Who Should Not Go Keto – Dangers of a Ketogenic Diet

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Published: March 9, 2023

Trying out the latest diet trends and recipes may be a fun way to discover new favorite dishes and achieve results simultaneously. However, there are many hidden dangers of participating in nutrition trends. Even though someone can swear by a particular diet and wholeheartedly recommend you try it, you must remember that we all have different bodies. Therefore, we all have different nutritional needs. The best personal trainers in Dubai recommend you should always do a thorough research and consult with a nutritionist or a certified personal trainer before implementing novelties into your nutrition. As the ketogenic diet, popularly known as the keto diet, has become quite popular, we are going to discuss it in today’s article. What is Keto actually, who should not go keto, and what are some of the dangers of a ketogenic diet.

What is the ketogenic diet?

As you may know, our daily food intake can be divided into three main categories – fats, protein, and carbohydrates or carbs. Every diet, including keto, focuses on a specific ratio of these three categories. Therefore, when it comes to the keto diet involves consuming large amounts of fats and tiny amounts of carbohydrates. The goal of this diet is to help your body burn fats into energy instead of carbohydrates.

an avocado in a pink background symbolizing dangers of a Ketogenic Diet
Going keto means your body will use fat as energy instead of carbohydrates as you consume more fat and fewer carbs.

The keto diet has gained a lot of attention in recent years. Some people swear by it, as it helps them achieve their weight loss goals and improve their overall health. However, when it comes to nutrition, the critical thing to remember is that one size doesn’t and never will fit all.

Even if this low carb meal plan in Dubai helped someone with their physical health and fitness goals, it doesn’t mean it will do the same for you. In fact, there are a couple of reasons why the keto diet may even be harmful to you. The main reasons to avoid it are that it may cause:

  • Digestive problems – In some cases, keto can lead to constipation and other digestive discomforts.
  • Stress to your kidneys – The type of food you consume in this diet may become too much for your kidneys, which is one of the dangers of a ketogenic diet.
  • The Keto flu – If switching to keto drastically changes your diet, it may come as a shock to your body.

The hidden dangers of a Ketogenic diet – digestive problems

One of the side effects of the keto diet is the changes in gut bacteria that may cause digestive problems. Since going keto means you will significantly lower your intake of carbohydrates, it may actually become very challenging to fulfill your daily fiber needs.

Keto eliminates foods like whole grains, high-carb fruits, starchy vegetables, and beans because they have too many carbs. However, these foods are the richest sources of fiber. As a result, not having these foods in your healthy monthly meal plans in Dubai can lead to constipation and other digestive issues.

a bowl of fruits
Some fiber-rich foods like whole grains, high-carb fruit, starchy vegetables, and beans are eliminated from the keto diet, which can cause numerous digestive issues

Furthermore, fiber is essential for feeding the good bacteria in your gut. And having a healthy gut means improved mental health, boosted immune system, and decreased inflammation in the body. This is why a diet that is low in fiber may negatively affect your gut health. Nevertheless, there are some keto-friendly foods that you can consume for fiber. Those are chia seeds, coconut, flax seeds, leafy greens, and cauliflower.

Keto can be bad for your kidneys

We mentioned that the keto diet includes many fats. Therefore, saying that these fats come mainly from animal products would be good. Foods like avocado, eggs, meat, and cheese are the primary source of fat. Although these are all healthy, consuming only this kind of food can cause your blood and urine to become more acidic. Over time, this can lead to the development of kidney stones.

Therefore, any nutritionist, a reputable affordable personal trainer in Dubai, or medical professional would suggest that people with chronic kidney disease avoid keto at all costs. There is a great chance that weakened kidneys won’t be able to remove the acidic buildup due to this kind of diet.

The keto flu is one of the possible dangers of a ketogenic diet

As keto focuses on consuming fats and lowering daily carb intake to about 50 grams, your body can feel this as a drastic change. Because of that, it may experience a kind of shock. If this happens, you can develop flu-like symptoms. These symptoms include

  • nausea
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • constipation
  • fatigue.

Nevertheless, after a few weeks, most people feel better when their bodies adjust to ketosis. However, it’s crucial to monitor these symptoms through the adjustment process. Moreover, it’s essential to stay hydrated and eat food that is rich in potassium, sodium, and other electrolytes.

salmon on a plate
The ketogenic diet can feel like a drastic change to your body, so it is crucial to monitor all flu-like symptoms if they appear.

Final words

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have discovered the dangers of a ketogenic diet. If you are going to take one thing from this article, let it be the statement one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to nutrition. The ketogenic diet can do wonders for some people and be harmful to others. Even if you eat dishes prepared in the most popular restaurants in Dubai, keto might just not be suitable for you. If you are eager to try it, it would be best to consult with a professional. Ensure you speak with a nutritionist, a certified personal trainer, or a medical professional. They can certainly help you find the perfect diet for you.




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