all born knowing how to fully engage the diaphragm to take deep, refreshing breaths. However, as we get older, we lose the habit. Everything from daily stress to the practice of “sucking in” the stomach for a slimmer waistline encourages us to gradually shift to shallower, less satisfying chest breathing.

An elderly couple meditating in the park
Diaphragmatic breathing is suitable for anyone willing to improve their lifestyle. If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, this is a perfect technique for relaxing

How to do it?

First attempts at diaphragmatic breathing may feel strange or overwhelming. However, the exercise should become easier and more relaxed with practice. If you don’t know how to start, don’t hesitate to hire a personal trainer to assist you in the procedure. In the meantime, choose a relaxing environment, such as a quiet room.

Moreover, avoid distractions like cell phones, televisions, pets, and noisy public places. Instead, focus on the breathing technique and the bodily sensations while doing so. There are plenty of methods and techniques for better breathing exercises, some of which are explained below.

Combine diaphragmatic breathing and aerobic exercising

Aerobic exercise necessitates a rapid increase in oxygen intake. Diaphragm is exactly the type of muscle that increases the proclivity for aerobic performance. Some studies have shown that combining diaphragmatic breathing with aerobic exercise increased lung capacity and forced respiratory volume as effectively as aerobic alone.

If you want to perform aerobics along with diaphragmatic breathing, focus on developing a regular, controlled breathing pattern. Repeat the exercise several times, and stop if you start feeling lightheaded. This will help straighten the diaphragm and the conscious control of your breathing.

Work on your breathing technique when doing cardio exercises

You can benefit from doing cardio exercises once you learn how to improve your diaphragmatic breathing. It is critical to get enough oxygen when doing cardio. Diaphragmatic breathing will deliver more oxygen to your muscles when you are working hard during a run. If you want to know how to do it right, match your inhale and exhale to your steps during the cardio workout.

Inhaling and exhaling should not be done at the same time at every step, as it can cause dizziness and hyperventilation. Instead, inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Experiment with this until you find a comfortable breathing rhythm.

A young woman training on a treadmill in the gym focused on diaphragmatic breathing
Breathing exercises can be combined with other disciplines, including cardio workouts

Let the oxygen flow through your body by dancing to Zumba

Another benefit is that it can be combined with other techniques and sports. When focusing on your breathing, you will let the oxygen flow freely through your body. A deep inhale and exhale will improve the concentration of blood flowing, help you relax, and increase muscle function. If you are not a fan of traditional exercising or you can’t force yourself to go to the gym, Zumba dance in Dubai is a great option for practicing diaphragmatic breathing.

Zumba is a whole-body workout that engages a lot of movement. One dancing session can help you lose 600-1000 calories and have a positive effect on your metabolism. Don’t forget that a small workout and a proper breathing technique can do wonders for your body and mind.

Diaphragmatic breathing can be improved with HIIT workouts

There is a motto that goes along with HIIT workout, and it is “no pain no gain”. HIIT workout is the exercise that triggers each and every muscle in your body, improves your heartbeat, and helps you breathe better. Therefore, combining the best HIIT workout routines with diaphragmatic breathing can make you build endurance and stamina, and help your body work at its fullest capacity.

There are several positions and HIIT exercises to do while at the same time working on your breathing technique. The following are too good to be avoided, so make sure you try them:

  • Burpee – a powerful exercise that helps you build muscle mass by properly using your diaphragm while breathing
  • Squats – a leg exercise, that along with diaphragmatic breathing, makes your legs strong enough to endure the entire weight of your body
  • Plank – the exercise that improves your balance and coordination. Make sure you use a proper “plank” position and engage your diaphragm in breathing.
Women dancing to Zumba with diaphragmatic breathing
Zumba dance is a perfect workout for anyone. Whether you want to dance alone or take a group class, it can have plenty of benefits for your pulmonary system

Diaphragmatic breathing may be linked with weight loss

According to studies that personal trainers did, another benefit of diaphragmatic breathing is that it can help you lose weight. People who do it properly seem to experience a higher resting metabolic rate. As a result, doing exercise regularly for one month can cause increased weight loss. Instead of doing regular weight loss exercises, which might be expensive, try to focus on improving your breathing. This is how you can do it:

  • First, find a quiet place and lie down on the ground.
  • Next, place your hands on your upper chest and rib cage.
  • Finally, exhale through pursed lips while tightening your stomach muscles.

Repeat this exercise every day and see how your belly fat is reducing.

Get professional assistance to help you learn diaphragmatic breathing

Hiring a personal fitness trainer in Dubai entails far more than simply having a personal coach. A personal trainer’s most important job is to guide and advise you on your path to personal growth. Getting proper assistance means a lot when you learn how to breathe properly. Your personal fitness trainer will design workouts specifically for your needs and goals.

Young women exercise using dumbbells and doing Diaphragmatic breathing
Sometimes losing weight seems harder than it is. A proper breathing exercise can greatly contribute to your weight loss and better metabolic system

As a result, they will tell you the most important things you should know about deep breathing, inhaling, exhaling, and assuming the right position for doing the exercise. Note that doing diaphragmatic breathing might be overwhelming for beginners. Moreover, inappropriate breathing may cause dizziness, unconsciousness, and weakness.

If you decide to do diaphragmatic breathing, mind your diet!

There is a saying “You are what you eat”. It’s not a secret that we tend to eat unhealthy food and consume food rich in fat instead of proteins and vitamins. However, changing your diet will not only have benefits for your physical appearance but also affect your overall health and immune system. Your personal trainer will suggest a muscle building diet plan that you can also use when you start your breathing practice.

This type of diet is not only used by gym-goers. Changing diet is something that will never have downsides or become outdated. Therefore, if you complement your diaphragmatic breathing with a proper diet, you may expect to see better results. Not only will you be able to make more oxygen flow freely through your body, but expect to reduce some belly fat and lose weight as well.

You don’t have to give up on your favorite food

Probably the greatest benefit of this exercise is that you don’t have to give up on the food you like to eat. Pasta, chocolate, muffins, and other snacks can still be a part of your daily routine. People mostly think that healthy eating requires a lot of sacrifices. However, with monthly meal plans in Dubai, this is far from the truth. Once you make deep breathing a part of your routine, you can start making your meal plan and base it on the food you really like.

Therefore, pasta, chocolate, and cookies can be a good choice, once you decide when, what, and how much food you plan to eat. Once you realize that healthy food is actually tasty and that you can exercise but at the same time eat what you like, you will have an extra level of motivation and boost your confidence.

A person holding a green apple on the palm of her hand
Diaphragmatic breathing goes well with your favorite food. Your personal trainer will design a unique meal plan that will follow you on your way to a perfect body

You will love exercising in Dubai!

If you are planning to start working on improving your breathing, now is the perfect time to start. Moreover, what’s a better place for this than Dubai? Personal trainers from Dubai are considered one of the best for a reason. They can help you become fit, strong, and good-looking.

Therefore, if you want to improve your breathing technique and learn diaphragmatic breathing, don’t hesitate to hire one of the most professional trainers. What is more, this exercise is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and health. You don’t have to give up on anything when you start exercising. Your journey toward a brighter future and a good body begins now!

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