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What makes a great fitness instructor in Dubai, obviously makes a great fitness instructor everywhere else in the world as well. But what even are these qualities that make for a wonderful instructor people enjoy working with? No one will deny that even though you can get a decent workout with some of the best workout apps currently on the market, nothing beats a quality training session with a  professional instructor. But choosing a good instructor can be so hard, especially for those that don’t have much experience. That’s why, today, we’ll teach you what to look for in a personal trainer in order to enjoy your training sessions. You’d be surprised to learn what goes into being a true professional that knows what they’re doing and does it the right way!

A great fitness instructor in Dubai should have it all!

Having it all may sound a tad over excessive, but when it comes to fitness trainers, it’s a must. As a personal trainer, you’re working with a person that’s entrusting you with their body and health, as well as their goals, dreams, and insecurities. That’s why, all trainers have to know their stuff, but also have to know how to handle clients. For example, if you’re looking for muay Thai training Dubai has to offer in order to get stronger and lose weight, you’ll probably want a trainer that’s both skilled and sympathetic towards you. Nobody wants to feel shamed or disrespected, especially not in a gym where most people feel so vulnerable. That’s why a trainer should HAVE IT ALL, and also know how to use it. Being a personal trainer in Dubai may be easy, but being a great personal trainer in Dubai takes a lot!

A personal trainer motivating his client.
Every personal trainer should be a support system for his or her client!

Being a great Dubai fitness instructor begins with knowledge

Knowledge is something every fitness instructor should have. They should know about bones, muscles, ligaments, movement, nutrition, and so much more. They should be experts on people’s bodies and how they work. That’s absolutely crucial for being able to create a meal plan and a workout routine that will be good for a particular person. So if you’re currently looking for a great trainer, make sure that you’re choosing someone who has a lot of knowledge as well as plenty of experience. A licensed trainer is always the best option!

A fitness trainer should be a professional

Aside from being knowledgeable and skilled, a trainer should also be a professional. Having a trainer be late or act inappropriately is just the worst. Best personal trainers in Dubai are considered best not just because they know more than others, but also because of the way they behave and act towards clients!

To be an amazing fitness instructor in Dubai you have to be punctual

Punctuality is very important. If a trainer is late, that can shorten a training session or throw off the client’s schedule for the rest of the day. And not many people are able to be flexible. Of course, accidents happen, everyone is late sometimes. But if a trainer is constantly late, that just shows how little they respect their clients.

Professinoal demenaor is a must!

Some fitness trainers act horribly. It’s not that rare that we hear horror stories of clients getting groped or disrespected. But a trainer doesn’t have to be that blatantly horrible to be unprofessional. It’s enough to take calls too often, make inappropriate jokes, disregard your client to talk to other people at the gym or do something else that’s equally as disrespectful and annoying, to make a trainer seem very bad and unprofessional.

A professional personal trainer with his client.
Professional trainers treat their clients well!

To be a great Dubai fitness instructor, you have to understand clients

Fitness journeys can be very exhausting and intimidating. That’s why, as a trainer, your job is to motivate and encourage your clients, as well as train them. Creating an effective abs workout isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it’s much easier than handling all your clients properly. That’s why treating clients well is a sign of a great fitness instructor Dubai residents probably love.

A great instructor is an instructor that leads, motivates, and encourages

Fitness motivation quotes are a great way to stay on track. However, nothing helps as much as a word of encouragement from a dedicated trainer you trust. That’s why kind and caring trainers are often rated the highest and most loved by people. Some trainers shame their clients as a tactic to make them lose weight faster. However, not many people respond well to that. A trainer that motivates you to be the best you can be is a good trainer!

Most quality fitness instructor in Dubai know how to establish healthy relationships with their clients

It’s important for a client to be comfortable and trust the trainer. If they don’t, they’ll be less likely to enjoy training sessions. That in turn might make that client skip session or completely give up. But great fitness trainers know exactly how to prevent that. The best trainers are always people’s persons who know how to connect with their clients but also set healthy boundaries. That makes clients feel accepted and understood, yet not uncomfortable.

A fitness trainer encouraging her client during a session.
A great fitness instructor in Dubai will know how to create a healthy relationship with a client!

If you want to find a great fitness instructor in Dubai don’t forget about these traits

Finding a great fitness instructor in Dubai can be tricky if you’re unsure what to look for. But, hopefully, we’ve given you enough info to go off of. Remember, knowledge, experience, professionalism, and people skills are something every personal trainer should have. So make sure to look for a trainer that has all of that to offer since a trainer can significantly impact your fitness journey. Don’t risk falling out of love with working out because of a wrong choice. What trainer you choose is very important, crucial almost!


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