What yoga poses should I avoid when pregnant?

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Published: November 2, 2019

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life that is ripe for care, moderating and reflecting. And during that time, there are amazing prenatal yoga benefits. Practicing yoga during pregnancy can prepare a woman’s mind and body for a wild, magical journey during pregnancy and childbirth. The list of things that we cannot eat, drink, and do during pregnancy seems to be growing every day! It can be frustrating or feeling limited. Fortunately, the “rules” of yoga, paradoxically, remain almost unchanged. Although there are things to avoid, you can still do a lot. But, we are here to answer your question “What yoga poses should I avoid when pregnant?”.

Are you wondering: What yoga poses should I avoid when pregnant?

An ideal yoga lesson for a pregnant woman is one that takes into account the physiological effects of pregnancy on the woman’s body. And also the discomfort that may occur in every trimester. The three pregnancy hormones – relaxin, estrogen, and progesterone – are subject to significant fluctuations. And they are often associated with emotional and physical instability. Along the way, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons are dismantling to create space for the growing baby, placenta, and uterus. Taking into account this “weakening” effect on the pregnant woman’s body, it is important to carefully approach the practice, not thinking about how it should look. To be completely safe, we recommend taking prenatal yoga classes in Dubai.

Yoga twist
Professionals can tell you which yoga poses you should avoid when pregnant

Some expectant mothers who have a strong practice before pregnancy continue their practice almost unchanged, passing through each trimester. However, even if you had a well-established practice before pregnancy, you may find that you want to change certain postures to protect your growing baby and eliminate any pregnancy-related discomforts such as nausea, swelling, fatigue and back pain.

How to know what yoga poses should I avoid when pregnant?

The following is a list, although not exhaustive, of yoga postures that should be avoided during pregnancy. However, if you have questions, it is always advisable to consult your doctor or private yoga instructor in Dubai who is familiar with the modifications for pregnant women.

Closed twists

Prenatal yoga is all about creating space for the child. When you spin your chair or rotate your triangle, you instead minimize the space for the child. It can also affect blood circulation in the vessels, so make sure you make only open twists.

Lying or stomach down poses

After the first trimester, it is simply not convenient to lie on the tummy and is not particularly good for the child. Therefore, avoid poses such as Cobra, Locust or Bow.

Major Backbends

Playing with such large bends as the Wheel after the first trimester can lead to excessive stretching (or, even worse, tearing) of the abdominal. They are already getting a good stretch thanks to the baby, so stick to softer bends. Depending on your flexibility and your body, Camel Pose can be a great alternative if you crave for Full Wheel.

Full inversions

As soon as your child is in position (head down), refrain from turning over in such poses as a headstand, a handstand, and even some hand balancing. Babies can get confused and change positions!

Hot Yoga -one of the yoga poses you should avoid when pregnant

Hot yoga, like Bikram, is best to avoid, since you do not want to raise the core temperature above a safe level. You also want to keep track of your hydration level, and we all know how sweaty a hot class can become! So keep your H2O up and go to a hot studio after delivery.

Active yoga
You should also avoid yoga poses that require you to be too active

Although there are things that we need to do to practice safely, instead of focusing on “What yoga poses should I avoid when pregnant?“, pay attention to the limitations and circumvent them. It may even allow you to improve your yoga practice and access new and unusual sensations in familiar postures. Yoga is fantastic for you and your child, so keep practicing with these guidelines and focus on opportunities, not limitations.

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